Failure in life is a necessary stepping stone to success. Here is why those who face failures shine the brightest.

A wise man once said, “What is success, but a series of failures!” There is so much truth to this statement.

Success is what we strive for all the time. Yet ironically, what truly makes our character are our failures. The greatest stories are not of those who won, conquered, triumphed, but of those who fell to rise, those who stumbled but remained unshaken, and those who failed only to stand up and succeed thereafter.

These are the heroes and the sources of inspiration, and it is their failures that make them the strongest. Here is a look at why failure is important in our lives, and why those who face failures shine the brightest.

1. Failure Instills New Courage

When do we stop dreaming? When do we stop taking risks? Why do we settle for the ordinary rather than the best? The answer lies in complacency and fear. The fear of losing face, facing social mockery, and most importantly, the fear of a failure in life keeps us from achieving and aspiring for all that we desire and deserve.

At the same time, failure is what instills new courage in you. You have already fallen and faced everything that you were scared of. Consequently, you become bolder, more ready to take risks and try despite the odds. You find that your confidence has been renewed, and that’s what makes you stand out in a crowd and inch closer to success.

2. Those Who Fail Understand How Important It Is to Keep Moving

Failure in life does not just make you more courageous, it also makes you wiser. The greatest wisdom lies in knowing that you should keep moving. Life is lived only when we are moving ahead. Failure makes us realize this truth better than anything else. You realize that dwelling on the past will not get you anywhere.

To make sure you are reaching closer to your life purpose, you need to keep walking even if the road is tough and your feet hurt. Motivate yourself to keep moving. Talk to people who bring positivity and encouragement in your life.

Stock up on self-improvement books. Read and reread them when you face a setback or failure. Know that the only way to overcome the hurdle and rise above the failure is to keep working and moving ahead tirelessly. Be determined and persistent, take baby steps until success comes to you because moving ahead is the only way it will.

3. Failure Makes You Empathize

Humility and humanity are important elements of our being that make us feel complete and fulfilled. But in this mad race of reaching the pinnacle before anyone else does, we forget how to be compassionate towards ourselves and all those around us, especially those who are not as fortunate as us.

Failure in life makes us stop in our tracks momentarily and look at everything around us – the good, the bad and the ugly. It humanizes us and makes us empathize with others and their circumstances.

When you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes and see why the person did what they did or are doing, you understand life better. You forgive more easily.

Failure allows you to get an insight not just into yourself but also into others. This imparts you with a higher emotional quotient, which helps you deal with individuals and situations in a mature manner.

Failure humbles you. You deal with people with empathy and respect. And, the fact is that kind people are the best people. They’re also the ones who shine the most and remain unbeaten.

4. Failure Is the Greatest Teacher

The first-hand failure teaches you more than any class ever can. It teaches you the most important lesson in life: the real and only failure is when you give up and stop pursuing your dreams.

When you are trying, failing, experimenting, innovating, and rising, you are succeeding and learning something valuable every single time. Only experiencing failure in life can make you understand that disappointments are intimidating and yet, inevitable from time to time.

This knowledge equips you to concentrate and focus on long-term goals and development, which are the strongest pillars of success. Failure makes you stronger and wiser and urges you to persistently improve.

5. Failure Gives You the Strength to Start Again

Failure cannot make you weak or vulnerable if you don’t allow it to. On the contrary, it makes you stronger. There will be times when you may feel like you have lost everything and see no ray of light.

These are the times when you will find it tough to start over, get up, and believe that everything is going to be fine again. These are also the times when your past falls will anchor you.

Look back at the tremendous loss, tragedy, and failure you had experienced, and how you managed to come out of it. Your past failures are the scars that should remind you of your courage and determination.

These scars and experiences have enriched you, made you wiser, kinder, and stronger. These failures will give you the strength to pick up the pieces and start again when everything falls apart. They will be your companions, guides, teachers, and friends during the darkest of times.

6. Failure Gets You Closer to Success

Failure in life will push you to your boundaries and make you excel. Until you have failed at something, you are only too happy gloating and being comfortable in your cocooned shell of complacency and mediocrity.

Failure jolts you out of that comfort zone, tears the walls down, puts you in a do-or-die situation, and reveals to you your true potential and abilities.

Once you start overcoming failures, you begin welcoming challenges rather than fearing them. You lean closer and closer to becoming your best self. You strive to perform better each time so that the possibility and scope of failure are minimized.

As a result, failure in life drives and pushes you towards success.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you see people shining bright in a crowd, brimming with confidence, success, positivity and self-belief, you know their secret. They have faced failures and challenges in their lives and have overcome them.

They have internalized the truth that failure is the only indisputable stepping stone to success.

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