Are you frustrated because you find it hard to relate to others? Understanding the Enneagram types will help you greatly.

You will gain an understanding of others around you and your nature as well.

But what is this mind-blowing tool and how does it work? What is its explanation of personalities and relationships? Most importantly, how can you use it to help you in the business, relationship, and career arenas?

What is an Enneagram?

The Enneagram is an explanation of human personalities. Psychologists describe it as a model of nine interconnected personality types. It comes from the teachings of Oscar Ichazo and Claudio Naranjo.

The Enneagram comprises three parts. They include a circle, an inner triangle, and a hexagon. The circle represents the unity of personalities, while the triangle symbolizes how they connect in groups of three. The hexagon signifies the Law of Seven, or how the characters relate along seven lines.

Experts explain that the types adjacent to a character may alter it. They term these modifying characters ‘wings.’ If you are a Reformer, two personalities near you may influence you. Therefore, you have a dominant personality, with the minor traits of two others.

While the ‘wings’ contribute to a character, the connecting lines remain controversial. Some Enneagram theorists suggest that they are ‘stress’ points that add to a person’s character, while others refute the suggestion.

How Understanding the Enneagram Types Will Help You

You may wonder why you should try to make sense of the Enneagram of Personality. Experts have raised awareness of it through books and seminars. They promote it as a self-development method.

Of course, it will benefit your personal relationships. Understanding your friend’s characters will help you decide what topics to discuss with them.

While it seems like an overwhelming concept, it has made waves in business and spiritual arenas.

The Enneagram is a well-received spiritual tool because it promotes the understanding of the self. Hence, it lifts you to a higher state of being.

It is also a favorite tool for organizations because it encourages healthy workplace relationships. It will certainly help you at your place of work. Understanding your colleagues’ personalities will help you relate better to them.

The Nine Enneagram Types

What are the nine Enneagram types? Enneagram experts believe that each has one of these core personalities. Which one sounds like you?

1. Reformers

First of all, are the Reformers. These perfectionists tend to resentment and anger; they want to change everything that is wrong with the world. So saying, they have a strong inclination towards high moral values. They would have a strong sense of purpose. If you have friends who tend to criticize, they are probably reformers.

2. Helper

Next on the lists are the Helpers. These individuals seek the love of everyone around them, so they often flatter. One of their greatest virtues is self-sacrifice. Helpers tend to forgo their needs for the sake of others. It is a virtue they take pride in, and that ego sometimes stands in the way of their relationships.

3. Achiever

The third Enneagram type is the Achiever. Achievers, as their name suggests, are success-oriented. They tend to fuss over how they present themselves to others because they want to strike the best impression possible. They are pragmatic, so they wish to look good to get ahead. Their weakness is having limiting beliefs and low self-esteem.

4. Individualist

Then, there is the individualist. Individualists question their identity. They are given to bouts of depression because they feel that there is no platform to air their views. So saying, they have a tendency for being temperamental and dramatic.

5. Investigator

Investigators are intense and lean toward moments of quietness. That does not mean that they are reserved; rather, they use these times to reflect. These intellectuals may sometimes get carried away with their isolation and keep to themselves. They are also a little stingy with their gifts.

6. Loyalist

Also on the list are loyalists. The hallmark of this Enneagram type is having a need for support. They need guidance, so they need advice regarding their decisions. These individuals have strong fears and doubt themselves.

7. Enthusiast

Everyone likes the Enthusiast, the next Enneagram type. These people are fun, loving, and spontaneous. They have many talents and a gift for motivating others. These individuals have many interests, so they face many distractions.

8. Challenger

Welcome the Challenger, a domineering soul. Challengers are self-confident and make decisions quickly. Their weakness is believing in themselves too much, so they tend to confront others who question them. They can become vindictive when provoked.

9. Peacemaker

Finally, say hello to Peacemakers. As you can tell, these individuals do not like conflict, so they tend towards submission. Their greatest wish is peace of mind.

Connecting with the Nine Enneagram Types

Knowing how Enneagram types tick is an advantage because you will know how to connect with them. Understanding the Enneagram makes planning activities and discussion easier.

To connect with Reformers, help them to set goals. They will work with you if they know what your end is. These characters are hypercritical, so ensure that you prepare every discussion you have with them.

Caregivers love bonding with others. Let them organize the office or family events. Their touch would make them a hit.

Then, there are the Achievers. These individuals love activities that will help them in their careers. Organize talks or events that will help them learn and grow.

Individualists need to come out of their shell, so draw them out by chatting with them about life. That will provide a platform for them to air their views. You can gain from their perspectives.

Investigators are cerebral, so talk to them about intellectual topics or politics. That said, take care not to let any discussion with them become too intense.

Loyalists seek assurance, so put them in situations when they would have to make decisions on their own. You will find that they will see them through responsibly.

Enthusiasts are fun-loving, so let them organize the next party. Give them focused tasks because they are a little scatter-brained.

Whenever you have shared discussions with a Challenger, make sure that everyone has a turn to air their views. Tactfully remind him or her not to dominate conversations, and give others a turn to speak.

Finally, the Peacemakers are agreeable, so getting them on board any discussion is a breeze. Remember that they are complacent and not adaptable to change, so encourage their progress. Lead them to try new activities.

Career Choices for the Enneagram Types

Knowing what Enneagram type you are will put you on the right career path. Here is some advice on the jobs that are best for each Enneagram type.

1. Jobs for Reformers

Reformers do best in stable, consistent environments. They flourish when they know what their goals are, and seldom make mistakes with details. These individuals make great secretaries, managers, and financial planners.

2. Careers for Helpers

Helpers, contrary to what you may believe, may not do well in a helping environment because it will push them over the top. That said, they do need opportunities to show kindness to others. They do well as paramedics, nurses, doctors, preschool teachers, bartenders, or baristas because these professions allow them to interact with people.

3. Jobs for Achievers

Much as they excel in corporate environments, achievers need platforms for feeling respected and admired. They make good entertainers, attorneys, writers, and life coaches.

4. Careers for Individualists

These people need platforms for expressing themselves, so they make excellent writers, actors, and counselors. Such professions give them a marked degree of creativity.

5. Careers for Investigators

The Investigators love opportunities to probe. They will excel in jobs that will give them opportunities to explore and discover new things. They make great engineers and scientists.

6. Careers for Loyalists

Loyalists do best in stable, low-risk environments, so they do not make good police officers. They will, however, excel as teachers, underwriters, or administrative assistants.

7. Careers for Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts, of course, do best in a job that allows them to have some fun. They succeed at self-employment and activities like blogging, entertaining, or running nightclubs.

8. Careers for Challengers

Challengers will not do well in subordinate positions, so they will have to work hard to prove themselves from the start. They make great managers, politicians, and thought leaders.

9. Careers for Peacemakers

Peacemakers are not often career-oriented, so they do well in stress-free professions. They will succeed in running home-based businesses. These individuals also make great artists.

In conclusion, knowing your Enneagram type not only allows you to interact well with others but succeed in life.

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