Have you ever heard the term Earth Angel? No, they’re not perfect and pristine individuals, and yes, some people believe they are real!

The term earth angel may have you scratching your head in confusion. When you think of this word, you might envision human-like creatures, draped in white linen and floating above the clouds. Their white wings may be brimmed in gold and their entire visage may be glowing with white light.

Can you see it? Well, this is not what I refer to as an earth angel. An earth angel is something more substantial and something, wait for it… more down to earth.

The real earth angel

An earth angel, in a more factual representation, is a human being. This is a human being who feels like they are alien to this world – they tend to never fit into any group, clique, or society. On the flip side, they feel like they have been sent here for a higher purpose.

Now, I don’t speak in religious terms, either. When I speak of a higher purpose, I speak of higher consciousness: a feeling of being sent to make life better for other people.

A more in-depth explanation

An earth angel, or similar creatures, so-called lightworkers, can channel their positive attributes to reach out to others, to those who are otherwise unreachable, according to New Age beliefs. But there is much more that earth angels can accomplish and many characteristics that may go unnoticed.

If you think you or someone you know could be an earth angel, take a look at these indicators defined by New Age practitioners.


Most earth angels are believed to be artistic in some way, whether it’s painting, sculpting, or being musically inclined. Even the healing arts are present wherever these special individuals tread. After all, art, in its many forms is a great form of expression when words just don’t suffice.

Easily overwhelmed

In social situations, these unique individuals may become overwhelmed. This is because there is an abundance of energy when they are surrounded by large groups of people. This energy can sometimes be too much for sensory perception.

Love is addictive

It feels natural for the earth angel to spread pure love. Many times, when others struggle to be loving, they can easily express this emotion. They are also drawn to the more loving atmospheres as well.


An earth angel will look much younger than they really are. This could be because of how they deal with stress or simply because they are different. I really don’t have a concise answer for this one, it’s just true.

People are drawn to you

Many will be drawn to the pure energies of the earth angel. Others will want to talk about their problems and concerns and feel a deep connection with this unique influence.

Can be irresponsible

One of the rather negative aspects of the earth angel is that they generally have trouble with responsibilities or time management. This is usually caused by their preoccupation with helping others and meeting responsibilities that their friends have.


Although they might struggle with responsibilities, as an earth angel, they still remain independent. An earth angel never likes to ask for help, mainly because they feel they are sent to help others instead.


In relationships, earth angels tend to always seek assurance from their partners. When they do openly seek this assurance, they don’t understand why it doesn’t always work. This is because of their open honest nature.


Earth angels tend to accept people just as they are. They are usually open-minded, veering away from being too judgmental.

In love with nature

Many people love nature and it’s aspects, but earth angels have a love affair which surpasses their curiosity. They feel energized and closer to their element when they are in nature. An earth angel thrives in the natural arms of the open air, the trees, and the earth.

Highly intuitive

Earth angels are said to have the ability to quickly tell the difference between negative and positive situations. They can sense danger from afar, and they can also make wise, well thought out decisions. This is because their intuition is quite powerful.

Solitude is welcoming

Being alone, to the earth angel, is just fine. Although they love being able to help people, they also love being able to enjoy solitude and recharge those healing energies.


They feel what others feel. As an earth angel, they absolutely hate to see others in pain. They will go out of their way to try and soothe the hurts and sadness of others, even to the point of neglecting their own troubles. They also partake in happiness, in such a way that they are filled to overflowing with someone else’s joy.

Avoid conflict

These unique personalities avoid conflict as much as possible. Considering conflict, fighting, and arguing is negative, the earth angel will try to find better solutions to disagreements that can be beneficial to all.

Discovering the truth

As a child, you may have been bullied for acting in a way contrary to your classmates, as a teen you could have felt ostracized by others your own age, and as an adult, social awkwardness may have you bound to a negative outlook, but stop!

Before you classify yourself as a loser or outsider, maybe consider that you could be on another level. Take a look at those frowned-on qualities and see the good in them. Maybe most people don’t understand you, but you could have been sent here for the good of all.

These are only a few characteristics of the earth angel, according to New Age beliefs. It’s important to pay attention to your actions on a daily basis, and instead of criticizing yourself for being difficult or strange, maybe considering the possibility that you could just be of a different kind.

You or someone you know could be an earth angel if you believe they are real.

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  1. Katrina Garrett

    Hello thanks this is me also I’m starting to blog would love tips

  2. Erin

    I have just discovered that I am an Earth Angel, and I’d like to connect with others – this is a lonely existence and much of my courage has reached away during this long stray journey. I want to help, anyi, everyone, but I need some help myself

    1. Christina

      Hey this is me too well lol i feel your pain. Ive always been an outsider but i starting to appreciate it now 😊

  3. Erin

    Wow, auto correct sucks! LOL I need some friends who understand, that’s all 😊

    1. Geraldine Daughtery

      I am also an earth angel and really wanna know more about my self also what are some things you feel. i just found this out this year and it didnt surprise me everyone always said there is something about you your very specal and i really feel that i know that i am its an amazing thing to go threw

    2. Shannon Lyn Bergman

      Erin, you can reach out to me if you want to. I understand the fact of wanting and needing others to understand me and to have that connection with those like me. I’m here for you 😊

    3. Shannon Lyn Bergman

      Charles wilson

  4. Shannon Lyn Bergman

    I’ve been feeling like I could be a bit different and have always felt like I had some sort of purpose on this earth. I just recently found out that I’m an earth angle and want to fulfill my divine purpose but I want to reach out to others who have discovered themselves also. What feelings and thoughts do you have about life and who you truly are? This amazing discovery is not something we should take lightly. We should embrace our calling and connect with others who share our experiences, characteristics and personality traits. I’m grateful for my realization of my true self and hope that I can fulfill my destiny!

    1. Cassius

      You shouldn’t be seeking your purpose. Just relax, live in the present, and enjoy your life. When you have the wisdom to fulfill your purpose, then you just know what it is. Seeking your purpose is like trying to grab the wind, you just can’t. When you are ready you’ll just know.

      If you are an angel, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise, that you are an angel. It shouldn’t matter either. You are on earth now. Earth isn’t that predictable. Just live. Your purpose is always obtainable, so take it easy and let it come to you.

      You should really care if you are an angel. Just accept it and keep living. Help the people you feel like need help, and if someone ended in a bad spot, help them a bit, and let them go. They need to learn. Doing everything for them will be like doing nothing.

      Help others and live. Just live in the present, and do want you want to do. Being an angel doesn’t change anything or at least, that’s the way you should think. You aren’t a god.

      I’m not a normal angel, so what I know might not be true to you. I can tell you about myself, but I haven’t found myself. I only just started living my own life. I have been “wandering around in my dead brother”. Trying to fulfill his purpose. His purpose was to make space, so I could live a good life. I let him go when I realized this, and just now I started living my own life.

  5. Martin

    Born into the light at this time when multiple timelines are merging our purpose is:

    To serve humanity and the Earth.
    Assist all souls in the awakening and ascension process.
    Help in anchoring the timeline of Light, Love and Peace to bring the Earth and humanity into the golden age of co-Creation.

    In order to become human we reduced or lowered our vibration. We are programmed with a wake-up call or a time to awaken. A series of happenings, lessons or events awakened their Divine Truth. Did you catch that? ‘Their’ not “them to” Divine Truth. There’s also a connection to our higher Angelic counterparts. All of us come from same Divine Source. Different paths shape their characteristics, missions and even personalities. Time has been spent in higher spiritual dimensions of Love and Light. They wish to bring Peace, Light and Love to the Earth, humanity and all beings.

    Hope this will help.

  6. Kimberly Knott

    I’ve been told I’m an Earth Angel. TBH, I feel incredibly uncomfortable saying that considering I hate complimenting myself. I was raised to never do so. I had an incredibly challenging upbringing. My dad was incredibly and painfully antisocial and was destructive whenever he was upset at either me or my mom. My mom has NPD. Both of my parents are Cancers whereas I am a Scorpio. I’m 25 and everyone thinks I’m a teenager. I rarely had friends. My boyfriend tells me I’m a pure soul and completely innocent in all my intentions. Everyone always thought I was weird growing up and I always tried to be everyones friend. I was an outcast and incredibly different from all my classmates. I would spend my recess time sitting my myself under a tree that was away from the playground. My differences caused me to be bullied so badly in school that the cops had to come once, in another incident my dad had to file a police report and in another I was humiliated in front of the whole school and the staff. None of the teachers ever did anything. This all ocurred when I was 10 and it had a last impact on how I view myself. I was kicked, pushed, verbally harassed and degraded. My parents hardly helped and never really helped me. They always just told me to ignore it. My dad never comforted me in any way the day I was escorted to my car by the principal who informed him of the situation that happened that day when the girl who bullied me had taken her belt off in the girls bathroom and started whipping girls with it while she laughed. Growing up as an only child, no one wanted to be my friend and when I would make a friend they would never stick around for very long because of my almost immediate attachment and looking to them for help with problems I had that were really intended for a parent. I always was told I was overly dramatic, selfish, ungrateful, that I could never take criticism. My parents home schooled for high school without my say for 5 years and paid for my own GED and wasnt thrown a graduation party or even a Congratulations. I lived doing chores including intensive yard work, housework and schoolwork. When my brother was born my parents took me out of theater and dance because they didnt want to give me the rides anymore. I was fiscally and emotionally exploited and neglected and was criticized chronically if I ever did anything out of the norm. Ive always been easily influenced.
    I’m a sketch artist and poet. I’ve been writing poetry for the last 10 years and you can find me on Instagram at Poet_of_the_sun. I get easily overwhelmed so much it’s painful when someone is giving me to many detailed directions or to much detailed information at one time or if something is repeated to many times to me. I’ve always tried to help anyone who needed it weather they were a stranger or friend. I will exhaust myself in doing everything I can for anyone. I’ve always been highly intuitive and its gotten stronger since I’ve gotten older and in some situations it’s saved my life. When I told my mother this she sneered at me and belittled my newfound revelation. The way she raised me caused me to be incredibly insecure and self conscious. I have all of these traits definitely, some stronger than others.

    1. Philippa

      Just flicking through – saw this. Sending love to you. I think you have been through an incredible amount, and are a very strong person, who has gained much wisdom through your experiences. Now is the time to leave those stories behind, and go forward to your future. I wish you the very best to a bright and happy future to come.

  7. Shannon

    I am and have just recently discovered that I am an earth angel. I am also what people consider to be a targeted individual and desperately need help! If there is anyone out there who needs a friend it is me! I have been suffering quite terribly for about 5 years now. I am wondering if anyone has gone through a *wing activation process* as I just experienced this last night and was quite shocked to be honest. Please feel free to contact me if you yourself are an earth angel . Thank you 💘

    1. Cassius

      “wing activation process”? wdym by that? I’ve had my wings since I was a little kid. This might just have been you opening your 3rd eye, and now you can feel your wings. I mean you could have been and normal soul, that turned into an angel and grew wings, but… Please give more into details. My body is confused and getting tired reading it. I wanna know more!

      1. Nevaeh

        Ive been in a dark past and it was bad, I’m only the way I am today because of my past, I’ve been starved to the point you could see my bones so now that I’m in weight training my body finnely repaired its self to have all muscles on my bones and that is what makes me confident, because instead of being a clueless toothpick punching bag, i learned that I am now the shield to those who needs me only if they will let me, because I believe everyone can get help if they just be confident and brave even if they are scared and feel hopeless because I know how it feels I’ve been terrified and scared, hurt physically and emotionally, suffocating in a trap of toxic, I know how it feels to grow through dirt to become a flower, but we all forget that we have our wings and there are some that they don’t know and I need to help them and people who seeks, I know the past from each soul inside me and I can predict the future for us all, where your home where you live might be different then it seems and we might be closer then you would think you just got to be patient and calm breath in the confident breath out the doubt.


      Hey Shannon please add me on fb. Rigas Bountouris

    3. Johnny Yagut

      Hi Shannon add me on FB johnny yagut

  8. Steve

    Earth Angel, you are not alone, you never are alone, work on you, meditate, work on your chakras, heal your past, love you
    first, protect your energy, ground yourself, live in the now, avoid negative thoughts and situations, purge all toxic people and
    habits, don’t judge, live in unconditional love, pray to God, God will send to you what God feels you need, we are and have been here to help the collective, God will show you the way, live in your true self, live in your light, enjoy your life, fear is an illusion, spread love (in a clean manner) share your light, say I AM and know you are Earth Angel.
    I am and I send to you love, light, strength, and hope, I AM, I AM, I AM, and I shall prevail

    1. Rose with any other name

      Beautiful Earth Angels. It is truly heart warming to read these incredible comments. Happy to know there are others out there.

  9. Kathy

    Hi, I am a earth angel. In the name of God the creator the father and Jesus son of God and Holy spirit. Amen. Everyone, Breath. There’s alot to share and our health is deteriorating because we aren’t looking at ourselves. There’s so much!! Do some Google research too on medications. First everyone we got to get healthy for ourselves. I have to tell you all I was poisoned by metformin. Stop that cold turkey. It doesn’t do nothing for you and does NOT belong in the body.

  10. Frankie

    I feel so different. This possibility of being an earth angel is an interesting and profound thing to wrap my head around. Any support would be helpful. I feel like I am a people pleaser who avoids conflict and gives gives gives and is insecure in all my relationships always wanting reassurance.

  11. Michelle

    I have recently started an anti anxiety because I started trying to drown out the overwhelming emotions I get from all the energy around me…! When I feel sadness or hear of horrible stories it hurts my heart so much like it is breaking and I find myself constantly in prayer. I assumed it was high anxiety… so I started taking medicine to get more endorphins into my brain because I couldn’t stand being affected by all the sadness in the world . Am I an Earth angel? I’m born in the middle of the year June 21 11:24 AM and my name is Michelle! “In the likeness of God”!

  12. Elome

    This topic… is this really true, that was not a question not like I got doubt, but it’s unbelievable that everything that I did and felt happen to be considered as an earth angel’s trait. when I saw this topic I was so interested and when I read it it was like the writer was writing about me, and now I know there are many people out there who feel the way I did. but I do not know why they should really classify this traits as earth angel. I don’t know but I seem to not want to admit I really am.

    1. Kathy

      Lol nah your not alone. I am an earthangel. And reason nobody says anything is that’s the whole concept blows your mind being human. And knowing what’s to come scares everyone else. Father considers our reasonings through faith. If you are an earthangel you don’t need an answer. You know we are spiritual and exist by ourselves beautifully.

      1. Seekinganswers30

        Hi is there a way we can all join a group maybe on Facebook a private group.. may I also ask if any of use felt God started awakening you an made it clear to you that you were an earth angel with in the past two years ? I have a feeling God is awakening us for a reason an this pandemic is starting to make sense as God told me officially what I was Prob ably 10 months ago . Anyone else just crying continuously over the thought of this virus hitting poverty country’s ?? I can’t seem to pull myself together these tears just keep falling 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  13. Angela

    Hi everyone,

    And thank you all for sharing the light and emotional stories of how being into this 3D body and on this planet make you feel. I can relate to so many of you💜 The traits and challenges described above also fit all together as the pieces of puzzle. All my life I’ve been getting messages from “my imagination”, as my mother tended to explain that, I’ve seen light-creatures several times and when I’m in the nature, forest etc.I can hear beautiful music and wispers.. (no, I do not have scitzofrenia 🙂) it has always been very confusing.. but yeah, i can hear the sounds of plants.. and animals usually loves me. But only now, when I got stucked far away from home on this carnteen, I’ve been kinda forced to face my gifts and maybe accept them…
    althought I’ve been told twice before, when being healed etc.that there’s something very different and strange in my energy/zones/ aura.. My therapist told me, she got a vision of angel, when we did somekind of relaxation/meditation. And yes, I’m myself do counseling and healing people. And get extreamly overwhelmed with peoples energy, anger, lies or aggression. Just cant stand people lying or hurting others!

    So, the question is again, what to do with all those gifts.. And yes, until now I’ve always struggled to accept and understand this “being tight to 3D-body”. Not that I hate it, no, it’s beautiful and very functional, but.. yeah.. i just can stand the feeling of limitations it brings.. like that it gets tired, hungry or need some sleep.. Its very hard to take care for this body, when my angelic mind is usually busy creating something or searching for the ways to help..

    The point.. I lost it.
    But yeah, I guess it’s very interesting times we’re living through corona-virus caranteen.
    And me too been crying a lot lastly.. But from my perspective, more from joy. I feel like corona is our 5-D way to bring the old souls back home, so that more wisdom and purity could have a new life through incarnating. I feel like corona virus not only will help our nature to recover from horrible demadge caused by greed and aggression, but I also feel joy for our angelic souls, which could finally return home.

    Oh, I miss that home…
    Hope my mission will be completed sooner or later, before this body celebrates it’s 100y. Bit probably I’ll have to reconsider my actions and profession in order to fulfill my purpose here. Thank you Universe💜

  14. Margaret

    I have been told twice in my life that I am an Earth Angel. How do you know? Some of the signs listed are correct but not the majority. I am open to believe but not sure how.

  15. androgynousmind

    sounds like an average person with aspergers/autism

  16. Samson B.

    Hello! Thank you so much for writing this. I finally figured out who I am! God bless and stay safe ✝🙏

  17. Acika

    I discovered I was very different very young, I was so, so sensitive want to uncaring, I would cry when a bird fell out the nest and died, I would burry them. I only wanted to be around peace. I would stayed in my own little world, When I young everyone thought I was different. I did not know what to call myself. One day I looked a what is an earth angel? , I was amazed to find out how and what I am. I know the only thing I truly miss in my soul was bathing in the light of something so powerful, almighty. I use to think I was being punished on earth. My heart ache longing to be in that radiant light. I learned what being an
    Empath was, I know with I call for help from of other angels I automatic get calm. I feel so unfulfilled, because I know I not fulfilling my full potentials. I tell people I have a gift of healing,. I’m here to help people to heal emotional, physically and even mentally. My last job I work at I was treated so horrible, made fun of had deception against me. Everything that was explained about earth angels I fit. I alway had jobs not in my field. Working with people with disabilities, people less fortunate. I use to cry asking God, why did I come to this horrible world. Now I know, hopefully I can fulfill why I’m truly
    here…..Thank you everyone for sharing.

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