What do the dreams of the deceased mean? Are they actually messages from the spirit world or just a product of our subconsciousness?

Two years ago, something terrible happened in our family – my grandfather had a stroke. He fell into a coma and eventually died two days later. This profoundly shocked all of us not only because grandpa was deeply loved and respected by everybody who had the luck to know him but also because we couldn’t imagine that he would go so early and so suddenly.

Shortly after this tragic event, I started to have weird dreams. I was seeing myself visiting my grandpa at his home and feeling quite confused – I was simultaneously glad that he was there again and puzzled trying to understand how it was possible.

In my dreams, he never said a word and replied to my questions about him being there with an enigmatic smile.

My view of what happens after death

These dreams were so regular that I began to wonder whether this might be my grandpa’s soul trying to communicate. If I was a religious person, I would certainly believe that it was so. But I don’t really agree with the views on soul and afterlife as promoted by most of the world religions.

I tend to think that human consciousness – everything that makes us who we are, including our thoughts, memories, and beliefs – is a kind of energy that leaves the body at the moment of death and gets dispersed in the surrounding environment. This basically means that a person’s energy can exist literally everywhere for some time after death and eventually finds itself becoming part of another, newborn creature.

You may think that this sounds quite similar to the known theory of reincarnation; however, the difference is that, in my opinion, it’s not the same soul that makes its journey through ages, traveling from one body to another, but rather a composition of different people’s energies that carries the experiences of multiple lives and individuals.

Moreover, I believe that it’s not only human energy that makes up each person’s consciousness but that all living beings on our planet participate in this eternal cycle of energy exchange. That’s why after death, a person’s soul returns to its starting point and becomes part of the environment again in order to reborn in a new body, saturated by the energies of the Mother Earth and other living creatures.

But let’s go back to the dreams of the deceased.

I wondered whether my grandfather was trying to send me a message or at least to say that he was fine and happy wherever he was.

I supposed that shortly after death, a soul might be in an intermediate state, unable to have the same strong bond with its body and the material world as before but capable of interacting with the living ones. Those who happen to have lost someone will agree that it’s much more comforting to think that your dear one continues to exist somewhere else, far from here, than to think that they have gone forever.

Analysis of the dreams of the deceased

However, after some time, when I began to get used to the fact of my grandpa’s death, I got a chance to look at those dreams in a more rational way. I realized that there was the same pattern in all of them – my grandpa being silent and me having confused feelings.

Yes, unfortunately, it was purely the work of the subconscious mind and had nothing to do with the afterlife. During the last years of my grandfather’s life, I didn’t visit him often and thus found it even more difficult to accept his death than those who were next to him till his last minute.

I refused to believe that the next time I would visit my grandparents’ home, my grandpa wouldn’t be there, and my subconscious mind was trying to show me this confrontation between my expectations (grandfather being there) and the reality (my confusion).

So, if you have recurring dreams of the deceased too, first of all, analyze the content of your dreams and try to find similar patterns in events, surroundings, and your feelings. I know that the idea that your deceased friend or family member is trying to communicate with you may be exciting, but in most cases, it’s the work of your subconscious and not a message from the other side.

It is always hard to accept a less attractive truth, especially in the beginning when the pain of loss is still intense, but it’s necessary to let go of the past and find the courage to go on.

If you have had a similar experience, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Anna LeMind, B.A.

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    Hi Anna
    Thanks for sharing the valuable information.
    I too had such dreams of my grandfather after his death. I could feel dejavu while reading your article. But recently I saw him again in dream but in a very unexpected way. I saw my family had assembled for my grandfather’s cremation and one of my relatives told me that for last 10 years cremation was pending.
    As we all moved to the room where corpse was lying, I moved ahead to see the face. Suddenly, corpse came to life and I could see my grandfather standing in my front, talking to me.
    He said he could not done anything for me but as he was going forever, wanted to help me. I wanted to hug him. I remained quiet and fearless. As he turned to me, bent on knees and said to me, “I’ll give you something- your voice” He touched my throat and turned into a child.
    Soon I opened eyes and found my son was sleeping over me and time was 4:30am. After that day, my voice has become clear and audible which was not earlier.
    What does it mean?

    After that I saw one more dream in which I blessed with twin boys and these babies were speaking to me like a man. They told that they wanted to help me and tell everything.
    Next day, I discussed to mom and she said these were the Angels.
    Still, I’m confused which theory to believe.

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      Maika moody

      I to had a dream of my grandma and we talk and we was making a garden with pink roses

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    John Maine

    Love your website Anna. Yours is a beautiful mind. I had a series of dreams, then received a text from an unknown person who seem to act as though he were there. Any thoughts, telepathy, spine tingle, chills, ears ringing. You with a slight smile would be incredible:)

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    I don’t know some of these people. Years ago I dreamt of a coworkers dead mother who had passed away in another country. I was not sure who she was until I asked my coworker what she looked like. I recently dreamed of my x-husband’s currently deceased girlfriend who I did not know. I have seen my grandmother and my brother. I can understand my family but woke up confused about this girl.

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    Thanks for the Infor:
    I have had dreams of My Aunt from my Mother’s side, like two times. I thought it strange but what really got me thinking was this dream of this guy who passed on and even though we were never related in anyway appeared in my dream only to be killed by his Brother again using a gun.Though guns are not things that can be easily accessed it has kept me searching for real answers to this kind of dreams.

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    My father has been deceased for many many years ago and last night i dream about him, that he passed away. In my dream there were thousands of people present in his funeral until it was very difficult for me to get close to his deceased bed. When i came closer, i saw him looking very healthy just like a healthy person alive. While in his real life months before his last breath, he was very very ill and very thin, he could hardly move himself left and right without help from each of us. Curious about the meaning of the dream, i went to look at the dream interpretation, there i found your website. After reading your articles i am so very relieved. I find it very rational and it does make sense. My father was a politician but a very honest one alive. His brilliant ideas or plans often were opposed by his boss and others that made him very frustrated and shorten his life. But my father was seldom put his anger on us, he was a very generous and a very wise figure father for all of us still today we have his finest moral that we carry day todays with us. I love my father very much. Thank you Anna.

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    My mom is still alive but we have a rocky relationship. She is 94 yrs old and in great health. She is a very unhappy person but she covers up her misery and pretends she’s fine. In my dream I was driving down a road ahead of me I saw two women walking. They were laughing and enjoying themselves. One woman turned around smiling and waved at me to come up to them. I stopped the car because I didn’t want to pick them up. When she turned towards me I realized it was my mom, the other woman looked my way and it was my cousin who had died a few years ago. I didn’t move my car, I didn’t want to be near them. I wasn’t afraid, just wanted them to walk away. Why would I dream of my mom, who is alive, walking with my cousin? She was very happy in the dream, not at all like she is now.

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    I dreamed I was in a room…very bare. There was an orderly, dressed as I recall in white. He was standing next to a trolley which he had previously been moving and on the trolley was the body of my deceased mother. She came out of her body and we hugged each other for a long time. I was crying and repeated over and over ‘I love you mom’. It was highly emotional. In the background stood my father (also deceased) some way away. He did not move but was looking on. I dreamed this about 2 weeks ago and can still visualise it very clearly. I would be grateful for any help with understanding this.

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    griffins moses

    Anna,i find the way you have adressed the issue of the subconscious quite intriguing I must say but as much as rationally the dreams involved you coming to terms with the death of your grandfather could it also not be that somehow your grandfather’s subconscious energy was all around you and this is what triggered the dreams? I mean how do we explain the way mediums convey accurate messages from those long dead? And how does this relate to the belief that death is the end of life? I believe that the human body is merely a vessel of the true person inside us.. We all are spiritual beings but being inside this vessels is what makes us human beings and when this vessels die we return back to our conscious reality If you think of it this way this would explain alot of things like why people say things like see you in the next life or seem to recall memories of times or things of another time

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    Hi Anna

    I have just had a dream of a girl I once worked with maybe 6 years ago who passed away in a road accident nearly 2 months ago.

    I immediately wrote it down which I habe copied here :

    I was with her and I think her parents or just her dad and they got in their car and Left me to walk . We had been out walking together.
    I watch their Grey car going towards ramelton
    ( a village she used to live in ) I Saw it pulling into the garage so tried to catch up but they swerved out of it again and Went on
    There was s Bridge to the left

    Then we are back in. A House I was with 2 young people ( this girl was a youth worker ) and the girl herself and she looked amazing dressed in red . We chatted normal and
    I asked how come I could see her and the young people were so upset cause she was gone they couldn’t see her
    She said you know things change all the time and then massive winds just came through the kitchen we were in and she said he”ll be back for you ya know ( the tone for some reason made me think she was talking about my sons father , it felt like a warning )
    Then Very vaguely I heard Joshua (my sons name ) you see daddy .
    Then a bang or thumb woke me up
    It was Clear as dAy
    Then I heard maybe 2 birds really chirp loudly from The tress outside my house . I second guessed myself and then they did it again – It Made me pick up my phone to check the time. It was 2.40am !
    Then I felt urge to write it and I’d never write dreams !!!!
    Left me frightened out of my wits God is she saying I’m next – brought me back to fortune tellller saying I’d never walk behind the coffin of my wean – is that cause he wil wak behind mine !!
    I have dreamt of my mum saying goodbye 8 years ago but this was frightening ! Felt like a real warning of something
    Your feedback would be so very appreciated

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    My name is Samantha and my parents had stage four cancer. My mom passed away first and two days later my dad passed away. Ever since then I have weird dream of them dying each time is different. I have these dreams every night. Sometimes I think I might be going crazy. I just want to know what it means. Also I have dreams about a wooden door and a long hallway.

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    Patrick Smith

    Hi Anna,
    i am thank full to you for this information.
    i am suffering from weird and situation plz help me.

    i am having dream from last two years on regular basis which is making me sick .
    in my dream i saw having sex with my mother and sister (both are dead).
    my mother was suffering from schizophrenia and she had a pain full death after 20 long years .

    my sister committed suicide after her marriage 3 years ago.

    its really painful situation for me……..its making me sick.

    plz help me out.

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    I have had dreams of my deceased mother multiple times that she had come back to life. I have a lot of guilt about the way things were between us when she had died although we were very close, I was not with her when she passed. It has been almost 2 years since she passed. My dreams were always the same, she was dead then she was alive again. Tonight however, I had a dream that my dad was dead and came back to life. He has been dead almost 5 years. In this dream my mom was there but my dad manifested in front of us and said “I am the same age”. I guess he meant that he was the same age as when he died? This is the first dream I had that my dad came back. The dreams about my mom,although all the same meaning, were all different in the sense that they were from different stages of her life but all were same meaning behind it..that she was dead then alive again. I am really confused why all of a sudden I am dreaming about my dad in the same way I had dreamed of my mom when I really dont have the guilt with him that I do with my mom.

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    My brother was my best friend, we spent a lot of time together. He committed suicide last year and at the time (a few days after his death) I had three dreams over three nights and I can still remember them vividly. In the first we were arguing about him committing suicide and yelling at eachother, in the second I asked him how I could be talking to him as he was dead, he said he couldn’t talk long. I was confused. In the third I cried and hugged him and told him I didn’t want him to leave, he told me he had to go and that everything would be alright. I never had any more after that until last night. In last nights dream he sat in a chair in the corner and told me not to worry about things. He gave advice about my job and love life and told me everything would be ok.
    I am not religious in the slightest but desperately hope their could be some truth to the theorys.
    I just wanted to share and see if people have thoughts

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    Hi my name is racheal and I have a question I have dreams about people that are dead but I am not related to I recently had a dream about the wife of the father of my church she is deceased never met her in my life and she told me he was really sick but he didn’t know it I am wondering if I should tell him this or not . I have dreams like this all the time about people that I don’t know or barely knows loved ones whyyyy please email me [email protected]

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    Madhvi Bhardwaj

    My father died 2 years back and I had suddenly getting strange dream or experience rather in last 2 months. In 1st one I heard his voice saying STOP NOW and then I saw him in a far room when I tried to reach him Someone pushed me and I was out of my dream.
    In second one yesterday night around 2pm I saw my father sitting next to my bed and suddenly I realized he is no more and then a state of fear gripped me and I fanatic looking to ON the light switch but light was only flickering and then I tried to call one of my friend but only bell was going thru no one picked up my call. Then suddenly I saw my father standing next to an open door and then suddenly my daughter pulled me back. and I was out of it coughing , crying and all in tears and scared. My daughter told me she awoke on hearing my screaming and she woke me up. I could not sleep after that till 4:30 pm I was scared, disturbed , had a bad feeling. I feel like as if he is coming to take me along with me.

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    Jackie Cooper

    I recently had a dream of my son that passed very quickly from a heart attack at 45, in this dream he was standing at the foot of my bed and kept on scything that he couldn’t do this alone, he needs help, I don’t know what to think of this, do I need to help him pass over or what? Then after my mother passed she came to me and said when the bell rings I will no longer be Jackie

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    Beverly Blalack

    I have dreamed about people who have died for years. Not just my relatives but friends and acquaintances. I never felt like they were trying to communicate with me because almost all the dreams have contained a lot of people. There will.be glimpses throughout the dream of people I knew. Almost like a movie.

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    Hi guys seen the post and yes when dreaming of a dead person it make ur mind work over time thinking what did the dream mean. I recently lost an “EX’ whom before the death I haven’t spoken to for over a year or seen but had a bad break up( my fault I was in love with someone else) when he passed away I couldn’t attend the funeral but a week later I had a dream of something chasing me inside my mums home(he was in and out daily until I married) then I ran to my room n when I turned it was him saying “U hurt me a lot but I forgive u” & I woke up in a shock cause I couldn’t come to grips with his death and the fact I thought of him a day before the accident n this dream was some sort of closure for as I had no one to speak to about it , my husband will freak they were enemies so it was difficult to deal with, then the second week I dreamt him telling me that even meant removing my “Thali” (tamil bride uses) to have me he will, scary I know and the third dream was him talking to me laughing and I felt it so real n he made me have this closure I thought id never get, saying he will guide me …. I truly believe they come In our dreams for a reason. be it a warnings or for comfort
    may his Soul(K.G) rest in peace…

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    I had a dream about my mom she passed away when I was 9. I have no memory of my childhood but I do hav maybe 12 snapshots of her in my mind. In my dream she was lieing in their old bed I knew she eas dead but she got to come back alive. I remember I didn’t want my dad to come home cause he would beat her up. I walked into her bedroom and she was lieing on the bed I told her,mom im scared can I lay with you. She said yes and I went to lay down there was a white thing laying beside her. About the size of a child. Then I woke up I had never felt so good in my entire life the feeling was pure happiness I felt like that the whole day nothing could get me down. That was the first and the last time I ever dreamnt of her. Now I dont dream at all I told myself an everyone that when I smoke weed I cant remember my dreams.I cant remember the last time I could remember a dream an im 52 yrs. Old I was about 40 when I had that dream about her.

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    Milo Grant

    Hi.i had a dream of my 3 deceased relatives,my closeness cousin,my favorite uncle and my grand mother,my cousin saying something to my mom,my grand mother ask me if i buy a cat food and my uncle was staring at me.whats the meaning of my dreams? Thanks.

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    Hi just wondering what you think it means my mother has been deceased for 8 years the other night I had a dream where she had recovered from her heart attack and was out of a coma but we were still at the hospital only we were outside smoking a cigarette together then all of a sudden she collapsed and went back into coma then it’s like she disappears so I run inside and for what seems like hours I wonder the halls seeing all these sick people but I can’t find her

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    Shamireia Jackson

    I’m dreamed about my grandmother whom has been dead for years now. In my dream she was alive but sick. Some kind of way she wnded up in a tub and died. Me and my uncle had to put a tarp up under her get her out of the tub because she was a heavyset woman. All I can remember is crying and crying. When I woke up I was crying for real. It was more to the dream but I can’t remember. I need help with analyzing this dream. Growing up my dad was in prison so she took care of me. This is not my first time dreaming about her. Every other time she was alive I just dont remember what those dreams were about. I’m wondering why do I dream about her. Is she trying to tell me something or what? Could you please help me

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    tonya shupe

    I dream that my mothrr has come back to life that she isnt rray dead that she still goes back to hesven. What do these dreams mean.

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    About 6 months ago my stepdads mother, who I was close to, died from respiratory failures. I thought I’d got over my grief for her, until this morning I had a dream where she seemed alive and well.
    It was a family party and she was sat as if she did before, fine and happy. I told her I couldn’t believe she was here and she said she might believe in new lives because she feels great. There were also a few minor changes to family members, for example my mum wearing a pair on thick high heels. Just before I woke up, she said she needed some medicine from down home (she often stayed with us) and me and her son were going to go get them. I was just about to put my shoes on and then I woke up.

    Do you think this is just my subconscious or do you think my loved one has a message for me?

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    Almost every night, I dream that my deceased parents and I are participating in everyday events together, such as shopping, eating ice cream, looking at cars, talking. My parents are in their 30s while I am my current age of 50+. After the dream, I just feel peaceful, as if I just had a good time with my folks. It’s as if they are both alive, and I just came from a Saturday visit.

    I like these dreams. Do they mean something special? I feel that my parents are still with me.

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      We never know what happens after death. But keep this belief alive always. It will help them to be with you. God bless!

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    My dad dies in 2013 and my grandad just died in April 2016. I have had dreams where I seen my grandad. The first one I was crying and he let me lay on his lap, the second one he was laying in the bed at his home and when i walked in he jumped up and said Hey Sumer. Last night I dreamed that I was at my grandparents house and my dad was there. He was sitting on the floor next to me and when I asked him a question he did respond but would only say I don’t know. He didn’t look at me though. I got up and went to the bathroom and was trying to hurry and get back to him but I couldn’t. I did however say to my best friend earlier yesterday that I didn’t want to spend the night in my grandparents home without grandad being there. Not sure why dad was there though!! He had never been at my grandparents house while he was alive!!! What could it mean?

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    Hi my Dad died in 2012 I was devastated by his death I loved my Father so much, My Fiance and I were married in 2014,I really wanted my father at our wedding so the night before our wedding My Father came to me in a dream & we were dancing the Father daughter dance my head was resting on his shoulder & I could feel his love for me & he was telling me he would always be right here point at my heart it was the best dream of my life, would love to know your thoughts also I continue to dream about him like we are listening to records or playing cards things we did when he was alive

    1. Avatar

      Wow. I would just like to say that you are lucky to still be in touch with him. He’s watching over you.
      Keep communicating with him. I had a dream of my grandfather after he passed away. It felt so nice. I wish I could speak to him again.

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    Last night I was awaken by myself sobbing hysterically. My mother and father are both deceased and I am only 33. I think of them everyday. Yesterday I went to a family gathering with my mothers side of the family. It was fantastic!! I had a dream last night and my mother touched my back as if she did when she was alive. I could feel the tips of her fingernails just like if she were here. I looked at her and felt her. I could even smell her. She asked me why I don’t miss her anymore. I said to her “how could you say that I cry for you everyday.” My mother has been dead since 2007 and I have only had these real seams 2 times in all these years.

    Do you think she was coming to me or is this all in my mind. I want to think she is visiting me. That gives me such peace.

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    Real Dreams 🙂

    1. Avatar

      It is not an impossible thought that she might be coming to you and maybe it could happen more if you try certain things to make yourself more perceptive in the dreams. Search the Internet about dreams and deceased and lucid dreaming. Try to get more hours of sleep too. Keep an open mind.

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    P.K. Venugopal

    My father died in 1987 (after 2 days in hospital, but had no serious diseases) and my mother died in 2013 (she was suffering from heart problem, bone pain, and some severe pain near her belly button). Occasionally I dream of both of them. The most recent dream of my father is as below. (in June 2016). Time of dream was 2:30 a.m. I did not perform their last rites, but my younger brother did. My younger brother is also seeing both our parents occasionally in dreams but of a different nature.

    My father was quarreling with someone (who it was, was not clear in the dream) and raised his right hand in full stretch to thrash the opponent, but whether he lost balance, or the opponent pushed my father is not known. My father fell down on a plank of wood and there were wound marks on the front chest and back of the body near the left hand and right hand (2 wounds each on the front and back, as when an iron nail pierces; blood was found as a spot on the wounds, wounds were all of equal distance on the front and back). I fed him with a bottle of water but he could not stand up. So with other family members we lifted him from the ground and seated him on a settee. He smiled at me. Since the wound was from iron nails I told my father that there might be iron rusts on the wounds and would result in inflammation, and so we should go to hospital. My mother commented that there is not enough money to go to hospital. After some time my mother showed me a note but since it was a Rs.50/- note and since this amount was not enough and at least some Rs.500/- is needed to move him to the hospital, I told my mother that how can we go to the hospital with Rs.50/-. There the dream ended.

    My recent dream of my mother was also in June, 2016 (2:30 a.m.)
    My mother visited my place of work and loitered here and there and was inspecting the display articles in the office. She had some money to pay to a local moneylender but she paid and as a token of gratitude told me to give the money lender a cake which was kept in office. Since money was repaid and since before getting the money the money lenders’ character was not good, I told my mother that there is no cake in office (in fact, there was cake in office). She then faded away. She was wearing a white sari and white blouse.

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    My husband’s aunt passed away about 6 weeks ago. Last weekend I had a dream about her. Nothing in my waking life seemed to trigger it; we hadn’t been talking about her that evening or anything like that. In the dream, I was talking to someone or doing something and she called my name urgently, interrupting me. I turned and she was sitting there. I was aware that she was dead and that I was talking to a ghost. She said ” you don’t have much time” or “your time is short” or something to that effect. I asked her specifically if it was health related and she indicated that it was. I now have two doctor appointments in the coming weeks, just in case. I want to add that she was a very spiritual person who believed deeply that the dead can communicate with the living. Am I freaking out unnecessarily? Please reply. Thanks.

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    An old boyfriend passed away 3 months ago. I’ve dreamed of him intermittently. Last night I dreamed I couldn’t catch my breath. He was there. I was telling him this. He really wasn’t doing anything but his presence was there. I’m married now and have been for 10 years but I always love him. We just couldn’t be together

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    Diane Bickerton

    I have dreams sometimes that feel like the people in the dreams are trying to communicate things to me. sometimes i am spoken to, sometimes I am shown writing or numbers.The messages are always presented in a unique way. The communications are rich and varied, sometimes harrowing, sometimes frightening, sometimes delightful, and always accompanied with a sense of being overwhelmed. When I am very relaxed but not asleep I see people in the same way. Often I hear a name or words. I see people strongly when I am in a very remote place where I am immersed in a natural environment. When I was seeing a great number of ‘ faces’ the funny thing was that i never questioned it or felt disturbed, it just seemed a natural thing. It took years before I began to wonder if the images or dreams might be other worldly. Last night I saw a woman who i think had downs syndrome. She was smiling and laughing her feelings to me. Her message I think was simply to express that despite our imperfections every one is protected by their own individual connection to some kind of divine source and that our personalities are like a mould around our souls xx

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    my ex-husband died in 2012 . ,I dream of him 2 or 3 times a week . im wanted to hug him or ask why did he leave me & our 12 year son . I wake up so sad cause he does not tell me why …some time its like hes telling me to help our son in life and be paticen with him..

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    Paige C.

    Could someone help me with this? My mother passed away recently,almost 2 yrs ago.When she was alive she was quite a manipulative person & our relationship wasn’t great.I have repetitive dreams where she is back & always causing trouble,family arguments ect..she haunts my nights,I am afraid & angry with her just as I was when she was alive.My dreams of her are never good,it’s like she is mean,mocking me,is this her in the afterlife or just me having dreams,by the way,my daughter,her granddaughter has the same kind of dreams about her.

    1. Avatar

      No one really knows. Part of you probably wants it to be her and part just a dream. I think if it was your mom visiting for real she would not be the same invasive person so often in your dream and she would be just a powerful presence in your dream not combative. My hunch says all the bad dreams are not really her visiting.

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    Rashi Bhatia

    What does it mean if a dead realtive is coming in dream and showing the watch and indicating the time when he died

  37. Avatar
    Robertta Jensen

    I keep having a dream that my father comes back to life and hates me i took care of him the past 12 years and did everything for him was does he hate me please help

  38. Avatar

    Hi…a close friend of mine..a girl…she passed away recently…I couldn’t be there near her due to my academic issues… Till a few months after she passed away..I had dreams where either she murders me or makes me kill people. Now, I do see her in pleasant circumstances… Seeing her happy in the way she used to be… I am happy with this. But I want to know what all these means…. Any ideas? I don’t believe in the concept of souls leaving and afterlife… But it would be a great deal if I could understand this.

  39. Avatar

    I dream about my sisters son funeral, me and other two sisters that are still alive we were in one bakkie going to my sisters son who pass on 3 years back and my sister pass on 4 years ago. Before we leave home we were packing beef meat in the defrizeer after that i saw my other brother who pass on 6 years ago driving a bus full of people passing where i was stading

  40. Avatar

    I had a similar experience.
    After we had the religious ceremony for my grandfather, which is supposed to liberate the soul, the immediately next day in the morning I had a visitation dream from him.

    I usually have classes every morning, but that very day, I got up and didn’t feel like going. So I went back to sleep. And when I went back to sleep again, that is when I had this dream. It was the first time i experienced something like this.

    It was my uncles house, the place where he passed away. He was sitting on the chair and appeared so healthy, fit, happy and at peace. I saw him and he smiled back. I literally felt the warmth of his smile and felt at peace myself. He was severely ill when he passed away, so I was happy to see him so healthy and fine. I was in tears in the dream. I asked him a few questions and he replied with a nod. Though he didn’t speak much,but i could understand him well. And after the dream, I woke and I was like wow! It was like he was telling me that I have peacefully come to the other side.
    After that experience, I felt like I needed to find the good in myself again and get back that power in me that I always had as a kid but lost it due to some events in the family, which I felt had turned me into a rather cold person.

    Bless him!!! I hope I can speak to him again.

  41. Avatar
    James karaka

    I had these wierd dreams last night, i dreamt of the father of my girlfriend who passed away 4 years ago, its just really odd because my girlfriend keeps on wishing and asking and praying to have a dream of her father but she says doesnt happened, in my dream the first scenery was here in the house because at the moment were having a minor repairs (here in my gf’s house that used to be her father’s house) he was watching and checking then the second scene was inside the car with her father and me going fishing when we arrived to the area i was about to put my feet in the water to catch some sea foods he stops me and said watch out for those 3 seasnakes around you and thats it, the reason its odd coz i never met her father in person of all people why me and is he trying to tell something? Help me its been bugging me

  42. Avatar

    I keep dreaming of both of my dead parents. The night before I dreamt that my father had faked his death in order to force me to be more responsible. I was both ecstatic and furious. Today I dreamt that my father was alive and well in my home and that my mother was alive as well. Neither of them spoke directly to me. When I dream of my dad, he never speaks. Just smiles. My mother didn’t speak to me but was having a conversation with my son. I thought to myself that she was amazing with my son. You see, my mother passed away of cancer when I was 22. My son was less than a year old. He never knew her. 13 years later (this past October) my father passed from cancer as well. I took care of both of them until the very end. I still can’t seem to let go enough to realize they are gone. I would love to think that they are still somehow around and watching over me but I would rather believe that they aren’t stuck in the in-between having to take care of me. Every dream I question whether they are really alive and somewhere in my thoughts I remember they aren’t. I just want to sleep without waking up crying. I want to move on.

    I could describe more details about all my dreams. And there are some patterns that I have picked up on. But for time sake I will leave it at that. Help? Tools to help my heart get over this?

  43. Avatar

    Death of my younger brother at age of 20 is a tragedy to my family. After his death, i kept dreaming about him. I always saw that the soul of my brother is living with my family. He talk to me and other members. He is happy and give suggestion to me to keep calm as i am a person of high temprament.

    After 2 months of his death mother also see him in dearm in which brother ask for his clothes as the clothes he wear were dirty because of wearing from last two months.

  44. Avatar

    My great grandmother, who I was extremely close to, passed away February 2015. I didn’t have too many dreams of her at first. Maybe one here or there. This has increased lately though. It seems that the dreams are always the same. Except this last dream was different. Usually I see her at her house or a family gathering and it’s as if she hadn’t passed away. In my dream I’m not even aware that she is dead. It’s just liked visiting her normally. This last dream was a couple of nights ago. I was fixing my hair at this one mirror in her house when she came walking around the corner. We were both very excited and happy and hugging each other. In my dream I actually asked her if she was allowed to keep visiting me like this. She said she didn’t know but she was doing it anyway. I then woke up obviously feeling a little freaked out. This was the first time I have EVER dreamt of a person who has passed away that I was aware they were not still living in my dream. I do miss her but I’m not exactly sure why I keep dreaming of her lately. My sister did just have a baby a couple of months ago and my great grandma loved babies. My sister’s baby would have been her first “great great” grandchild. I know she would love to see him and know him. Maybe that’s why I am often thinking of her and now dreaming of her? I’m not sure. It is nice to see her even if it is in my dreams.

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    Patricia Frutoz

    My husband of 33 yes passed away Jan.29,[email protected]:25am. I was with him til he took his last breathe. I’ve had 4 dreams of him. My first dream we just argued. 2nd him nor I spoke to each other 3nd he called me on my phone n told me that the pharmacy could not refill his pills all I said is “Babe where are you?,I told him that three times.the 4th time he just looked at me….what could these dreams mean? Please help

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    My parents passed, Mom in 2001 and Dad 2005. My dream was my Dad, myself and my husband visiting my mom in the hospital. My Dad had left to sit in the quiet room, I went to check on him to find he was not there. I asked a nurse, she said we sent him to the city, he passed out unconscious, and we didn’t know what was wrong. I drove to the city, got with my Dad and he kept reaching with one hand for my mom…repeating Mom…I asked the city hospital to please bring my Mom to him, and on transit to the city hospital with my Mom, he passed before my eyes. In real life, he passed 5 minutes before I got to the hospital, it rattled me so bad, my husband said I screamed 4xs through out the night. What does this mean and is he trying to tell me something?

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    My mother passed 5 years ago. First she had a stroke then she got home and had a heart attack and passed. I took care of her, bathing, eating, everything. She passed 1 day before my neice was born. She was in coma for 1 week. I finally convinced her mother to call her and say goodbye, I was convinced that’s why momma held on so long. Momma passed 1 hour after her mom said her goodbyes.
    For 6 straight nights, she has been in my dreams. Just staring at me. Smiling. From driving in my dream and seeing her at a store on walking down the street, to dreaming I am shopping and she walks down the isle and just gets close and smiles at me. No words!
    I am so curious what she is trying to say or do.
    I truly hope you respond.

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    Adeline Barina

    I keep dreaming with my dad, his pass away 3 years a goes he don’t speak to me in the dream but on the second dream I told him daddy I’am so hurt that I didn’t say good night with a kiss and to give me your blessing befor I left to work and cry so much in that second dream and my dad hold me so tight with a word….please inbox me thank you

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    I dreamt a good friend came to me in a dream and said, “Lynn has two days.” Lynn was his girlfriend lover and I thought for sure she would die in two days. She did not but I am afraid to tell her the dream I had. I was conscious during this dream and knew I was dreaming and knew Ralph was dead. It was like he was telling me a message that Lynn would join him in two days. I saw him plain as day like he was standing in front of me in real life and it was his voice….I’m wondering why he told me that….thank you

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    I have been dreaming of my mother needing help. She died in 2004. First she was calling me telling me she needed me to come home but I couldn’t get there because of traffic.
    The second one was a dream that I was going on vacation and she was sitting in a chair waiting for me to leave for the airport and I kept telling her who to call if she needed help. I was getting a list of phone numbers together in my mind so that I could text them to her.
    When I left I realized I was so late I needed to hurry to get to the airport but I couldn’t find a cab anywhere.
    These are so disturbing to me because she’s been gone so long and I’ve had this dream once before, a few years ago. Also disturbing to me because I have been through a few jobs the past few years. I was always with her through her illness, we took very good care of her. I don’t know why she’s asking me for help.

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