The human body and the human mind are without a doubt well connected. They are tethered together most meticulously and both affect each other tremendously.

Humans can be considered as beings that store energy. It is this concept that is widely used in developing Chinese health treatments. It can be safely assumed in most cases that in the event that a body is hurt physically it is best to analyze if the energy that generally flows around the body is actually blocked.

This is no way means that every ailment that we suffer from is a result of our body’s energy being blocked but it is a significant cause that just cannot be ignored.

Pain in the throat can be caused by the inability to trust oneself or another person.

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Chest pain can be contributed by a number of factors; such as embarrassment, loneliness, feeling ashamed, feeling alone, feeling disappointed or being the victim of someone’s cruelty. The upper abdomen discomfort can be due to a huge number of reasons like feeling of impending loss of control or giving up power to someone else.

Pain in the hip region is caused by energy build up due to lack of financial or moral support. Pent up energy on the sides of the human body can be a result of either emotions triggered by anger or rage, or emotions associated with guilt and shame.

It is essential to the human well being that whenever a person feels some form of discomfort in their body they should take a few minutes to analyse if any of their emotions might be causing these sudden outbursts of discomforts.

People nowadays rush too soon to doctors for a cure rather than indulging in understanding the happenings in their spiritual being. Our spiritual side is something that we generally do not pay much attention to.

To understand if emotions are the actual cause, you need to reflect upon your conditions with just simple questions.

To do this you at first need to rid your mind of any doubt regarding this form of treatment, once you do that you then need to be open and quite honest with yourself about how you feel and what is it that you are feeling.

Ask yourself why you are feeling such emotions, what or who could have caused them. Once you figure all of that out the next step is to make yourself understand and see that these emotions are just an experience and you need to move on from them.

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  1. Jules Youngberg

    The mind and body seem to be connected at a profoundly deep level. It is almost mind boggling that western society has overlooked this up until now. It seems only know are we starting to realize how much control we really have on both our minds and bodies. By taking care of our bodies, we take care of our minds, and vice versa. Perhaps we will evolve to a state where doctors are hardly ever needed because we know exactly how to keep ourselves healthy. The mind body connection is definitely under rated.
    Great post!



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