Many of those who practice astral travel have a common problem: they fall asleep while doing that. This shows that there isn’t a good control of the energies of the subtle body. However, you can learn to control your astral body with certain exercises and techniques.

To succeed in maintaining consciousness without falling asleep, you need to exercise for a period of 1-2 months over increasing the control of your subtle energies. These exercises are not mandatory, but their role is obvious to those who have practiced them.

What will you need to activate your astral body?

Optimal environment

To successfully practice these exercises, you need a ventilated room. You should also make sure that there are no sources of noise. At the same time, it is important that the brightness is medium. Sunlight should not fall directly on your face and its intensity should not bother you.

You can use a blanket laying on the floor, a bed or a chair (armchair). If the bed makes you feel sleepy, then you’d better use a chair, at least in the early stages.

Right moment

The best time to practice astral travel is early in the morning. As for most of us, it is difficult to use this moment, you can carry out the exercises at any time of the day. It is useful to keep practice at the same hour every day as the body gets used to a certain biorhythm and the effect will be greatly amplified after a long period of practice.

However, the most important thing is to choose the time when no one will disturb you. The daily time for practice (it would be perfect if you could do it daily) can vary between 30 minutes to an hour.

Exercise to Activate and Control Your Astral Body


Sit on the blanket (bed/chair/armchair), with your face up and legs straight and slightly apart (about 15-20 cm). Keep your hands at your sides with your palms facing up. Keep your eyes closed throughout the exercise.

It is also important to maintain a state of complete immobility. If the temperature in the room is too low, cover yourself with a blanket before starting.


Focus your attention on your legs and visualize the yellow shining light, just like the sunlight, passing through your feet and going up. For 2-4 minutes, just visualize the light surrounding the aura around your legs.

After that, focus on your hands for 2-4 minutes and visualize the sunlight around your hands and arms. After that, try to focus on an image of both hands and legs surrounded by the intensely bright yellow light.

Then focus on your neck, shoulders and back to visualize how the light flows into your body. Then keep the image of how the energy is flowing around your body for another 2-4 minutes.

After that, focus on your head and visualize how the energy fills every neuron of your brain with bright sunlight. Keep this image in your mind for 2-4 minutes.

astral body energy

Eventually, visualize the whole body wrapped in bright yellow light. Visualize how the shining is growing around you until it reaches the walls of the room. As it grows, feel your body losing its solid shape and becoming a huge sphere of light and energy. Repeat this feeling of intense energy around your body at least 5-6 times.

Focus on the sensations you would have when you feel the wall through that body of light. Imagine reaching and touching the walls and furniture. Keep this stage as long as you can until you manage to have the feeling of contact with those objects.


Focus your attention on your physical body, start moving your fingers and toes. Open your eyes and get up slowly. It is recommended not to turn on the TV or radio straight away. This exercise amplifies any perceptions and it is possible that an image or a disharmonic song has negative effects on your subconscious.

The Effects on Your Astral Body

As mentioned before, this exercise is designed to enhance the perception of your astral body. This is the first step towards a conscious astral projection. Except this, it also has positive effects on your mental health and helps in enhancing your subconscious mind.



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