I’ve learned to enjoy the silence. Within that moment of nothing and solitude, I discovered respite for my body, mind, and spirit.

I yearn for his presence. Remember him, the one who never speaks? He is silence, and he is absent, out somewhere else slipping around corners and filling deaf ears. But it’s silence I crave, and it’s silence that will heal my aching mind. We take silence for granted, so much that sound has taken its place.

We take silence for granted, so much that sound has taken its place.

Sounds are so constant, that they no longer has any sound at all. I hear and yet I don’t hear at the same time. Do you get my drift? But these deceptive sounds aren’t healthy for our brains. As we feel comfy and cozy in our audio cocoons, our brains are wasting away. Yeah, really, and denial will get you even further from salvation.

Silence is our only antidote, and here’s how that works.

Silent brain repair

Sound, specifically music, seems like heaven to our ears and our brains. This is where the deception lies. So, if silence can repair the brain, even restoring regions damaged by age, it stands to reason that silence is a much better option than “noise”.

I mean, take meditation, for instance, it has the ability to almost supernaturally change the structures of the brain. There are similar results from quiet moments. Silence, around 2 hours daily, can reverse aging and promote healthy new brain cell growth. Remarkable!

Silence and the Senses

It’s almost impossible to properly utilize the five senses when surrounded by noise. In the absence of most self-induced sound, the senses are able to absorb natural sounds, maybe things never noticed before. If you are one of those lucky people who’ve experienced trees creaking in the wind, then you’ve utilized silence in an effective manner.

You can also see things in detail and feel sensations due to the absence of sound distractions. It’s an absolute treat to experience the sense-enhancing qualities of silence. Over time, senses can also become enhanced!

Honest silence

During silent times, you can touch base with your honesty, your true self. This simply means that clear thought, deep thought, and introspection will put you face to face with who drives you.  There will be no more masks and no more dishonest productions for society. You cannot lie to yourself and when you are silent and alone; decisions will become obvious, thus easier to implement.

A quiet pace

Not only does silence bring out honesty and repair the brain, but it also causes the human body to slow down. I don’t mean slow down in a negative or unproductive way, mind you. What I’m trying to say is, practicing solitude regulates the systems and causes us to take a longer look at our surroundings.

Suddenly, we forget about the hustle and bustle of the stressful human life and focus on existence in its entirety. It’s another path to enlightenment which involves operating in a lower gear and painting life in more detail. First, we must enjoy the silence.

Silence against Insomnia

The noise of everything, it keeps us moving at a fast pace and striving to compete with any and everything. This affects circadian rhythms. By the time you need to sleep, your body is still running a the same pace as before, blood pumping fast and breathing elevated.

As if silence wasn’t already phenomenal, it now has the ability to induce sleep. For insomniacs, finding a friend with solitude leads to restful sleep and calm nerves. Those special two hours of silence, as I’ve mentioned earlier, will help you get to sleep and put systems back in order. Now, that’s relaxing.

Focus on Solitude

And finally, silence builds focus. It’s difficult, to say the least, to devote your mind to your work when the room is filled with loud talking, ear-blasting music and any other sound that might drift in from outside. Most times, the work will not get done and your head will be hurting. Not to mention, the inability to go to sleep will loom over your for half the night.

Enjoy the silence, and this will enable you to place attention on one thing at a time and complete that specific project. Unlike the noise, silence is about you and not them, leaving you alone with yourself until you’ve made each step and decision toward your works finality.

It is the sound…

It is the face, the soul, and heart of solitude. Oh, quiet friend, I need you, I crave you and without you, my life would be in shambles. I promote you, oh solitude and I put you on the pedestal, toppling all forms of noise making devices. For if I don’t do this, the world and its people will forget the real reason why we’re here.

To survive, to endure and to leave a better place for those who come after us. Think about it.

….don’t be distracted by the deception, enjoy the silence.

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  1. Thea Dunlap

    I like my quiet time. No noise, music just pure silence. It’s good to know about these stuff and I take for granted m

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