Eye Movement Can Reveal Much about Your Personality and Behavior

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eyes behavior personalityEveryone knows the saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Now it seems that their relationship with the brain function is proved. The slightest eye movement can reveal information about the personality and behavior of a person, claims a new study.

Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University found that rapid eye movements show impatience and inability of self-restraint.

Understanding how the brain perceives the time can explain why the decision-making process is more difficult for people with neurological disorders such as schizophrenia or for people who have suffered a head injury.

When I go to a pharmacy and see a huge queue, how do I decide if I will have to wait too long?” was one of the questions asked by the researchers at the press conference. “Those who decide not to wait and leave are people who walk and talk quickly? Do they perceive the relationship of the time with subsequent rewards in a different way?”

Based on these questions, the research team analyzed the possible reasons for the impatient behavior. They hypothesized that patience can be linked to individual perception of time and therefore affects every movement and behavior.

The researchers studied the eye movement of the participants as a representative sample for every bodily function and combined the results of visual tests with spontaneity and decision making rates.

The results showed an obvious correlation between the speed of eye movement and the characteristic of patience. In other words, the participants who turned their look at the fastest rate were the most impatient.

The study, which was published in The Journal of Neuroscience, indicates that the subjective perception of the importance of time can affect the speed of movement and decision-making.

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Eye Movement Can Reveal Much about Your Personality and Behavior