astral travelWhether Astral Travel is accepted by science and society or not, many people have attested to experiencing this out-of-body experience. It allows the soul to travel anywhere in both earthly and heavenly realms. We can be in places that we desire or in completely higher planes and fields. To those who have experienced it, they have recounted that it happens during their sleep. Some may even refer to it as lucid dreams where they feel like they’re flying. The dreams can seem so real to them and some may even remember them vividly.

The premise of Astral Travel revolves around the law of magnetism. When you’re awake, you are in full control of your body and you direct it where to go and what to do. When we’re sleeping, our body fully relaxes and our brain activity starts to slow down. You have less control of your body and that’s when the magnetic polarity of your body changes. From its usual negatively charged polarity, it becomes positively charged during our sleep.

Our soul has a positive charge at all times. In the law of magnetism, opposite charges always attract each other, while like charges repel each other. This is why during the waking hours our body and soul

 stick together and when we sleep, our soul sometimes has the tendency to leave our body and travel. This is because when the body has the same polarity as the soul, they repel each other and between these two, it’s easier for the soul to slip out.

Some people are born with the gift of Astral Travel while some learn it through techniques that will help them separate the body and the soul while sleeping. Beginners don’t always get it right the first few times. Some might even find it a hard and long process, but there are ways that could help them accomplish Astral Travel in a short span of time. All they have to do is prepare their body for it.

Those who want to know what it would be like to travel to a different realm, will have to make changes in their daily routine to change the polarity of their body. Here are some preparations needed for a successful Astral Travel:

1. Change your diet

Most of the food that we eat, especially meat and those high in sugar content, have negative charges or essences. This highly affects the body’s polarity. Vegetables, especially green leafy ones, and fruits have positive essences. They can aid in the attempt to have that out-of-body experience.

2. Deep Breathing exercises

Like food, air is an important aspect of life. It can greatly affect the polarity of your body and its vibratory rate. When you inhale deeply, you bring Chi into your lungs. Your Chi has a very high vibratory rate. If you want to succeed in your attempts, try holding your breath within your lungs for a few seconds. This will allow your Chi to enter into your bloodstream and charge your other organs. Since your Chi has a very high vibratory rate, these vibrations will be distributed throughout the body and you will feel that you have become lighter. By this time, your body is already carrying more positive charges than negative.

Practice doing these deep breaths twice a day, every day for a week. Hold your breath in your lungs longer than five seconds. Your body becomes more positively charged when you hold your breath longer, but don’t hold it too long that you already feel uncomfortable. You can do this early in the morning and at night before you sleep.

3. Drink lots of water and practice the Glass of Water technique

Water flushes away the wastes and poisons that contain negative charges and these in turn alter the body’s polarity. When water cleanses it of its negative charges, your body maintains its natural healthy energy.

The Glass of Water technique is done at least once every other day. You can do this by preparing a glass of water. Then, find a quiet spot and bring the glass along with you. Place your hands comfortably around the glass and make sure that it touches the surface of the glass. Your right hand possesses positive charges, while your left possesses negative charges. Let your Chi flow into the water to magnetize it and transfer positive charges into the water.

You can do all these adjustment to your routine for a week and then you can start with the other steps in preparing your body for Astral Travel. These will surely help you succeed in your attempts of traveling to the world unknown.

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