The ENFJ personality is a charismatic and passionate type, born to be a leader. This personality type is special and beneficial in so many ways.

The ENFJ personality encompasses around 2% of the entire population. This type is a more social personality and found commonly in politicians, presidents or other leaders. They have the ability to stand up and proudly speak what must be said, even when speaking up is quite difficult.

Why this type is so special

Beyond all that, the ENFJ personality has even more special mentionable traits. No, I’m not an ENFJ myself, but I do know some personally, and I attest that these individuals truly are special and close to my heart. Here are some outstanding qualities of the ENFJ.

1. They are reliable

The ENFJ personality is one of the most reliable personality types. They rarely disappoint anyone when it comes to keeping their word. They love to help and make difficult things possible for others too. Others can count on this help from the ENFJ personality.

They don’t just help a little either. The ENFJ personality will see the situation all the way through until the end.

2. Clear expressions

Whether it be sadness or love, the ENFJ personality is adept at expressing feelings. While others might struggle to tell others that they are unhappy, the ENFJ can state clearly how they feel and why they feel that way. It’s a true gift.

In our society, hiding how we really feel has gotten us into a lot of trouble. It’s caused pain, confusion, and heartache. Being open and telling how we really feel can help us avoid a multitude of problems.

3. Natural leaders

Yes, they are natural born leaders, and they have the ability to make change happen at a rapid pace. Where others might struggle for months or years to make changes in a community, the ENFJ has the ability to cause great influence in a short time.

Considering they know how to easily convey feelings, they can also convey ideas easily as well. Unfortunately, many of our leaders today are corrupt. This is why we need more leaders….just ones who are real for a change.

4. Altruistic

The ENFJ personality has basically all good intentions. Whatever they set out to do, it’s because of some greater good. That’s why change happens easier and ideas spread farther.

It’s because the ENFJ’s intentions are recognized to be honest and true. You can easily see why good intentions are needed in the world today, considering so many people are selfish and out to get something only for themselves.

5. They are tolerant

Where patience is concerned, the ENFJ has plenty. This goes hand in hand with their ability to get things done and their reliability. No matter how long something takes, the ENFJ seems to be able to hang in there and complete the task.

They are also tolerant of differences in others as well, and they often can take criticism much better as well. In a fast-paced world of hate, judgment, and impatience, we definitely need more tolerance.

6. Charismatic

The ENFJ personality is a social personality. These types have charm and they are extremely popular individuals. They are virtual experts on communication, having the ability to shift tones as needed, without losing their own voice in the conversation.

Charisma is a talent that is often under-appreciated. Being able to socialize comfortably and shift easily to please many people is indeed a powerful gift.

7. Loyalty

Commitment is common with this personality type; but in the world we live in, finding loyalty is rare, let’s face it. With the ENFJ type, loyalty and commitment is just something they prefer to offer their family or friends. It almost comes naturally. This is truly a special trait because society today lacks a healthy amount of loyalty.

8. Creative expression

Believe it or not, the ENFJ has creative potential. They can take ordinary things or events and turn them into something amazing. Their abilities to socialize can help them develop projects which match what’s closely needed by certain programs or groups.

Their creative expression can even further ideas that they share. It seems today’s world thrives on artistic expression and being able to meld logic and creativity can break certain boundaries which are otherwise impenetrable.

9. Empathize and understand

ENFJ personalities try to understand people rather than judge them. They also have the ability to empathize with what the other person is feeling. This helps in so many ways, considering the fact that people can be rude and harsh.

Rather than getting angry in return, the ENFJ can see the reasons for the anger and address that concern instead.

Embrace your personality differences

If you’re an ENFJ, you should be proud. There are so many special traits that you can share with others to help them grow. While you do have certain weaknesses, you have the ability to contribute your gifts and skills despite those failings.

If you aren’t sure which personality type you are, then make sure you learn more about the Myers Briggs personality types to find out yours.



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  1. Justice

    Enfj’s can be all these things and more to people who are gullible, easy to manipulate, love to give constant ego boosts, aren’t bothered when a person blames everyone else when things go wrong, and are able to overlook emotional outbursts, fe just out of control. For anyone who can’t stand doing any of this, especially anyone that can easily sense when they are being lied to, smarmed, excessively micromanaged, and/or mindf*&%ed, run away. Even though they might seem like they’ll do anything for you and wear their hearts on their sleeve, they will keep track of everything and will use it against you. Like giant teddy bears with razor sharp teeth. This is the one personality I can’t stand because of how they treat others who don’t see it coming. Be warned.

    1. Sherrie

      I am sorry for your experience. I hope you can find healing for the pain you have been through.

    2. CL

      To Justice – Treat us properly and we will not feel the need to bring up to you what “you” did to us in the past. Treat us properly and you will not see the teddy bear razor-sharp teeth come out. Treat us properly and you will not be surprised when we stand up for our self, which you did not see coming.

    3. Chiara C.

      When I read your message I thought: “that’s exactly me!… when I was 16”.
      Since this are all qualities of an immature enfj – or immature person in general.
      I am sorry you had to deal with the bad sides of an enfj but I can assure you we are not all like that. Also because, as people, we differ from each other.
      Best regards,

  2. Junga queen

    My question is how I can know what is my personality type what’s mine personality type is I don’t know? Please help me!😧😓😓😓😓

    1. Lori Burdett

      You can take the “Myers Briggs” personality test. Online there are many sites that offer this. is one site. You can also Google Personality tests/quizzes and you will find many sites.
      Good luck and enjoy learning more if yourself.
      Im an “INFJ”
      Best Regards,

    2. Lori

      Hello Junga Queen,
      There are many online sites that offer “Myers Briggs” type personality tests.. One is 16
      Good luck, I hope you enjoy finding out more about yourself. Im an “INFJ”
      Best Regards,

      1. Sherrie

        Thank you for helping, Lori.

  3. Sarah

    This post meant a lot to me. Thank you.

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