Except for the five human senses we are all aware of, there are many others you probably don’t know even exist. And no, there is nothing supernatural about it.

But how would you know that you have more human senses than most? In reality, most of us have more than the known five senses without even realizing it, but you could, in fact, be particularly sensitive to certain things. Some knowledge of the types of sensory awareness you may have may help you find out if it’s the case.

There are more senses than you think

Sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste are the five human senses you already know. And then, there are the ones you use but seldom consider.

There’s Proprioception, which allows you to tell where your body parts are relative to others. Police use this to decide if someone was drink-driving. A motorist who’s not drunk can use their fingers to touch their nose.

Then, there are tension sensors. They allow you to detect numbness or tightness in your muscles. There’s also Nociception or pain. Of course, you need Equilibrioception, which allows you to walk on a tightrope. It refers to your sense of balance. And have you thought about Magnetoception? It allows you to detect magnetic fields.

Indeed, there are many forms of perception. Some people can process information through the mind instead of the five senses that you know.

Characters like the Xmen are not as farfetched as you believe. There are people with extra human senses, and they might include you.

Extra Human Senses That You Never Knew You Had

So what are the extra human senses you may have, without even realizing? A word of warning that some of them are rather creepy.

1. Seeing your hand in the dark

First of all, you may perceive the outline of your hand in the dark. According to the University of Rochester, about half of people can see vivid images when blindfolded.

Researchers say that parts of your body other than your eyes are causing you to perceive things, so they may pick up other objects. You may use your nose to navigate a dark room, which helps you know where things are.

2. Hearing the difference between hot and cold water

Can you tell if running water is hot or cold just by hearing it? According to British Branding Company Condiment Junkie, it’s possible. You can listen to the difference because there are more molecules in cold water.

Cold water is more viscous than hot water, which explains why you won’t hear it so clearly. Furthermore, hot water tends to bubble more than cold water and creates more noise.

3. Having sweat that makes others happy

When you think of sweat, you think of armpits. Perhaps you should think of a smiling face instead. According to Utrecht University, you become happy when you smell a happy person’s sweat.

Their researchers took 12 sweat samples from 12 healthy young men. They asked women to smell the sweat after watching videos that would provoke emotional reactions. Apparently, the sweat of the happy gentlemen made them equally joyful.

4. Smelling immune systems

You may also know how healthy a person is by smelling him or her. You can tell how old a person is by his or her smell. Those who are elderly have a distinctive odor. Furthermore, you can tell how well he or she is.

The well-known sweaty T-shirt study, which involved women smelling men’s clothes, women drew to men whose immune system genes were different from theirs.

5. Having Superhuman Hearing while Underwater

Human beings aren’t exactly great listeners. We hear up to 20000 Hertz while our canine friends hear up to 45000 Hertz.

Strangely enough, your hearing may improve when you’re underwater. Sound information channels straight to you Mastoid, or bone behind your ear when you swim. It may explain why you can hear well then.

6. Having Skin That Smells And Heals

Another exciting discovery German researchers made was that the cells that allowed the nose to detect odors enabled the nose to do the same. They also found that it caused cells to divide, a necessary process for healing.

7. Having A Nose That Smells Death

Also, your nose may warn you that death is imminent. Researchers exposed people to Putrescine, a smelly chemical produced by decaying bodies. It was found that the smell triggered the fight or flight response that occurs in animals. So smelling death warns you of danger.

8. Life-saving abilities

Other research reveals that anxious people have the skill to save lives. It states that worried people use different parts of the brain from relaxed ones to detect a threat.

While the laid back person recognizes danger from a person’s body language, anxious people process threats in the parts of the brain that prompt action. In short, they grasp the need to escape immediately, unlike more relaxed individuals who take some time to process information.

9. Sensing magnetic fields

The University of Massachusetts School of Communications has confirmed that a protein in the retina of the eye can detect magnetic fields. The Flavoprotein, which allows people to understand the Earth’s magnetic field, enables them to see it in the light. Furthermore, protein hCRV2h may let them do the same.

10. Smelling personality

Finally, you can probably judge a person’s character from a photograph or a video. However, the way something smells may allow you to do the same. A study showed that people could tell an extroverted, dominant, or neurotic person from the way they smell.

In all, you may have extra human senses without realizing it. If you’ve had the experiences outlined above, ESP may lie within you.

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