Why do we have dreams about teeth, and why are they important?

The teeth are one of the most popular dream elements. In most cases, people usually dream about losing their teeth, and this is the most common reason people look up this particular dream.

However, there are many other different types of dreams about teeth too. We’ll be looking at all the general dreams related to teeth and what they could mean.

Depending on the context and your personality, the presence of teeth in dreams can mean one thing or another, although it is true that many times, we associate the teeth with feelings of security or strength. When we feel uncomfortable and we never smile, it’s because our security or state of mind does not push us to do so.

To help you better understand these dreams about teeth, here are the most popular dreams and their meanings.

1. Dreaming of falling teeth

To dream that the teeth begin to fill with cavities and for that reason, they break and fall is because something bad could happen to you in the professional field.

It may be something deserved or a simple mistake, but the truth is that your reputation will be damaged from that moment and it will not be easy for you to regain confidence.

Be careful because if you are not as careful as you should be, you can even be fired or be rejected in interviews if you still don’t have a job.

2. Dreams about teeth full of decay are a wake-up call

It is very possible that you are going to have surprises at work. The truth is that it is not about anything serious, although if you don’t react properly, you can get pretty hurt and even lose your job.

Do not be scared, assimilate the problems and be as honest as possible. It’s a good way to make you respect your position while showing your humanity. If there are any teeth permanently damaged by decay, it means you will have to be extra careful not to screw up at work.

3. Dreams about rotten or broken teeth

This is because you are hiding something that does not allow you to be completely happy. You will have to relieve this regret and try not to make the same mistake again.

It can be anything from a lie to a negative act towards another person. If you want to be at peace with yourself, never let something so insignificant to solve ruin your hours of rest.

4. Dreams about perfectly aligned teeth

Your white and shiny teeth are a sign of good fortune. You may have lucky strokes in the next few days, although if there is something to highlight from this particular dream is your health.

You will be full of health, so we encourage you to start new healthy habits in order to prolong this streak as much as possible.

Controlling food or signing up for new sports can be a good start. Surely, in the long run, you will appreciate this small step.

5. Dreams about having dirty teeth

Dreams about dirty teeth mean you will find some other problem in the coming days. It is not serious, in fact, if you start to be more careful when carrying out your tasks or obligations, you will surely be able to avoid any unpleasant situation.

It may be some discussion with friends or colleagues, so it would not hurt to also mind the words that come out of your mouth.

6. If you brushed your teeth in your dream

Dreams about teeth this way is because you will be able to overcome all the obstacles that come your way. Surely once again, thanks to your strong character, you can achieve your goals without letting problems hold you back.

This is quite positive, you will not get anything if you sit and wait for the storm to pass, you will have to work hard to get away with it.

7. Dreams about teeth made of gold

Having teeth made of resistant materials such as gold or ivory is associated with abundance, success, and comfort. In general, it is a good omen for several aspects of your life, because we are not only talking about economic wealth. You will have really good people around you with whom you will share unforgettable moments.

On the other hand, dreams about teeth of wood or glass, being much more fragile material than the previous ones, means a risk of an accident. Both you and someone close to you are could be in danger of suffering an accident or serious problem that should worry you.

If you have this dream, try to be as careful as possible and for the time being avoid embarking on adventures you don’t need.

It is never wrong to differentiate between several types of similar dreams. Having said that, if there are any recurring dreams that are causing you deep distress or anxiety, do consider seeing a therapist to better help you handle your particular situation.

We hope we have helped you with understanding your dreams about teeth and don’t forget to share with us any of your personal experiences.


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  1. Gary Hynous

    Mariya, Interesting article but a bit of a stretch.I suppose a psychologist could do this same with many body parts. Thanks, Gary

  2. Dennis Zamudio Flores

    Thanks for this article Mary. I love it. In addition, gnashing of teeth are in fact a “troubled mind” or personality or an extreme worries or fear or anxiety about the actual circumstances, or things about the future or problems that someone are unable to cope up with or worst problem that we could say no solution or no end insight. People suffering from this phenomenon, or If you find someone you are acquainted with that gnashes his/her teeth, say a child, means that he/she might be bullied at school or in the neighborhood or at home and definitely he/she is bullied if not a battered child, Strict or “mean” parenting is one of this problem and the lack of attention or love due to the parent inequalities is another and that make a child emotionally weaker.Gnashing of teeth means that an adult or a child has no means or so weak to work out the problem she/he is facing with. One of the reason might be because of his age, position or any related circumstances that expose a person to this kind of emotional and or psychological problem.Love and caress, legal means, counselling and or spiritual healing, sport or any activity that may free a person to the bondage of emotional trouble are very helpful in this case. Remember, anybody could simply tell a lie, but dreams. Let me know if you have any questions about dreams, I wish I could help by sharing my idea.

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