Are you feeling strange lately and cannot explain why? Maybe you have an electromagnetic sensitivity from all the electronic devices surrounding you.

Yes, we are surrounded by technology. Smartphones, computers and other wireless devices provide a window and a voice to the outside world, this is true. But for some of us, we are surrounded by living hell, as our sensitivities cause us to want to throw those devices out of a “literal” window. And why is this?

Some of us have an electromagnetic sensitivity

EHS or electromagnetic sensitivity is the ability to sense energy fields, and the ability to be overwhelmed by them. When I say overwhelmed, I don’t necessarily mean stressed, oh no, I mean literally sick and physically ill by the energy that surrounds us.

Now, there are opposing opinions about this condition. Some say it’s fictional and the wide range of symptoms experienced are too random and mostly psychological instead of physiological. Opinions also state that these symptoms can simply be caused by something else entirely – it could be some disease or illness with similar symptoms.

George Johnson, column writer for the New York Times said,

“From the perspective of science, the likelihood of the rays somehow causing harm is about as strong as the evidence for ESP.”

This allows us to examine another area of electromagnetic sensitivity, the paranormal side. After all, many of us do believe in the paranormal, ESP, visions etc.

Ghosts, spirits and other sentient beings

Even Einstein believed, in a way, in the existence of ghosts. At least, a statement he made hints at this belief.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”

It seems that energy never dies, and so it makes us seriously consider the existence of ghosts. A popular belief is that spirits are made of energy and thus can manipulate their substance along with the earth’s electrical field and manmade electrical fields.

So, this leaves us with a really important question: Are we detecting the energy utilized by these spirits or does the sensitivity of man-made electrical fields make us hallucinate, making us think we’ve seen ghosts and phantoms when everything is all in our heads?

However, there are those who testify to having experienced electromagnetic sensitivity, both due to ghost sighting and also just due to overexposure to technological devices and the radiation they exude. These individuals take extreme precautions to shield themselves from these rays, even lining the walls with aluminum foil.

So, if you think you might have an electromagnetic sensitivity, then read through these signs below. I hope this helps you understand what could be going on in your own life.

Muscle aches and pains

Muscle aches could be signs of electromagnetic sensitivities. The way you will know is that these pains come and go, randomly. You could wake one morning and feel as if you ran five miles the day before, even when you never left the house. You could wake to feel tired and then notice a horrid pain in your lower back or in your shoulder areas as well. These pains are not usually severe and that’s why they can be so hard to diagnose.


Depression is a symptom of mental illness, but it can also be caused by absorption of a high level of magnetic energies. When you do experience this depressive mood, it will also come with foggy thinking, temporary memory loss, and confusion. Pay attention to what’s going on in your life and whether or not you have another reason to be suffering from this ailment.

Sleep disturbances

Another reason you’re suffering from insomnia could be due to this sensitivity as well. Many times, we blame other aspects of life for our sleepless nights and even take sleeping aids to get rest. Try leaving electronics in another room and see if that helps at all. As you know, many people sleep with their smartphones and the sheer amount of energy radiating from these devices is insane!

Also, if spirits are present in the home, the prime time for manifestation is around 3 a.m. which will definitely keep you awake at night with a huge increase in magnetic field energy.

Stress and anxiety

Electromagnetic sensitivity will also cause heightened anxiety and stress in otherwise calm personalities. You may feel anxious for no apparent reason at all, much like those who suffer from PTSD.

Personally, I have experienced anxieties which made no sense, but I cannot say whether it was from these energy fields or because of something else entirely. Make sure to pay attention to any sudden changes in stress levels. It could possibly be what’s happening to you.

Rashes and prickly sensations on the skin

Mysterious rashes or skin irritations could mean the presence of an abundance of man-made or paranormal energies. If you have no known allergies and start to experience a rash, then monitor your surroundings.

Is there a large concentration of electronic devices around you? Are you in an area with a rumored high prevalence of paranormal activity? Either of these situations could be a cause, or it could simply be the detergent you use when washing your clothes! I know, I know…but there are many reasons for this irritation.

A headache and fatigue

Experiencing headache and fatigue can mean many things, like stress, for instance. Having a headache every day is probably an indication of something worse, like an effect of high energy level absorption. An Electromagnetic sensitivity can also cause extreme fatigue as well. Keep these things in mind when you are forced to take pain relievers and vitamins on a regular basis.

Symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity are numerous

These symptoms listed above are only a small sample of what people seem to experience. Individuals also report infertility, various cancers, and symptoms of the eyes, nose, and throat. It’s important to become educated about this topic and visit your doctor regularly to rule out the possibility of other things.

If you do believe this is happening, you may even want to consider a more “Natural” way of life, eliminating as many sources of electromagnetic energy as possible.

Can you give up your smartphone or internet? Can you make the changes necessary to lower your levels of energy? What do you need to do in order to address this concern, and do you even believe this is a real condition?

There are many opinions and options, you must choose what’s best for you. Good luck!



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