Having an ENTP personality type often means that you are easily able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

What’s more, with analysis skills off the charts, you can find the problem of pretty much anything and are also further confident and prepared that you can take on the world. However, the debtor also has a lot of daily life struggles.

One of the biggest issues an ENTP personality type has to deal with in their daily life is productivity. Constantly searching for the next challenge and mentally debating and analysing the world around them, ENTPs often tend to act on their own terms.

Being an ENTP means that you will rarely be able to work on a given schedule.

In fact, anything from the building of new habits to completing a task might be a huge issue for someone who is an ENTP. This is often the case, because of the tendency of the personality type to explore their passion for challenge, neglecting anything that is easy to do.

Even though this might sound confusing to other Myers-Briggs personality types, ENTPs often understand the deeply rooted problems of productivity and procrastination far better than anyone else. While most of our society is built around schedules that tend to put boundaries of our creativity, something ENTPs hate, an ENTP might still be successful in their time management and productivity skills.

To be productive, in both personal and professional sense, an ENTP must tackle the issue of their time management with creativity on a personal level.

Most time management books won’t help an ENTP, simply because getting up to do something is one of the most difficult tasks for the personality type, unless they are passionate. In fact, passion, curiosity and creativity are three of the main driving factors for the ENTP personality type.

Despite being excellent at planning, ENTPs are not good at following their plans.

Often, when scheduling a plan, ENTPs overestimate their practical skills, due to their potential. This is as true for their professional lives, as it is for their personal endeavours. Instead of planning a day that would only be possible, if you give your best, start small and build up from there.

The demotivation resulting from not completing a planned task might result in problems with completing the task at a later time. This is also the down spiral for most ENTPs. Let’s say you want to quit smoking. After planning out and trying each and every way of quitting, you’ll finally give up the moment you light up a cigarette.

To avoid that, make sure that you are positive and supportive of yourself. Be happy for each and every single step you’ve taken towards the completion of your progress. And make sure to always concentrate not on the task as a challenge, but the start of the task itself.

One of the best ways we ENTPs operate is via positive reinforcement. While this often comes from others, it can also come from ourselves.

Dealing with other people

However, the issues of the ENTP personality type don’t stop with procrastination and productivity. Being able to understand a problem both emotionally and mentally often results in the ability to quickly consider an issue solved. What’s more, ENTPs don’t consider anything to be taboo and while they do understand the emotions of others, they are often inconsiderate when sharing their personal views.

This often leads to frustration when dealing with other personality types, as ENTPs end up forcing their personal views on those surrounding them.

The only way for an ENTP to consider that they are wrong is for someone to debate them on an issue and present their case in a fact based and logical manner. Nevertheless, as there are matters in which facts can’t present a decent case or further philosophical topics that depend on a personal view, at times, ENTPs can’t reach an agreement.

What’s more, due to their ability to play around with words, ENTPs rarely consider the impact words may have on the people around them. It’s not uncommon for an ENTP to shout in anger, after which, apologizing and believing that the issue has been resolved.

Nevertheless, most other types do keep emotional baggage and can’t as easily move on, resulting in further issues in the personal relationships of the ENTP personality type.

ENTPs are much like shapeshifters. They can be, do or say anything.

However, this often results in them not having a perfect state or position on many topics. Being able to defend and understand each side of a given controversial topic is an amazing skill to have.

Nevertheless, not being able to choose a side is far from a superpower. Indecisiveness is another daily struggle of an ENTP that often holds people with this personality type back from succeeding in many areas.

Nevertheless, the life on an ENTP is much like a journey. You start off, exploring each and every part of the world, because of curiosity. You try each and every new thing and fall in love multiple times. You lose yourself and often fall into depressive states, not knowing who you are or thinking that others around you can’t understand you. You struggle professionally, because of procrastination.

However, you come back up. You realize that others understand you better than you can imagine and it’s only you that didn’t want to be understood. You heal yourself from the depression and find love for life itself. You fiercely succeed and move forward with your career, as you’ve started pursuing your passion.

It’s much like the hero’s journey. The life of an ENTP is a book, which you write yourself. You feel and perceive each and every little thing at its fullest. And that’s what makes the ENTP personality type unique.

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