Do you want to exit the matrix and don’t know how? This article will give you some significant guidelines.

The eyes are not the windows to the soul. They are simply devices that pick up light waves and send them to your brain for decoding. The same with our sense of hearing, taste and touch. Our mind creates everything we see, hear and feel, but also every word we speak, every thought we have and emotion we experience. We are living inside the matrix of our own minds.

But how do we exit the matrix of our minds?

Here’re six ways you can move beyond your mind and experience something other than the everyday illusion of reality it has created.

1. Let go of the illusion that the material world means something

We came into this physical form at birth with nothing and we will leave with nothing. To exit the matrix of our minds, we must understand that there is no point in striving for and getting stressed about physical things.

Life is not a broken clock that needs to be fixed. Life is an experience. There is little point in dwelling on the past with regret or nostalgia for things lost. Change is part of the experience. There is even less point in worrying about things that have not even happened.

It is better, perhaps to focus on this one moment, which is all we can change, otherwise, we risk wasting our lives living in the past or the future and missing the great adventure that only ever happens in the Now.

2. Let go of the idea that you are you

We have been here since the beginning, as stardust, and we will take many forms. Einstein explained that energy never dies, it simply changes form, and we are energy. When we die, we simply change form. Everything is made of waves of energy and we are just a pattern among the waves.

So to exit the matrix of our perception, we must let go of the idea that we are separate from everything else. Like a wave is not separate from the ocean, we are not separate from the whole of creation. We are like a mountaintop, which appears detached from the next mountaintop, but in reality, it is all part of the same earth.

3. Let go of the idea that you can exit the matrix through the mind

We think that if we gather enough information, we can escape the matrix, but we never do. So, we move on to the next book, lecture or teacher always thinking that escape is outside in the world instead of inside where it already exists and always has.

People have tried to find enlightenment by following religious rules or emulating gurus. But the escape from the matrix involves accessing information directly, not through the experiences of others. Only you know how you must exit your mental matrix and it won’t be by thinking about it.

Over eons, man has tried to escape the matrix by processes such as prayer, meditation, or even taking hallucinogenic drugs. We have tried to experience a direct understanding of how the world is. This understanding comes without words and without mind. It involves letting go of all that the mind thinks it knows and expanding to allow other forms of knowing.

So let go of spiritual seeking. Let go of the ideas that anyone knows any more than you. How can they? They are not separate from you. The understanding is within you, it always has been, but you have to stop listening to the mind in order to find it.

4. Understand that only by journeying inward will you escape the matrix

You are the watcher, the observer. You watch a bird alight on a tree; you touch the tree and feel the roughness of the bark. These things happen outside of you, they are not you. But actually, your thoughts and feelings are also objects of consciousness, so they are not you either.

Try this exercise. Close your eyes and say to yourself: “I wonder what my next thought will be?”

Did you notice a space between the thoughts? This stillness is existence beyond the egoic mind. You can’t get there by thinking, but only by going beyond the thinking mind. This is why meditation helps. It teaches you to place less importance on what the mind says. Only in that space of silence can we experience consciousness without form.

5. Freedom from the matrix

Finally, by understanding that we are greater than our thoughts and greater than our human form, we realize that the ego we have always identified does not really exist.

In the spaciousness of existence without the chatter of the ego, we find inner peace and tranquility. We can let go of all concepts of good and bad and all judgments. We begin to understand that we are everything and everything is us.

6. Returning to the world changed by the journey

After awakening from the matrix, we must continue to live in the same world we always did. The world is the same as when we left, only we are different.

Because we have changed, the world has changed for us. We can now release our desire for grasping and wanting things. We can let go of everything that no longer serves us.

We do not suffer because we understand the fleeting nature of this adventure we call life. We do not need to go away and live the life of a hermit, we can be fully involved in the world while understanding that stress, striving and clinging are pointless and that actually this life is an experience we are blessed to have.


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  1. Kristin

    I agree with most but in order to exit the matrix you must go within. And that involves meditation or for others prayer. Typically people who use the term exit the matrix are spiritual in nature. They are either naturally spiritual or they’ve experienced an awakening. In order to exit the matrix you must fall back in love with yourself releasing ego and illusion that’s created by external conditionings. The end result should be unconstitutional love for yourself and others. My 2c. 🙂

  2. RandomSorcerer

    You were clearly inspired by Don Juan and the Toltec traditions of the shamans of ancient Mexico. Nice article.

    1. jose angel hermosillo

      im out yall are next!

  3. Conrado Salas Cano

    Kirstie Pursey:
    I appreciate your effort, but the point that we were here before as “stardust” is Carl Sagan and reductionist scientistic materialism at its worst. One thing is the evolution of our consciousness, and another thing is the provenance and evolution of the matter to which our consciousness-soul gets coupled only for a lifetime (this lifetime can be very long if there is Ascension).

  4. ali twaij

    Not very convincing, sorry. And I would say the mind is important and needed to travel within ourselves.

  5. Mikey Mitchell

    Cigareets and whiskey and wild wild women,
    They’ll drive you crazy they’ll drive you insane

  6. Comrade

    Keep tryin’

  7. Anoki P. Sultan

    The superstitions started around my younger stages in Underworlds life. I did not now what I way; and I became a wonder, looking for realities in this modern worlds. I thought I could kind them in the planetary planet, earth, the Underworlds, and I did not find
    them. I looked in the heavens, and notice, and seen the great blanket from first, second, and third where the giant planetary planets; and the are the jack of all trades, and masters of none. I want to get out of the matrix. The matrix, is the realities of historys of forgery documents, of the realities of medical historys, primative history? There are so many thing, in the Underworlds, affect everybody living off the matrix?

  8. Kyle

    I know someone who actually believes in this stuff. But this is pure manipulation. You should also learn about what an ideology is, and then let go of the idea of exiting the matrix. All i see here is toxic perfectionism.

  9. Gabriel

    Learned so much

  10. Don

    I’m beginning to believe in a conscious universe. Kind of like panpsychism or cosmopsychism. It’s a fairly easy jump after reading about quantum metaphysics, which almost anyone can do if they are serious, and form concepts in that direction. It also seems to fit into what you wrote about.

  11. Hana

    Kirstie, have you exited the matrix? For me, they are small moments. I still find it difficult to lean in to what may be on the other side…I supposed I’m scared, to be open and honest…how do I show up empowered without an ego?

  12. chris

    Hi, your missunderstanding. The matrix is a symbol for our ego dominated existance. With ego I’m talking about the self as the illusion. From the time we are born, we are told how we are, who we are and we should be. This is the ego. It is an illusion build for us by our parents ana all people around us but it is not us, it is not what was there before we were socialized. This ego is like a tight fitting pair of shoes, it hurts to walk in. So you need to take those shoes off to walk freely. And those techniques described help you take the shoes off to walk free ad painless on your own path, whats so bad about that? If we all lived like that would our world not be happier? If you could stopp all that bullsh*t in your mind would this world not be more at peace? Why do we fight, strive and suffer? Because at some point some stupid braindead schmuck told us that we had to, had to suffer the same way he/she did because they were too stupid to see its all illusion! We only have one life, we only have chance and one planet and what are we doing? F*cking up big time because we were told for generations that this is the only way to do it!!!! Love and peace to all Chris



  14. TheRealYiDa

    There may be possible exits using the real backrooms creepypasta as in going into the backrooms but rather than escaping back to the start of this reality find the exit out of the Matrix entirely.

  15. David Rodriguez

    I believe the Story line of the first movie of the matrix explains that society is brought into the world by a system of control a mind controlled prison for your mind basically meaning the currupted satanists involved in our Government is using gmos in the food supply and other experimental experiments at birth with out our knowledge using the pharmaceutical company to poison the populations mind with witch craft for total mind control this meaning control of hormones temptation stress anxiety anger as they invade the populations privacy knowing what every single citizen is doing at all times through computers and cellphones they use electro signals to effect the neurons in our minds as add on to form this mind control they have witchcraft from sublimal programming form the advertisements on television from mcdonalds starbucks espn the illuminatti in full control my advice to escape the matrix listen to good music dont do drugs worship the good God of Heaven of the Sun have control in your mind listen to affirmations to get what you want

  16. b

    The mind is not a useless instrument. I don’t believe what you are stating. Everything has purpose and to achieve anything we need our minds.

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