Connecting with the Nine Enneagram Types

Knowing how Enneagram types tick is an advantage because you will know how to connect with them. Understanding the Enneagram makes planning activities and discussion easier.

To connect with Reformers, help them to set goals. They will work with you if they know what your end is. These characters are hypercritical, so ensure that you prepare every discussion you have with them.

Caregivers love bonding with others. Let them organize the office or family events. Their touch would make them a hit.

Then, there are the Achievers. These individuals love activities that will help them in their careers. Organize talks or events that will help them learn and grow.

Individualists need to come out of their shell, so draw them out by chatting with them about life. That will provide a platform for them to air their views. You can gain from their perspectives.

Investigators are cerebral, so talk to them about intellectual topics or politics. That said, take care not to let any discussion with them become too intense.

Loyalists seek assurance, so put them in situations when they would have to make decisions on their own. You will find that they will see them through responsibly.

Enthusiasts are fun-loving, so let them organize the next party. Give them focused tasks because they are a little scatter-brained.

Whenever you have shared discussions with a Challenger, make sure that everyone has a turn to air their views. Tactfully remind him or her not to dominate conversations, and give others a turn to speak.

Finally, the Peacemakers are agreeable, so getting them on board any discussion is a breeze. Remember that they are complacent and not adaptable to change, so encourage their progress. Lead them to try new activities.

Career Choices for the Enneagram Types

Knowing what Enneagram type you are will put you on the right career path. Here is some advice on the jobs that are best for each Enneagram type.

1. Jobs for Reformers

Reformers do best in stable, consistent environments. They flourish when they know what their goals are, and seldom make mistakes with details. These individuals make great secretaries, managers, and financial planners.

2. Careers for Helpers

Helpers, contrary to what you may believe, may not do well in a helping environment because it will push them over the top. That said, they do need opportunities to show kindness to others. They do well as paramedics, nurses, doctors, preschool teachers, bartenders or baristas because these professions allow them to interact with people.

3. Jobs for Achievers

Much as they excel in corporate environments, achievers need platforms for feeling respected and admired. They make good entertainers, attorneys, writers and life coaches.

4. Careers for Individualists

These people need platforms for expressing themselves, so they make excellent writers, actors, and counselors. Such professions give them a marked degree of creativity.

5. Careers for Investigators

The Investigators love opportunities to probe. They will excel in jobs that will give them opportunities to explore and discover new things. They make great engineers and scientists.

6. Careers for Loyalists

Loyalists do best in stable, low-risk environments, so they do not make good police officers. They will, however, excel as teachers, underwriters or administrative assistants.

7. Careers for Enthusiasts

Enthusiasts, of course, do best in a job that allows them to have some fun. They succeed at self-employment and activities like blogging, entertaining, or running nightclubs.

8. Careers for Challengers

Challengers will not do well in subordinate positions, so they will have to work hard to prove themselves from the start. They make great managers, politicians, and thought leaders.

9. Careers for Peacemakers

Peacemakers are not often career-oriented, so they do well in stress-free professions. They will succeed in running home-based businesses. These individuals also make great artists.

In conclusion, knowing your Enneagram type not only allows you to interact well with others but succeed in life.

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