Energy blocks are all around us. They can be unfinished tasks, negative people, or even mental blocks we’ve imposed upon ourselves. How can we pull free?

Most people are unaware that they are victims of energy blocks. They simply assume they feel bad for some physical reason, or they think they’re caught in the grips of procrastination. Maybe they actually do deal with symptoms of a mental illness on a regular basis.

Energy blocks are sometimes the things which hold us back from mental wellness when suffering from things like depression or anxiety, that’s the interesting part.

Are you experiencing energy blocks?

An energy block has the power to completely change your life. One day you’re happy and energetic, then the next day, you’re overcome with negative emotions and feelings of helplessness.

Sometimes energy blocks cause a slow drain, taking a bit of your self-love and care as time goes by. You can discover the truth about your condition by using a few indicators. Energy blocks are common and have traits you can easily recognize.

1. Sudden depression

A sudden onset of depression is a common sign you could be dealing with energy blocks. Those who suffer from clinical depression usually experience a gradual onset of the symptoms of sadness and listlessness, which is a bit different from having an energy block.

With an energy block, depression can strike without warning, turning an otherwise energetic person into someone unrecognizable.

2. Fatigue

Severe fatigue is not the same as being tired. When an energy block is present, feelings of tiredness and lethargy can be crippling, sometimes resulting in chronic fatigue. During this time, you will procrastinate more and sleep for longer periods as well.

3. Excessive worry

An energy block can closely resemble worry, but it differs from chronic worrying and stress. If you feel like you are trapped in a cycle of worry, you could be experiencing these negative energies.

If you pay close attention, you will notice when your concerns become redundant and you will also feel as if you’re losing control of your emotions. You are experiencing an energy block of some sort and need to figure out what it is before it becomes worse.

4. Uncontrollable anger

Loss of temper can also be a symptom of an energy block. When you lose total control during a discussion or just become irritable for no reason, there’s something under the surface that must be revealed.

No one normally loses control when angry, unless there’s a deeper root responsible. If you seem to lose partial memory when you have an angry outburst, then this is a sign that you’ve gone way too far, and you need to address what’s blocking your positive energies.

5. Resentment

Failure to forgive someone when they have wronged you will produce resentment. It’s also called bitterness and it’s one of the common energy blocks responsible for hindering enlightenment.

If you are unable to communicate properly with someone and then turn to bitterness,  you’ve already started to form energy blocks which will sooner or later have to be addressed. If at all possible, try to refrain from harboring resentment toward anyone, no matter what they have done to you. It seems to damage the victim as much or more than the one who caused the pain.

6. Appetite changes

Energy blocks can manifest as changes in appetite, like a severe decrease in the need for sustenance. When positive energy cannot flow openly, you may even deprive yourself of food when you’re actually hungry, which is pretty strange. It’s almost as if you’re keeping things from yourself as a form of self-punishment.

When positive energy isn’t allowed to flow freely, you may even experience the opposite effect, a drastic increase in food consumption.

7. Excessive spending

Also, when energy blocks are playing a part in your life, you will notice an increase in unhealthy spending. You will neglect to pay bills on time and buy some extravagant gift for yourself.

The thing is, you can feel the negative vibes and you think that one way to try and make things better is by buying something new. The truth is, however, this will only lead to more negative feelings when you realize your financial mistake.

The truth of the matter

The truth is, the effects of lower positive energy levels and energy blocks differs from person to person. While some may experience unhealthy spending habits, some may just wallow in grief and go through severe fatigue.

There may be other symptoms and signs of energy blocks as well. Now, the key is to learn how to break free from these blocks so you can live the life you were meant to live. Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Set strong intentions

Before you do anything else, place your hand on your chest and speak your intention aloud. If your intention is to push away all negative energies of depression, then speak this,

“I intend to fill myself only with the things that build me up and do not tear me down.”

This is only an example, and you can say your affirmations in your own words, however you choose.

2. Cleanse with a smudge stick

White sage works in amazing ways. First off, you can burn the sage, then after it’s cooled, you can circle the seven chakra points on your body with the smoke. Then go from room to room in your home and clear out any negative energy. Open a window to let out the strong smell of the burning sage and allow negative energies or harmful spirits a way to leave your home.

3. Learn to let go

This may seem easier said than done, but letting things go can be effective if you relinquish yourself to the simplistic ideas of positive energies.

You cannot possibly control everything, and trying to do this causes stress, worry and other blocks. Sometimes it’s not easy to let go, but keep trying and it will get easier with each attempt.

You can even create a mantra for this by telling yourself why you should let go and the benefits of letting go. You can also remind yourself to expect less from others as well. After all, none of us are perfect.

4. Release and cut ties

Unfortunately, sometimes we have to cut ties with others. This is because there are actual individuals in our lives that cause these energy blocks to surface. Maybe it’s impossible to completely detach from some people, but we can at least create a little distance for our own health and benefits.

Do an inventory of your life and figure out where those blocks are coming from. If it’s a person, then you have some serious thinking to do.

Let’s change our lives

Now, maybe you can recognize what’s been going on in your life. All those bad days and nights, struggling just to get out of bed could actually be an energy block. Instead of ignoring these signs, try some of the suggestions above.

You can also become more active, try meditation and also seek support from positive friends and family. Never be ashamed of having a problem, even an energy block. It happens to the best of us from time to time.

I wish you well.



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  1. Lu

    Very helpful information. Thank you

  2. Eric

    I lived within the confines of an energy blocking custody thing for 11 years and it all finally blew up over covid. The hardest part has been attempting to restore personal power within the construct of the attorney created life. I basically cut most of the strings, and took flight, quite literally. That said, it hasn’t been at all easy. It has been extremely turbulent. It’s natural to seek what you’re used to, so I keep falling back into the old pattern, and I’m finding myself struggling to not repeat mistakes, by choosing people who rob me of power, or whose power I find myself robbing. I don’t want to become the narcissist after suffering from narcissistic abuse for years. I’m seeking hard to reclaim power and restore positive thought.

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