I have many recurring dreams about work where I am about to phone up my boss and pull a sickie. However, I know if I do I will be sacked, but I always phone him up.

I then spend the rest of the dream worrying about not having a job, having to survive on no money and generally being a lazy failure. But why do I keep having dreams about work?

The weird thing is that I work for myself. I am freelance and love my job. I have no work worries and really enjoy what I do. So I can’t understand why I keep having this dream. It began to bother me, so I looked into the most common reasons for dreams about work. Here’s what I’ve discovered:

9 Most Common Dreams about Work

1. Pulling a Sickie

So what is the meaning behind pulling a sickie? What is your subconscious mind trying to tell you? Being deceitful comes naturally to some people and they use it to manipulate others to get what they want.

But if you are worried about a lie you’ve told or a secret you are keeping, it might surface in a dream. However, if you felt good about taking time off and feigning illness in order to do so, it could be that you simply need to take a break in real life.

2. Late for work

This could be one of two things. The first is that it is all about stress. Are you facing pressure in an area of your life that feels overwhelming? Do you think you are out of your depth? Are there obstacles that prevent you from getting to work on time? What do they represent?

The other reason is that you are missing out on an opportunity or chance for happiness.  

3. You are at your first/boring job

Our first jobs are important and stick in our minds. But there’s a reason behind us dreaming about them in later life. If you keep dreaming about the first job, you are feeling sad about your lost youth. You might be having a midlife crisis and think you haven’t achieved enough for your years.

Dreaming about a particularly boring job, especially if you are happy in your work now, is a sign you are content but perhaps regret spending so long in that employment.

4. Naked at work

There are several meanings behind being naked at work. It depends on how you felt at the time and whether you were fully naked or were exposing a certain part of your body.

If you were embarrassed at being naked, you feel vulnerable or are hiding something you don’t want others to see. Confidence about your nakedness signifies you are happy with who you are and your life at present.

5. Cannot find the toilet

This is a stressful scenario in real life, but in dreams, it can take on whole new meaning. If you dream that you need to use the toilet at work, but you cannot find it, you are lacking in a basic need at work.

Do you think you didn’t get proper training for the job you are in now? Are you in over your head but you cannot express how you feel? Do you not have the tools to carry out your tasks properly? This dream is all about your fundamental requirements to do your job effectively. However, it is also about your failure to ask for help.

6. You have sex with a work colleague

If your dreams about work revolve around sex with your boss, this doesn’t automatically mean you have feelings for him or her. More often than not it is an indication of your ambitions. You covert their job and position in the company and the sex indicates your desire to take it from them.

Dreams about sex with colleagues that you are not attracted to means you need to form a closer bond with them in order to get the work done more efficiently.

7. Getting lost at work

Can’t find your way around the office building? I have this dream about being back at school all the time. It represents decision-making. You have options in life and you need to make a decision, but you feel lost and cannot decide what to choose.

8. Fail to complete a task

You stand up in front of your colleagues, ready to showcase your presentation. The boss is there, as is every other important person on staff. You look down at your notes and instead of your typing, there are blank pages. It’s enough to make a grown man or woman weep. So, what does it mean?

If you are giving a presentation in the near future, then this is an anxiety/stress dream related to your up and coming task. Then again, if there’s nothing specific in your work calendar, this is one of those dreams about work that could signify a lack of confidence in your abilities.

9. Argue with the boss

In this case, the boss represents you. So anything you are arguing with the boss about is something that is deeply troubling to you. Focus on what was said in the dream and try and work out how it relates to your behaviour and whether you can rectify it.

Have you had any dreams about work that you’d like to share with us? Let us know in the comments box!


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