Here is a list of suggested ENFP careers that will suit you if you have a campaigner personality. But first of all, how do you know if you have this personality type?

Are you energized, full of ideas and eager to work when you go to your job? Yes? Well, you just might have a campaigner personality. Not to be confused with a political figure, a campaigner is the Myers-Briggs’ ENFP personality characterized as Extraversion, Intuition, Feeling and Perception. This article suggests some of the best ENFP careers, but first, let’s talk about the traits of this personality type.

Typically, being in this category means you are an extrovert and become energized by spending time with others. Your primary focus is to rely on your intuition and use concepts and ideas, not details and facts. The decisions you make are most likely based on values and feelings. While some people prefer predictable plans and organization, your perception is flexible and spontaneous.

Another common term for the campaigner is champion because you are passionate about helping others realize their dreams. Your creative thinking keeps you from sitting still. Therefore, your best occupation should give you space to flourish using your strength, wit and energy.

What Is a Campaigner Personality Like?

Campaigner personalities are the life of the party. They bring energy, charisma, compassion and independence to the table. Career tests for these innovative thinkers may highlight jobs in healthcare, teaching or practically any job that needs a people person.

Generally, your best career choices should provide social interaction and challenges.

Strengths Campaigners Bring to Work

One thing that stands out with campaigner personalities is being able to use their creativity at work. This is best realized when expressing this creativity benefits others and themselves.

Typically, campaigners have a desire to explore ways of approaching work tasks through inspiration and vision. Their strengths are revealed when they are given projects and assignments that require imaginative and original solutions.

Often, their beliefs motivate campaigners. They want to get involved with humanitarian causes and find a career that is consistent with their own values. Careers that allow them to use their artistic expression and achieve personal growth also matters.

Routine, mundane tasks can easily bore the campaigners. Their strengths are found in a variety of workplace challenges and tasks. Preferably, they need to set their own schedule and chafe at excessive details and regulations. Campaigners look for tasks that are fun and novel so their imagination and ability to relate to other people can flourish.

The idea work environment for strengths campaigners bring to the workplace is friendly, relaxed and limits creative restrictions. Ideally, campaigner personalities need jobs that satisfy their curiosity and inspiration.

ENFP Careers: Best Jobs for the Campaigner Personality Type

The best ENFP careers should provide different experiences from day to day. People with this personality type need new opportunities and new challenges. They will quickly lose interest with careers that have too much monotony.

Roles that require brainstorming with co-workers and plenty of extraversion will keep campaigners fully occupied throughout their workday.

Here are a few suggested ENFP careers if you find yourself in the campaigner category.


The campaigner personality is a natural fit for a career in acting. Whether on Broadway or the big screen, the campaigner’s intuitive nature makes them keen observers of people. They use this natural ability to gain rich insight into the characters they play.

This field is notoriously difficult to break into, but campaigners’ natural ability to network and self-promote are two vital skills for the acting world.

Emergency Medical Technicians

EMTs are the ones on the front lines of medicine. They often face life or death situations when responding to emergency calls. They are required to perform medical services on sick or injured patients. This aligns with the campaigner personality type’s need to do things that better others.


Entrepreneurs are risk takers, driven and ambitious. All these characteristics describe campaigners. They will use their spark of genius to develop an innovative idea and turn it into a money-making career.

The adventurous nature of campaigners ignites with taking risks in creating a new business. Besides, they can use their imagination to their full advantage. They are up for the challenge.

Human Resources Professional

Some campaigners are turned off by the amount of paperwork involved with human resources. However, they thrive with the interpersonal aspects of a career as human resources professional.

Recruiting, interviewing and training company employees are very appealing to the people-oriented campaigner. They will have plenty of opportunities to guide new employees, resolve conflicts and think of new hiring strategies.

Social Workers

The compassionate side of campaigners will thrive as social workers. They get to help clients cope with their own challenges and difficulties.

As a campaigner personality type, you should try to avoid jobs that have too much repetition. When making a decision about pursuing an ideal career, understanding your personality will help to ensure you find one that matches your talents and interests.

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