Have you ever heard the term Earth Angel? No, they’re not perfect and pristine individuals, and yes, it’s possible, you could be one yourself!

The term earth angel may have you scratching your head in confusion. When you think of this word, you might envision human-like creatures, draped in white linen and floating above the clouds. Their white wings may be brimmed in gold and their entire visage may be glowing with a white light. Can you see it? Well, this is not what I refer to as an earth angel. An earth angel is something more substantial and something, wait for it….more down to earth.

The real earth angel

An earth angel, in a more factual representation, is a human being. This is a human being who feels like they are alien to this world – they tend to never fit into any group, clique, or society. On the flip side, they feel like they have been sent here for a higher purpose. Now, I don’t speak in religious terms, either. When I speak of a higher purpose, I speak of a higher consciousness: a feeling of being sent to make life better for other people.

A more in-depth explanation

An earth angel, or similar creatures, so-called lightworkers, can channel their positive attributes to reach out to others, to those who are otherwise unreachable. But there is much more that earth angels can accomplish and many characteristics that may go unnoticed. If you think you or someone you know could be an earth angel, take a look at these indicators to help you out.


Most earth angels are artistic in some way, whether it’s painting, sculpting, or being musically inclined. Even the healing arts are present wherever these special individuals tread. After all, art, in its many forms is a great form of expression when words just don’t suffice.

Easily overwhelmed

In social situations, these unique individuals may become overwhelmed. This is because there is an abundance of energy when they are surrounded by large groups of people. This energy can sometimes be too much for sensory perception.

Love is addictive

It feels natural for the earth angel to spread the pure love. Many times, when others struggle to be loving, they can easily express this emotion. They are also drawn to the more loving atmospheres as well.


An earth angel will look much younger than they really are. This could be because of how they deal with stress or simply because they are different. I really don’t have a concise answer for this one, it’s just true.

People are drawn to you

Many will be drawn to the pure energies of the earth angel. Others will want to talk about their problems and concerns and feel a deep connection with this unique influence.

Can be irresponsible

One of the rather negative aspects of the earth angel is that they generally have trouble with responsibilities or time management. This is usually caused by their preoccupation with helping others and meeting responsibilities that their friends have.


Although they might struggle with responsibilities, as an earth angel, they still remain independent. An earth angel never likes to ask for help, mainly because they feel they are sent to help others instead.


In relationships, earth angels tend to always seek assurance from your partner. When they do openly seek this assurance, they don’t understand why it doesn’t always work. This is because of their open honest nature.


Earth angels tend to accept people just as they are. They are usually open-minded, veering away from being too judgmental.

You’re in love with nature

Many people love nature and it’s aspects, but earth angels have a love affair which surpasses their curiosity. They feel energized and closer to their element when they are in nature. An earth angel thrives in the natural arms of the open air, the trees, and the earth.

Highly intuitive

Earth angels have the ability to quickly tell the difference between negative and positive situations. They can sense danger from afar, and they can also make wise, well thought out decisions. This is because their intuition is quite powerful.

Solitude is welcoming

Being alone, to the earth angel, is just fine. Although they love being able to help people, they also love being able to enjoy solitude and recharge those healing energies.


You feel what others feel. As an earth angel, they absolutely hate to see others in pain. They will go out of their way to try and soothe the hurts and sadness of others, even to the point of neglecting your own troubles. You also partake in happiness, in such a way that you are filled to overflowing with someone else’s joy.

Avoid conflict

These unique personalities avoid conflict as much as possible. Considering conflict, fighting and arguing is negative, the earth angel will try to find better solutions to disagreements that can be beneficial to all.

Discovering the truth

As a child, you may have been bullied for acting in a way contrary to your classmates, as a teen you could have felt ostracized by others your own age, and as an adult, social awkwardness may have you bound to a negative outlook, but stop! Before you classify yourself as a loser or outsider, maybe consider that you could be on another level. Take a look at those frowned-on qualities and see the good in them. Maybe most people don’t understand you, but you could have been sent here for the good of all.

These are only a few characteristics of the earth angel. It’s important to pay attention to your actions on a daily basis, and instead of criticizing yourself for being difficult or strange, maybe considering the possibility that you could just be of a different kind.

You or someone you know could really be an earth angel.


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