Have you noticed that some of the most intelligent and deep thinking individuals out there fail to be happy?

They may have a loving life partner, family, and be successful in their job; yet, there is something that occasionally makes them feel alone, sad, and discouraged. As Ernest Hemingway said, “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”

Here are six possible reasons why happiness in highly intelligent people is such a rare phenomenon:

1. Intelligent people overanalyze everything

Many people with a high IQ tend to be overthinkers who constantly analyze everything happening in their life and beyond. This can be draining at times, especially when your thinking processes take you to undesirable, frustrating conclusions.

Have you heard the saying, ‘Ignorance is bliss’? It surely is – the less you understand, the more carefree and, therefore, happy you are. Being able to read people’s true selves and hidden motives is enough to make you feel disappointed with the whole world sometimes. Not even mentioning the feelings that come along with the reflection on philosophical matters, global issues, and life’s timeless dilemmas that have no solutions.

2. Intelligent people have high standards

Smart people know what they want and don’t settle for less than that, no matter what area of life we are talking about. This means that it’s more difficult for them to be satisfied with their achievements, relationships, and literally everything that has a place in their life.

Moreover, many people with brilliant theoretical minds happen to have poor practical intelligence and somehow idealistic views of the world. So when their expectations face the raw reality of life and other people, it inevitably leads to disappointment.

3. Intelligent people are too hard on themselves

Another reason why smart people fail to be happy is that they tend to be too strict with themselves. And here, I’m not talking only about one’s achievements and failures. Intelligent, deep thinking individuals often analyze themselves and their own behavior in such a rigorous manner as if they are intentionally seeking out things to blame themselves for.

Sometimes, you just lie there in your bed trying to fall asleep and suddenly recall a situation (which probably happened years or, at least, months ago) when you didn’t act the way you should have. This is enough to mess with your sleep and spoil your mood.

Intelligent people often experience such kind of flashbacks into their past mistakes. All this cultivates guilt, discontent, and other negative emotions that can poison one’s happiness.

4. Reality is not enough

People with high IQs never cease to seek something bigger – a pattern, a meaning, a purpose. The deepest and the dreamiest of them don’t stop there – their restless mind and imagination don’t let them just relax and enjoy “the good things in life.” I guess the reality with its trivialities is just too boring for them. Such people crave for something fantastic, idealistic, eternal… and, of course, never find it in the real world.

Have you ever felt like you don’t belong here and should have lived in a different era or maybe on another planet? Deep thinking, highly intelligent people constantly feel this way. How can you be happy when you feel like a stranger to the world you live in?

5. Lack of deep communication and understanding

Being truly understood by someone is one of the greatest experiences a human being can have. How comforting it is to sit with a like-minded person somewhere quiet and have a meaningful conversation, realizing that this person understands your ideas and shares your views of the world…

Sadly, intelligent people rarely have this pleasure. Many of them feel alone and misunderstood, like if no one is able to see and appreciate the depth of their minds.

One study found that in order to be happy, individuals with high IQs need less socialization than those with average levels of intelligence. However, it doesn’t mean that smart people don’t crave human interaction and a good conversation. They simply prefer to talk about fascinating and meaningful things rather than discuss food, weather, and one’s plans for the weekend.

No need to say that nowadays, it’s particularly difficult to find a person to have a deep conversation with. Thank today’s consumerist and materialist society for that.

6. Many people with a high IQ suffer from psychological problems

There have been many studies that link psychiatric disorders, such as social anxiety and bipolar, with high IQs. Could it be that these conditions are a kind of a side effect of a creative genius and a brilliant mind? Who knows, science is yet to unravel the mysteries of the human mind.

At the same time, the intelligent people who don’t suffer from any mental disorders are still prone to so-called existential depression, which often is a result of excessive thinking.

If you are thinking all the time and analyze everything in depth, at some point, you start reflecting on life, death, and the meaning of existence. Sometimes, it’s enough to make you want to re-evaluate your own life and, as a result, get sad for no obvious reason.

Can you relate to the struggles described in this article? What other things, in your opinion, make intelligent people fail to be happy? Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Balaji

    I like this article, It is really true, i realized that the most of the things are happening in my life as mentioned in the article, i use to see in my day to day life that people are very happy working 5 days a week and enjoying the weekends and being happy always. But i am not like them i am always thing about the something like, why people are behaving like this, why things are happening like this, what is the root cause for this, always thing about something, etc., i don’t know to enjoy the life.

  2. Lois

    Without thinking, I see the problem, or inefficiency, and can quickly pinpoint the cause, and therefore, the fix. I also quickly see easy improvements to take something from OK to excellent. And not to be conceited, but I’m almost always right. In a situation when I then have the authority and resources to fix it, to make my little corner of the world a better place for others, I am at my best. People who know me only from such roles would ever guess that I’m ever anything but positive, energetic, encouraging, and motivating. I’m an engineer, but I’ve also delivered , leadership development courses for high level managers and executives and it was the best job for me and I never should have left it. Helping people be the leader they want to be was incredibly fulfilling. All that over analyzing energy was spent considering my trainees, especially the ones in a 5 week course, how to encourage them to leverage their strengths, how to gently nudge them to see where and why they are less effective, and see them grow.

    The frustration and discontent comes when we can see the problems, pinpoint the causes and the fixes so easily, or the easy improvements that would provide benefit, but we’re not in a position to fix it, no one else does anything about it, and things remain broken, and someone somewhere is carrying unnecessary burden. From global problems to our homeowners’ association, we analyze analyze analyze.

    On top of that, our desire to help make things better is often taken offensively–as criticism or condescension or arrogance. I, and I think most people like me, don’t really think that way. Looking at a situation, I can compartmentalize what has occurred to create what is the present state without trying to judge who did what, when, and why. Most of the time, the cause or inefficiency is a legacy institutionalized way of doing things that in the past was the right way, and frequently was a good fix to a problem that is no longer relevant. A changed environment isn’t a reason to criticize individuals. I always assume the best in people, that they want to do the right things, want to make the world a better place. I welcome challenges, rebuttals, different perspectives, facts I haven’t considered, because when everyone feels safe to provide input, the solution gets better. I’ve always assumed a rising tide lifts all ships, that one person’s success doesn’t mean less opportunity for others.

    When I’ve been part of or led a team like that, where mutual respect is a given, we’ve accomplished some terrific things. That environment seems harder and harder to find or create.

    I always, almost to a fault I’ve been told, share the credit and own the blame. It hurts me when I can tell from the beginning that there are preconceived notions that I’m selfish and think I’m better than everyone else because of such and such degree or credential when nothing could be further from the truth. I happen to be very good at math and analytical methods. There are plenty of things I don’t do well, and an infinite number of things I don’t know about. I welcome learning from others. But when people know about what I’ve accomplished before they know ME, it is difficult to overcome those attitudes. And it hurts me badly. As a result, I’ve never, ever, hung up on my wall my diplomas, credentials, or even had a coffee cup in my office suggesting where I went to school, what degrees and credentials I’ve earned, or awards I’ve been given.

    I am legitimately ill and on disability, so now my mental state includes feeling useless. And I realize my confidence for the future is linked strongly to the facts that I worked so hard to earn the credentials, to prove myself worthy, to pay my dues and get my hands dirty, while on the other hand, based on feedback from others and my own observations, I minimized my accomplishments to avoid “intimidating” people or making them feel bad. That’s an impossible line to walk, and the stress trying to do so with a smile on my face on top of chronic diseases, drove me to physical collapse.

    I’m trying hard to figure out the happiness part.

    1. Karen Tyrell

      Hi Lois, I feel like you just reached into my head and pulled my inner ramblings right out of my brain!

    2. Stephanie

      Lois- I could not relate to you more and I too have fallen ill and am now disabled and cannot find the happiness that I desire so much. I am very sorry for your fall and hope that you and your health can recover. I feel we would do very well talking with each other and would love that opportunity.

    3. Duke Skystalker

      You have my deepest sympathies Lois, and not just because I can heavily relate. The context is quite different though. I’ve often been told I’m highly intelligent. I have a natural aptitude for quick thinking and problem solving. Additionally, learning and pushing my boundaries are favorite hobbies of mine.

      However, people only acknowledge my intelligence whenever it is convenient to them. Most of the time, it upsets people. Within the span of a few minutes, a person can go from gushing about how smart and handsome I am to talking down to me like I’m a misbehaved child who’s never pondered the concept of common sense. This is incredibly infuriating to the point where it has disturbed my sleep and cardiovascular health.

      The worst part is that it’s almost always people that I’m much smarter than. People with superior or similar intelligence may make the same mistakes too if they’re feeling a bit high strung or refuse to put context into the situation, but with time we always reconcile. However, idiots always go out of their way to speak to me in a manner that especially ticks me off and then complain when I get angry.

      This is annoying because more or less everyone does it. Kids, adults, teachers, police officers. It seems average intelligence is characterized by making broad strokes assumptions about people without considering context, idiosyncrasies, or judging people according to what they do. Its a immature mindset that people hold onto because it gives them the satisfaction of having made an intelligent judgment without having gone through the intelligent thought process. Even my bosses and fellow coworkers, who I’ve held in high regard simply for being more experienced in worldly manners that me, are guilty of doing so.

      And it seems like the more I learn, the worse this feelings gets. I can’t move on in life because practically everybody, including the people I depend on to get ahead, are so belligerent towards me even though I’m rarely aggressive unless it’s warranted. I’ve had to lower my standards just to not upset people and avoid confrontation. I can feel my mental processes deteriorating but at the same time, there’s significantly less conflict than there would be if I didn’t restrain myself. However, even by displaying the bare minimum of common sense, a lot of people still find some reason to get angry at me.

      My stress levels are higher than they’ve been at any other point in my life. My hair’s falling out. The little sleep I get doesn’t energize me as frequently as it used to. I’m less confident and can barely make decisions without second guessing myself. I can barely concentrate and my thought process has become less innovative and slower. At one point, I was so anxious that I had a panic attack and almost pulled my middle finger while playing video games, a hobby that I can do for hours a day. You could knock that off as my just desserts, except I’m 21 and have been physically fit for most my life. And later on, I couldn’t even swallow food for a good 20 minutes. I’m looking to an early death trying to please people.

      My word of advice is; It’s not worth it. Average people will always complain when somebody’s better than them. There was a time where I used to ignore people who went out of their way to antagonize me, but because of my development of wanting to please everybody and avoid conflict at all costs, I forced my self to remain docile by turning my anger into fear just to avoid not reacting. Sore losers will always exist.

      However, that’s all they are. They’re not intelligent, accomplished, and they don’t have a healthy level of self-esteem. If they did, they wouldn’t feel the need to lash out to people pushing for innovation. Take pride in all that you’ve done. You don’t have to brag, but you don’t have to be humble. Let everyone know of your mighty achievements. Those who are jealous will usually just complain. Most of the time, they talk out of their ass too, so putting them in their place is usually just a one time thing.

      You have the intellect to overcome these lesser people. All they want is an excuse to blame their failures on something else. They’d rather the world burn in out dated ways than thrive in innovation. People like that are evil because their selfishness is what’s preventing this world from being the truly amazing place it could be. The best way to stand up to these people is to show you’re confident in who you are and how far you’ve come. If you show people that you’re unfettered, they will eventually leave. Ignore them and put them in their place when you can. You have every right to good health as everyone else.

    4. e

      you and I are in a similar boat. I too became disabled, 7 years ago. An accident left me w/ a spinal cord injury so I’m paralyzed and cannot stand or walk, and in a wheelchair for life. I won’t even go into what a struggle it has been to relate to people in this new body, and wow….have some people, from closest friends and family members to complete strangers, really disappointed me.

      I hear it all the time “Omg. I can’t believe you’re single/not married you’re so pretty, fun, outgoing” and it’s the most OBNOXIOUS thing to hear. I’m 46, female, never been married, no kids. It boils my blood to have my self worth judged based on the fact that I don’t have a husband or kids. I used to take it as a compliment but really it’s a back handed compliment. What it really says is “Omg…if you’re pretty/outgoing/smart/fun and still single then there must be something inherently fucked up about you!”

      I promise, there is nothing ‘fucked up’ about me. My soul cannot tolerate being w/ another person (friend, lover, family) just for the sake of being w/ another person. If they can’t match my level of personality, humor, intelligence, depth than I’d rather go it alone. Maybe just come close or at least appreciate it. I feel like a workhorse sometimes because I’m always the one entertaining, humoring, debating, philosophizing, asking what ifs? trying so hard to engage and enligthen, and nobody can throw me a bone.

      I’m gonna sound smug, like a real snob but this list resonates w/ my bigtime. I’ve been thinking for a long time that the problem is I’m too intelligent for my own good, and what loss it brings with it. True intelligence comes from our soul, not whether or not we attended an ivy league school. It can’t be earned or achieved, there’s no level of degrees it’s just that some people just lack any depth and intelligence in their soul.

      Sorry! sounds obnoxious but I think everyone who commented on this article can understand why I think that.

  3. Marvin

    what is to be done about it?!?!?!

    1. Karen

      I can’t be bothered with this analysis.
      You forget about raw feelings.

  4. Glenn

    How is an individual with all these characteristics to find direction in life that allows them to feel worthwhile and justified in being alive ????

    1. Gabriele Cripezzi

      I know how. I am doing it. You need to change world. There are two worlds on planet earth. The mass and the elite. I have the key to the elite world. I am serious and if you don’t believe me, it means you don’t deserve better

      1. Gabriele Che Cazzo?

        I once went to a pyramid scheme meeting, that is the exact words they used to confuse and misdirect.

  5. Mag Jade

    Being happy is not a question of how intelligent you are!

  6. Malli

    wow, just what I was looking for. What Lois posted hit me right off. I always minimize my accomplishments, etc so as to not appear “superior”. I find its lonely trying to find people that I tend to hit it off with. Luckily I’m in my 2nd marriage and my husband is very very bright, so I depend on him for stimulating conversation and company. However, in trying to find friends, I always feel like an outsider, and become disenchanted very quickly. I find it disappointing that so many people seem to be so trivial, uninformed, or uninteresting. I have become disabled and now have retired and would have loved to find like minded people who I feel are on the same level. Many people I’ve met were nice enough, but unfortunately, “nice” just doesn’t do it for me. It’s frustrating and disappointing to say the least. At any rate, I find myself watching tv, on the internet or reading and I like my own company better and find things that are more interesting than most of the people I’ve met of late. (other than my husband who, Thank God, I can relate to easily) Anyway, I’d love to hear from others who feel this way as well.

    1. Cat

      I hear you, Mali. I find it impossible to find like-minded, intelligent, deep-thinking, philosophically-minded people except occasionally online. It’s very frustrating and lonely. You’re very lucky to have a bright husband. I would say I’m very existentially depressed. I’ve spent 10 years in very honest, in-depth critical thinking and questioning of everything, and you do come up with answers by doing that. I get glassy-eyed listening to the average uninformed person talking about the weather, what they did on the weekend, or gossiping about someone. It drains me. I feel that I’m trapped on a planet full of morons. I’m also very sensitive in many ways and in the past had many experiences of clairvoyance, many premonitions, etc. I’m an atheist and an avowed antinatalist and cannot understand how most simply cannot grasp the moral correctness of the philosophy of antinatalism. “Nice” doesn’t do it for me either, not by a long shot.

      1. AmirMS

        I managed to solve my existential depression. Now I just feel depressed because I’m misunderstood.

    2. Keggie

      Mali & Cat: Spot on! Let me know if you want a pen pal!

    3. Emile Juan

      Hmm, tear from my eyes.

  7. Dominic

    I never thought about myself as a smart person, id say i was always thinking im pretty stupid. But im really shocked by reading this article, because exatcly every part of it is like it was written about me. Existential depression? Yes, like 1/3 of my life is about thinking about point in life. Overthinking? Oh yes, its so hard to live with it, even when writing some test i used to start to analyze the deeper meaning of the question istead of just anwering it. Even small things like remembering various (and totally random) moments from life to just think: what would be better to do back then….
    Still im not sure what i can do with that knowedge, its not like i can change what i think by just reading this :/

  8. Nic Aeberli

    I partially disagree with the article, as I don’t consider myself as being more intelligent than others, but still find myself quite often unhappy!
    Like Mag Jade commented, being happy is not a question of how intelligent you are, as you can also be both unhappy and not very intelligent!
    On the contrary, I actually believe that people who can find happiness are especially intelligent as they know what is important in life and are able to block out negativity. The questions are I guess; what is happiness and what is intelligence?
    I also hope that this article wasn’t intended to trick people to find out how intelligent they are by clicking on the IQ test link, just to find out if they are happy or not!

  9. James

    Intelligence and even genius aren’t actually that rare. What’s rare is the full development of that potential, since there are a great many factors in life, perhaps especially other people, that conspire to lead you off course or hold you back. Nietzsche wrote for the would-be geniuses. It’s quite possible to be brilliant and also to be profoundly happy, to cease suffering from life, but one must learn to liberate oneself. I’d highly recommend reading Nietzsche, starting a yoga practice, and starting to follow Jordan Peterson on YouTube or elsewhere if you haven’t already. Cheers!

  10. Peter

    Another reason
    Stuck in a stupid country, stupid family and stupid environment.having stupid people around yourself with their stupid belief. wasting your life trying to find someone that really understands you. Trying find a connection between yourself and you endless pains.

  11. Gonzalo

    I dont know if im smart or if i just think too much, but for me its pretty simple, life is raw and brutal, but most people are either blind, ignorant, or in denial about the similarities between our lifestyle and the animal’s when in fact the two are basically the same, when we see animals and insects kill each other and die (because they do) we dont really care, the truth is that most of us dont really give a fuck about their existence, but somehow we are shocked when we see people suffering and dying when in fact it is part of nature and its kinda normal and the way life works, why are you so sure and confident that YOUR life means more than a rat’s life when in fact all we do is being born eat drink shit fuck and die just like even insects do?

    When you realize you are living essentialy the same as a rat or ant, just with clothes and houses instead of fur and caves… yeah it makes you kind of sad, add the fact that you cant fucking have a deeper topic of conversation than the soccer results or new iphone or tits or butts of x and y whore with 90% of people you try to socialize, and you have the perfect recipe for depression and isolation.

    Or maybe im just too young and whiney

  12. CAL

    Thank god I have found this site, i thought I was on my own.

    1. Gabriele Cripezzi

      There are two worlds on planet earth. The mass and the elite. I have the key to the elite world. I am serious and if you don’t believe me, it means you don’t deserve better

  13. Aaron Mistich

    I saw my struggles in every one of those. It’s a hard life for sure.

  14. Gabriele Cripezzi

    Growing up I was feeling very often like… why wasn’t 8 like everyone else? Then I had the luck to get into the elite society where I have learn things that people don’t know. There are two worlds on planet earth. The mass and the elite. Happiness for us is only at elite level. I left the elite because I reached too high where the sicko are. I am too sane for that sh##. But I can get back in because I know the system now, the system that keeps the 2 social classes separate in 2 separate worlds. I have the key to the elite world, the matrix key if u like it, but I am surrounded by the mass who can’t believe it so I am stuck in this f###ing world now. HELP!! LOL

    1. Gabriele Cripezzi

      Why wasn’t I…

  15. Gabriel

    This is a very good article. I have many of the mentioned characteristics and traits. I would add that the current world, highly materialistic, souless and subject to irrationality is an agravant factor in our happiness. And a detail commonly missed in articles like this is that even being highly intelligent is not fairly acknowledged. By this I mean that the parameters, tests and mecanisms tha supposedly would be a “measurement” of your skills and intelligence don’t really are. What they do is simply recognise “efficient” people, or sometimes moderately intelligent people with a lot of effort and hardwork. Really intelligent people are smart enough to see the many flaws and relativity of such tests and mecanisms, and this reason, together with the lack of motivation and difficulty to abandon creativity and criticity(this is very required in many areas) makes them also not so sucessful or recognized. However, I think that the biggest problem of all is the social inaptitude, specially in dating, or even in simple hang outs to interact with women.

  16. august

    it just we have to accept that nature is not kind for it brightest mind it always try to normalize to the center of bell curves its unfortunate to those trapped in it tails.
    brother its woe down here.

  17. Blacksmith

    Olá Anna tudo bem com você?
    Eu não sei se irá responder, mas tenho grande admiração pelo seu site, foi através dele que aprendi e descobri sobre a diferença entre introvertido e extrovertido. Descobri através do seu site que eu sou um introvertido.
    Parabéns pelo tópicos nele postados são bem legais.

    Abraços para sua equipe em especial para você!!

  18. Jaafar

    I cannot read this article without my modest comment .
    I agree totally with it and it is a way to mindfulness for clever people .
    How terrible when someone cannot explain to people his easiest needs , it might be less tiring with gestures because of misjudgement or mentality .
    Do not the eagles sing , in “Wasted time”I could have done so many things , if i could only stop my mind from worrying about this wasted time .
    And wasted time is time failing to be happy.
    Sometimes i can do difficult things , but i am blocked to do easy things , because i have hard judgement on myself and do not care about routine tasks and fail to do them .Isn’t happiness a habit to be used to that very intelligent people refuse because it imposes them to stop thinking and enjoying their brain exercise ?If you don’t like routine and do not take opportunity of happy simple life because it doesn’t satisfy your big aims ? what is the result ?many stars finished badly their life because of that reason . Anyone must let show his “true colors”
    Somewhere i read that men who had most pleasing time in relationships were the ones who had pleasing discussion with woman not necessarily much more than that .When people are well connected through music , reading , or talking it is happiness and it requires skill as well for the high QI person as well as the average one , that is why according to me failing to be happy is failing to understand and connect with oneself and connecting and expression with others that is frequent with them .In easy words their cleverness is not satisfied by common little tasks that are the secret of wellbeing and “take it easy ” :).

  19. JS

    There’s a price for everything. It helps to not teach expectation of happiness. It helps to understand we live in a world where shit happens. Sometimes, it all makes sense and those at fault dig their own holes but more often, when it rains, it pours, nobody will miss you when you die and assholes get to live while we watch the best of our loved ones die. Some people really are more important than others and some of them didn’t have to work for it, the hard way. Everyone has some kind of personality disorder and most are too stupid to realize what’s going on in their own brain. Maybe if we stop propagating unrealistic fairytale bullshit to children and giving them the open-ended, uncertain truth that defines human nature, which is circumstantial, we can find happiness. Having lost everything and everyone due to handicap then working hard and expecting too much (like parents and windows without bars) got me in a deep depression. I realized one fundamental truth: Rely on no one. They will always let you down. Some of them will even make you feel bad for saying “Ow”. If you want purpose, first, you’ve got to decide where your moral ethical restrictions lie and if you function on love or aren’t capable of love so you might need incentive. Find out how you work, first, then apply it to the world. If you’re smart, you’re probably not going to fit. This reveals another fundamental truth: Smart people aren’t meant to live in the world. They’re meant to shape it. If life won’t give you a break, TAKE ONE! If people don’t believe in you, lop them off like cancerous tumors. If you want to be anything worth remembering, or worth being loved, you’ve got to bust your butt for it. No one will thank you, people will forget and that’s why you’ve got to keep going. You’re outnumbered by people who will tear you down. You won’t listen to me. Words are empty. You will see, though. I spent the first 3 decades of my lifetime bending over backwards for other people. In doing so, the fault falls squarely on me for advertising that I was a caring person who would go out of my way (and did) for anyone who do much as gave me a voice and thus attracting users and dominating assholes who needed a minion. When I finally had enough, I realized that I was simply being nice to try to prove to myself that I was worthy of being adopted… Problem was… Through my 20’s, I was STILL doing it. But for who? I went through this dark decade having lost everything I worked for and finding out just how deep people’s “love” for me really was. I realized there’s one in every thousand suckers who will do those noble things in stores, like save lives, as I had done. For me, living on the edge, the possibility of losing my home and everything was just everyday shit. I realized most people are not conditioned for hell. (When I’m in a bad mood, I call them privileged). While I never expected those grand gestures in return, I sure as shit didn’t expect to be discarded when they were “done with me” or “moved on to better elitists-I mean people”. Even taking into consideration the schedules and sentimental attachments among their own people, I found myself doing the same thing… Do you think these people put even a fraction of effort into consideration for me? No. Simply because they have never been there and do don’t understand how to empathize. I’m a fucking alien, to them. I’m something easy to dehumanize. But my unhappiness comes back to me. The moment I started expecting to be treated like a regular, decent human being, nothing special, just a regular Joe, it was “asking too much” of the vampires and morons having accommodated to the resource flow being in the other direction. In asking these people, who I invited into my life because I didn’t have the spine to assert myself when I should have, I was asking them to do something they simply were incapable of doing. Some are users and some are givers. Most are a little of both and sometimes more of one than the other at any given circumstance.

    If you want what you want, you have to be willing to sacrifice whatever is keeping you from your goal, even if it’s people. Bonds are still binds. While they offer a sense of belonging and relief to crippling alienation, they are also one more tether keeping you tied to your limitations. We just first start by learning to be kinder to miserable people. They’re not broken. They simply know the side of truth you were too weak to want to know about. Unpleasant people are the most honest human beings you will ever meet. Everything comes at a cost and, eventually, we all come to a road where we decide who we continue for, why, is it worth the pain and effort and to what end, if there even is one.

  20. SRG

    All seems really true. Also, I would say possibly fitting in with the “lack of practical intelligence”, would be the difficulty with the routine and mundane. Facing a day of what amounts to flipping through paper and data entry can make one sick at their stomach.

  21. Dan

    Spot on!

    I’ve been trying to articulate how I feel for most of my life. This article spells it out perfectly.

    Now…. the real question… what is to be done?

    80 plus years seems a awfully long time to spend on a planet I really don’t understand.

    Answers on a postcard please.

    1. Sal

      I thought the 58 years I lost with this was a lot.

  22. Khanh

    If we are happened to be in this situation, what are possible solutions that we could do to overcome the overthinking, how and what could we do to be happy?

    1. Amy

      I have had great success with Minfulness practices including Yoga.

  23. cristina

    Appreciation. Appreciate things, small things, seemingly mundane things, appreciate it all. And jump! Don’t be afraid to fail-jump in

  24. ronald-trip

    How can we not despair at our own finiteness in a universe apparently devoid of any meaning? No matter what effort we put in, we will all be annihilated by the sands of time. The human lifespan is approximately 80 years. Even if you succeed to make a mark in your lifetime, the process of forgetting the totality of who you are starts at the moment you blow out your last breath. Alexander the Great is nothing more today than a name and a set of anecdotes. Who he really was? No one alive today to tell us that.

    1. Olivia

      I love this

  25. Victor

    My over-thinking can lead to unpleasant uncontrolled thoughts and emotions. For me, moderate amounts of alcohol can help slow down my thoughts; but I avoid excess. More physical activities rather than staring at screens and monitors also help.

  26. Amy

    I think that our happiness on many levels relies on relating to others and to their ideas and thoughts, highly intelligent people have a hard time doing this. I suggest, from my own experience, making learning to relate to others and to appreciate and not dismiss their ideas a priority, use it as a study. Look for the merit in the thoughts of others, it can enrich our own experiences and help us to feel more connected to the people around us and thus our reality.

  27. Iffah

    this article spoke my mind for me. Thank you soooo much. I think we can all start by reducing our overthinking and overanalyzing and wanting perfection all the time. Also, one could rephrase the word “intelligent” here to “bright and realistic”.

  28. Peace

    Something I face a lot is not being able to properly articulate with others in a conversation. I’ve had ADHD since early childhood, but once I was properly tested intellectually my results shocked everyone. I’ve noticed that without medication I tend to be more of a listener than a participant in conversations. Not because I can’t articulate, but it feels like my thoughts on the topic at hand have rushed through my mind before I could get them out. Since I’ve gotten past the interruption issues I had in childhood, it causes a distraction and my attention has moved on to other thoughts. The confusing part is that if I’m questioned about a situation or conversation after the fact it plays back in my mind like a video.

  29. Miracle Mastery

    I’d Share My Own thoughts if I Could Leave a Comment.

    1. Little bird

      I can relate.

  30. Carlos C

    Maybe I’m not as smart as I thought. I’m pretty good at being happy. I think it takes practice. Just looking at the bright side of things. As for the meaning of all this… From the Big Bang to the Primordial Ooze to AI, everything in nature seems to be constantly reinventing itself. All of a sudden, Bam! Life on Earth and then Humans and self-awareness. We are all made of elements; humans, plants animals, planets, stars. All part of the same “spice rack.” Humans are the only arrangement of atoms that knows it “IS.” And we can manipulate the physical properties surrounding us at light-speed compared to nature’s previous methods.That makes us incredibly special in the Universe. I for one am very happy to be a part of this species. And at such a great time. We are not perfect, but we can improve. Our numbers and collective knowledge continue to grow. I only wish I could be around for the next few millennia to see what we come up with next. Alas, it is not meant to be. But it’s not about me. We must use our intellect to serve and help perpetuate this… Intelligence. So that life can someday flourish throughout the Cosmos. That’s what nature seems to be working on, let’s be on it’s side.

  31. Sal

    The fact that my parents, when I was a child, and I had no idea why I was/am who I am has caused many hurtful experiences in my life. After many hours of searching for the answers, the pieces are falling into place. The research I have done explains many things going back to my adolescents. Some say being the mind that I am is a gift. For me it has been a curse. It takes away the most basic need that I personally desire to feel whole. To be accepted and loved unconditionally is all I want. I believe understanding this curse is the path to either hiding it or controlling it enough so someone will accept me into their life.

    1. Rafal

      You are most certainly not alone. to your dissertation I would happily add Christian faith. what a curse we do live indeed.

      Joyous and painful in equal measure.

  32. Pat

    I run closer to what Carlos describes about his experience than some of the others in this forum, most of whom have likely endured far greater suffering in their lives despite their evolved Minds (from both the external world and internally sourced) than I have ever personally faced myself. I certainly don’t take any special satisfaction in that, its just a great example of my own burden and story of my life. In fact it adds to my irrational guilt clusters for having lead a semi-charmed kind of life for approximately the first 40 years . Well more accurately, for too often taking my fortune and opportunity for granted and sometimes believing my own press releases to strongly, and for getting progressively more lazy with each passing year and for allowing myself to accept a lesser potential from myself than I was actually capable of…

    But we all have a story to tell and I can say with complete sincerity that the idealism and naivete that carried me through most of my youth did not, in the end, yield me much practical experience for how to hold things together when s*** happens and life turns out not to be so swell after all. Nor did it give me any actual insight for how to deal with the perpetual shame and inevitable burden that comes with higher States of self – actualization, or teach me how to face and compartmentalize the unnecessary but rampant unfairness, ignorance or divisiveness that my current more weathered version must constantly come to terms with now. Despite all that I still feel internally in my bones and always work hard to project externally a happy guy persona by choice and sometimes despite the crap I overlooked or disregarded just for assuring the highest probability that I will remain the most optimistic one in the room, all other things being equal. I remain committed to serving others, sometimes even sacrificing my own needs for somebody that clearly needs my time and energy than I do. You will just have to take my word for it because like all of you I am cursed with what I consider to be a state of higher intelligence and more deliberate emotional intelligence than nearly everybody else I will cross paths with during the course of a normal day. And at the risk of appearing to be classically narcissistic, I refuse to say that with any hint of canned humility or situationally appropriate false modesty 4 a bunch of brilliant strangers who likely already considered The Narcissist scenario as a possibility before I ever mentioned it, and yet will more than likely choose not to judge me for anything more than the content of this dissertation.

    Should also point out that you are all every bit as smart as you think you are and probably much smarter than you allow yourself to believe. I say that with a certainty that comes with the knowledge that you would not have contributed nor even be reading this note , at this moment , unless you belonged in this forum. Just for the sake of closure, I am not a narcissist, but instead much more of an empath, which is to a fault the Polar opposite of a sociopath. But its probably more fair to metaphorically describe me as a human pinball of sorts, bouncing randomly around the universe in search of somebody else who needs saving . And typically, most comfortable as just one of God’s Little clowns.

    I will let that stream of Consciousness introduction speak for itself and cut to the chase here. don’t know if it resonates with anybody else but it can be exhausting both professionally and socially to be everyone’s steady Rock or voice of reason or cheerleader or payday loan officer for so many other people . It’s hard to get your joy from helping others without leaving it all out on the court most days. So little part of me is disappointed that I don’t have some kind of equivalent assistance in my life, or that sometimes when I feel sorry for myself I checked out put in 3 cylinders worth of my 4-cylinder self and wallow in self-pity knowing that all my sacrifices for others has come at the expense of ever truly reaching my own true potential. I don’t bring home any of that energy, at least not at that level, and apply it to myself to get to the next level of my own Journey. This is partially due to my struggle with projecting a happier form of me when I’m certainly not always as fond of myself as I let on and it’s typical stuff about being your own worst critic with a large dosage of sedentary surrender mixed in.

    Here’s the kicker, are you ready none of that s*** matters. It’s self-serving it’s designed to churn on its own power and drama until I expect it to be a fixture in my life and I already know that is not satisfactory and if I want to lead a rich and fulfilling life I have to stop feeling sorry for myself I have to stop finding ways to complain about my nature that is serving so well and brought me great satisfaction in my life and I’ve got to take responsibility for the guy I turned out to be. Doesn’t matter if your religious or not or how smart you are, it is in everyone’s reach 2 except they’re suffering to forgive the sources of that suffering, too practice radical acceptance of the things that are within my control including accepting my choice to take an easier path sometimes without planning in some self-pity. And then to rededicate my life to removing the suffering and replacing hopelessness with opportunity for those countless people who have and will continue to suffer right to the end if I don’t get in there early and help them find a way to make a realization that there is a different direction they can consciously take. That is the Panacea they said didn’t exist, only you control how much you hurt, and when you are ready to finally put it to rest and live the rest of your life and peace. Expect the best from yourself strive towards Harmony not victory, listen harder, judging others let’s harshly, and get out there and help somebody who can’t help themselves like we are all capable of doing.

  33. Vikki

    Am from an African background and coming to a more civilised economy like London to read articles that has been a plague all my life and also knowing that I was alone this gives me great courage but please can somebody please help with a solution you can reach out if you are reading this please do.

  34. John Doe

    Thanks for the article, I have found much of these ideas to be true, over time I have found being alone or not talking about much with people to be best, most people are just awful to be around. This article is just more motivation to get a job at a place where there are other above average thinkers, and performers, then never leave work so I don’t have to deal with all the disappointing people out there so much. Thanks

  35. Jerry

    I have felt that I didn’t belong here since high school. My mind has alway analyzed every move I made to determine the possible outcomes all while missing out on happiness and fun as the other people around me seem to enjoy. My first wife hated it and started calling me a retard. My second wife is now saying that i am on the Autism spectrum. I don’t enjoy regular conversation nor the regular type of fun that most people do. I enjoy diving deep into the problems of the world and the possibilities of future or reality. This pattern of thinking has caused me to become severely depressed and disconnected. I often try to act like I am having fun just so people dont look at me like there is something wrong. It is nice to know that I am not alone in this path of loneliness.

  36. WWKN

    Thanks for the article, it’s another indication that I’m not as weird as my siblings think I am. Having relocated last year to be as far away as possible from the clan, my life has improved bit by bit. A life coach (also therapist) told me I have higher standards than most, to move on and find my tribe.

    At the moment I am retired as it’s affordable to do so; it’s also clear to me that many, many insecure people are afraid of or avoid me as they sense our differences. I continue smiling and finding my own way in this world. As they say, you just keep keepin’ on and look for the things that bring you joy. Learning to be grateful, seeking out those who ‘get you’, focusing on the positive and choosing your own lifestyle are key points from what I’ve learned so far.

    Here’s a short list:
    1. Open your mind and be aware of what your gifts are whether you are intuitive, etc. Learn as much about these as you can, learn to appreciate them.
    2. Read everything you can find on reincarnation studies, go to Amazon and search for authors like Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss. There are many, many more with a ton of information.
    3. Note that 2/3 of the world’s population believe in reincarnation at this point according to my inner journey instructor. The Pope has stated he believes as well.
    4. Find a hypnotherapist in your area and if possible one that does regression therapy. That’s next on my list in this journey of discovery.
    5. Do that numerology report, there’s one online for less than $40 and it’s very explanatory. Once you have that go to a trained numerologist and hear even more great things about you!
    6. Be aware that holding negative thoughts will only bring you more of that, period. Get treatment for it if you cannot break that cycle. Every morning and indeed every time you realize your mind is going negative say this: A negative mind will never have a positive life. Then work to understand that point every day, retrain your brain, move on.
    7. When people treat you badly, walk away. You are not meant to suffer in this life so go after your own version of happiness and find that zen lifestyle. Comparing your life to others does no good, it’s not their journey but yours alone.
    8.Understand that being different in this way is a blessing, not a curse. You were not born to just fit in, you are meant to do something that brings you joy and helps the world. Finding that is simpler when you understand your plan for this lifetime.
    9. Do a personality test, it’s entirely possible you are highly introverted and that is not a bad thing. Half the population in the US is introverted and finally we are getting some respect! Read books on introversion, there are many out there now and all of them made me feel a LOT better. There is a video on youtube that is the most viewed ever, by the author of Quiet.
    10.Find what works for you and turn the page on your situation. One thing I’ve noticed in the documentation of regression therapy is the realization of errors one has made upon deciding to bail on their current life. They usually regret it immediately but there is no going back as their body has died. We are here to problem solve, work our personal plan and live the best life we can, however we want. Own it.

  37. Kate McQueen

    I think that due to a level of intelligence that’s evident to those around them, the expectations are much higher. Others believe that intelligent people should be successful, and their definition of successful often contradicts that of the “intelligent” one. I also think that for true intelligence to culminate, it takes both mind and heart. Intelligence doesn’t originate in the mind alone, at least not the limited human mind. Intelligent people that are capable of opening their heart and mind in tandem, are often high achievers in more altruistic endeavors, however small or large, and thus don’t experience the anxiety and depression that so many “brilliant minds” suffer through.

  38. Average Joe

    A younger me would have gotten a slightly inflated ego boost from the accuracy to the way I think. After being humbled more by lifes hardships, this left a temporary feeling of despair. We’re pretty much doomed to be unhappy!? Or this artical targeted that response to strike a familiar feeling in others? Could there be other smart, temporarily unhappy people like me? Or am I being narcisisstic to think I am that smart at all? Or do WE all just accept that this is our life? This life is your journey. No matter who is around you or who you are related to, only you take the first and last steps. I wish I had more opportunity, but I am greatful for what I do have. That’s as close to being truly happy I am at this point. I am 1 of 9 billion. Struggling to leave a positive mark on society. As if there is someone who knows me and why does it matter if happiness is a goose chase?

  39. GlennSac

    I often said to my friends that if i had to choose which year i were to be born it would be in 1970 and not in 1992.
    Sports & Music were GOLD back then. Foods were clean & fresh, people love more and think less.
    Since the 21st century everything is just pure toxic.
    From the food we intake, the news, wars, killings, technology, the society, politics.

    Put it simply i always thought “Can i go back? Can i live where my parents lived in? I’m certain good and bad existed in those days, but atleast the world were not as rotten as it is today”.

  40. Chris Ryan

    I can relate to every point with the exception of the existential depression! Something you didn’t mention is the inability to bring ideas / policy solutions to fruition! I have had thousands of potentially great business and public policy ideas that I have researched and designed/developed (other people watch TV, I do this!) but lack the personal capital (monetary and/or social) or a backer to bring them to life! I believe I will eventually break through, but it can seem pretty pointless!

  41. needacatalyst

    My parents did what they knew to do. I have to be thankful that I am where I am instead of being upset at them for their own damage.

    I am on the spectrum. I am smarter than my parents. My mother took pride in my ability to internalize new information and regurgitate it at will. My father was proud but tended to favor confrontation and authority where intelligent discourse would have served him better.

    The depressing ability to extrapolate worrisome outcomes from any set of environmental givens developed early. It didnt help that at various points in my life people tried to make it difficult for the kid who had difficulty picking up on social cues to understand the world around me. If monsters aren’t real, why does mom jump during the scary movie? Mom is crying but when I ask her if she is okay, she says she’s fine. I learned that parents are not only capable of being incorrect, but they are also capable of lying to me while telling me not to lie.

    The point is that when you have an intelligent child, it is important to teach by example because they may be extrapolating a lot of logical information from watching you. It is important to mean what you say, as well. Saying something in anger to someone who remembers everything is a good way to build resentment and mistrust.

    My parents never used words like “ennui,” “morose,” “depressed,” “ambivalent,” “intrigued,” or other more appropriately connotative synonyms for more general states of mind like “sad” and “upset” so I didnt learn to use them, either until later. I was never encouraged to use large words at home. My family has never discussed a book together although both parents seems to enjoy sci-fi and fantasy.

    We have to teach these things to ourselves. We must be our own advocates. Make a list of the things that your parents didnt know that you needed to know and then imagine the conversation where you were given that information at an earlier point in your life. Take one concept and introduce it to yourself from your early memories and see how that information may have been used as you trace your path to the present.

    If a concept is useful enough, it will have begun integrarion by the end of that exercise because you’ll have already demonstrated its utilitarianism to your subconscious.

    “If my parents would have developed my relationship with food better, I would be a healthier person overall.”
    With a hypothesis like that, I can imagine situations in which I was allowed to make unhealthy choices as a child. I then imagine my present-day self (or an idealization) imparting knowledge to the child me in the form of words, thoughts, emotions, or even a comforting embrace, should this be an “eating your feelings” situation.

    I know that this practice doesn’t change the past, but it seems to alleviate some of the future difficulty.

  42. Pimp Ho Pastor

    The author is talking from a personal perspective. Maybe her own or a friends life that is suffering from loneliness. This is unfair at the very least to smart people. Sometimes smart people do not follow their own advice. This does not make them smart but rather acting stupid since they know the right thing to do. Or they simply do not believe in themselves even though they are smart. They give good advice to everyone else. The could mentor a rocket scientist but can not mentor themselves although having the self resources. Do she considers herself a intelligent person? Why certainly she does. Why does she write. Smart people write. Smart people does possess the ability to self entertain themselves. They are the creators of our society. But they also can fall to depression and suicide if they compare themselves to average people. The author is intelligent. If not why are we listening to her. She has already proven herself of that I sure. Its okay to be confused I always say. Its knowing what to do when you are confused is the matter. At that point a intelligent person has to figure it out. A intelligent person does not need other peoples opinions. They just do not need other people opinions that’s all. It seems she is bashing smart people. What Gives! Intelligent people or wise people know exactly what to say. Believe me I understand but I think the author should not have targeted intelligent people. More like people with a cognitive biases or some kind of disorder. But needless to say truly intelligent or wise people do not have a disorder. Their fine. It is the people that are not intelligent enough to listen to their own advice that’s the problem. Whether anyone believes this or not intelligent people are special. They see things other people do not. Do not get me wrong the post is damn good except for the above reasons. It is very thought provoking that is how I know only a intelligent person wrote it. However, intelligent persons make mistakes only when they rush to fast. Otherwise this would be a perfect post in my belief.

    1. Brian

      It’s ‘An intelligent…’, not ‘A intelligent…’.

    2. jonh

      I think the author should use “Why most of the intelligent people instead of intelligent people”
      the points she has mentioned over there(overanalyzing everything, deep conversation, etc) is making a picture of introverts instead of an intelligent person.

  43. Pimp Ho Pastor

    One Word: BOOK!








    Unfortunately we have evil geniuses. But that’s why there’s a bad and a good.


    1. Jonah

      I relate on a indefinite level 100%

    2. Revathi

      True. i agree 100% .

  44. Aline Silverman

    In many ways I agree with this article since i recognized myself in this description of intelligent people. Yes it can be very lonely at times. However with age I have learnt to compromise. I have very few friends and only because I have learnt to love people for what they are…In a way I have completely changed jy way of seeing things. “INTELLECTUALS especially the self professed ones bore me.
    On one point I totally disagree with you. Yes intelligent people tend to be more depressed but THEY UNDERSTAND their situation whereas ordinary people can feel rotten and incapable of managing themselves.
    In one word I have swapped intelligence for WISDOM.

    1. Pimp Ho Pastor

      You agree with the author that intelligent people cannot find happiness. Then you totally disagree with the author that intelligent people cannot figure things out.

      Look the author is not God. She could be wrong but she cannot be both. She failed to target a person with a cognitive bias. Instead she target intelligent people. And also being intelligent is the same as being wise.
      Either you agree with her or you don’t.

      Either intelligent people can find happiness or they can’t.

    2. C. Robinson

      I must disagree with your assessment that you can swap intelligence with the word wisdom. On the contrary, intelligence is a state of having knowledge and understanding of a thing. Wisdom is knowing what to do with that knowledge and understanding.

      1. Pimp Ho Pastor

        Your complicated and do not know it. I totally disagree with you. Being intelligent is being wise and vise versa.

        1. really


          1. Tara

            Ha. ^Touché.

  45. Manolo Areta

    These were the preliminary statements of the authors:

    ‘As Ernest Hemingway said, “happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.”’

    “Here are SIX POSSIBLE reasons why happiness in highly intelligent people is such a rare phenomenon:”

    The author made an opinion anchored on the opinion of Ernest Hemingway. She and Hemingway are entitled to their opinions, as anybody else. The post, whether right or wrong against accepted standards, made me think about happiness in intelligent people. I allowed the things she discussed to enter my mind because i am interested in this topic. It added value to my mental models. My thanks to Anna.

    1. Pimp Ho Pastor

      Only she stated facts based on her education and work experience. Plus she did not say: in my opinion. I know that much. Hahahahaha

      1. Kenny

        I am guessing you’ve never heard of a thesis?

        In a thesis you don’t say “I think eating healthier will lead to a less stressful life,” you write, “Eating healthier will lead to a less stressful life.” This is because when you write about your point of view you need to focus on delivering facts.

        1. Pimp Ho Pastor

          Yes, but as a expert you need to make the distinction. Thesis wrote by a lay person with no credentials you make a point. But you only hate on pimpin I see.

  46. AlMoutaz Billah Tabbakha

    That moment when you found yourself on a way with absolutely no one with you, and you think you are WRONG, but after some time you discover that you was the only one RIGHT.

  47. İsmail Hakkı Yalaz

    I’m talking with myself; it helps!

  48. Commander Truth

    Intelligent people are depressed because they can see things that less aware people cannot or choose not to see. They see that about 98% of people are little more than violent, hairless apes, emotionally immature, with very limited problem solving and cognitive ability, including the ones in positions of power (that they almost always abuse) who are making decisions that affect the rest of us and because of the lust for greed and power they are consolidating government, creating a tyrannical police state, destroying our planet and driving our civilization into the ground. We live in a bizarro, upside down and backwards world run by thieves, full of propaganda and gas lighting, fueled by misinformation, myths, fairy tales and symbolism and because of our own misunderstanding and vast disconnect with actual reality this will ultimately result in our own self destruction before we ever have the opportunity to become a productive, advanced, efficient, space-faring civilization. Why do the biggest and richest liars hold the most important positions of power instead of the most intelligent people who would make the best and most effective decisions? Why is the justice system in the United States a for profit industry when that clearly is a conflict of interests and creates a situation where convictions become more important than truth and justice because it generates more revenue? Why are we pumping billions of tons of shit into our atmosphere every year destroying the planet and every year we just keep doing it? Why is there a plastic garbage pile floating in the ocean the size of the State of Texas and you probably didn’t even know it? Why do you know every football statistic for the last 30 years but nobody has any idea who our brightest mathematicians were for 2018? Why does the United States claim to be the best Country in the world but rank the lowest in education but 1st in prison population, even though we have a smaller population than many other Countries that we are told have “oppressive” regimes? Why are we a Christian nation but if you think God is talking to you they will lock you in a mental facility, unless you install a white collar on the front of your shirt then we will call you Reverend and give you money? Why don’t most people ask these questions? Bizarro, upside down, backwards, retarded monkeys headed 1000 mph into the wall. That’s why intelligent people are depressed. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    1. Pimp Ho Pastor

      Good job for a book. But Intelligent people are the crooks you are referring to. They learn to like the poop of sin and live well! That is why politicians and lawyers play both sides. Winning is everything ok. Winning motivated by hating that is!

    2. Francine

      Right on Commander Truth. You brought the topic back to what it should be. Intelligent people see what is really going on in the world beyond all the smoke and mirrors. This can’t help but make us depressed sometimes. Meanwhile it is mostly the unintelligent linear people and especially the narcissistic blow hards that society looks up to and considers to be ‘normal’. It is really the other way around.

      1. Pimp Ho Pastor

        Well, I guess Jesus was wrong when he said happy or blessed are those who mourn (Matthew 5). I guess Jesus was depressed huh? I take it your not a Real Christian yourself.

        1. Not Important

          Wow… Just… wow

    3. Poet4444

      You think exactly as I do. The answer to many of these questions is…..humans are mostly pissy little childish hucksters stuck in idiot mode and refuse to grow up. If I went out to shake things up, I’d be seen as an aggressor. If I went out just in a search of myself, I would only find me in fragments. If I went out and tried to fight against obesity, people would only get fatter. Overpopulation is out of control, and when that happens, nothing is right. The absolutes concur, both goodies and baddies….there needs to be a culling.

    4. Rusty Haywood

      Commander Truth…You sure sound like Jordan Maxwell. LOL, and I can relate to all that you typed. You could have narrowed it down to “overpopulation”. That I the cause of all our woes. I used to be happy with my life, when there were a lot less fkn people around.

      1. Heart and soul

        Lack of happiness is not related to the amount of people.

        The more people there are, the more there are people who are like you. If you are intelligent, you realize there are more intelligent people when there are more people.

    5. Heart and soul

      Yes, Truth Commander, evil men oppress those who are good, stupid people oppress those who are wise, because those who are ignorant and evil, lack in reason and conscience.

      ”All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” (Article 1 in Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

    6. Maddie

      Haha I love this sounds just like me when I’m on a rant , I agree with you 100 percent and I’m sure you have more to say , you just made my nightly reading , and put a smile on my face !

    7. Lindy

      Yes, exactly. The other day, on a talk show, the host was playing a game called Analog Vs. Digital. At one point, she pulled out an analog clock and asked the young person what is was. Hesitating, she said, a clock? Yes, a clock, as the audience roared with laughter. Then they host said, “what time is it?” She could not tell the time.

      Happy? No, drinking, we are soooo screwed.

    8. Bo William

      @ Commander Truth…..my friend your comments and overall thoughts are right on the money! Couldn’t of said it any better! Reading your response just made my night! Lol
      Thank you for that!

    9. Leo Mir

      Mr. Commander are you depressed from our dirty polluted world 98% full of violent dishonest hairless apes out to take everything you have? I take it you are in the other 2%? Well if there’s any comfort…. assuming we destroy ourselves to extinction in the next few hundred years…. a few hundred years after there would probably be barely any signs left of human existence. The planet will happily hop on into the sunset without the hairless apes for millions of years, just like it did before the hairless apes popped into existence. Now, isn’t that comforting? 🙂

  49. bearcatstu

    Found my peeps

  50. Yossarian

    I have found that doing something super intensive every day requiring lots of physical and mental activity will make you so exhausted by the end of the day, that you will have little time to think about anything that bothers you before falling asleep. I dropped out of college and started training for para-rescue. I’m finally happy that I get to focus on an important job with people that actually try to make a difference. More importantly, I am so exhausted at the end of every day, I basically pass out without thought, and am immediately engaged the moment I wake up in the morning. My friend called it intellectual suicide, but I think it’s more like suppression. I can revert whenever I want, if I’m awake and not working that is lol.

    1. Pimp Ho Pastor

      Nice comment, really it is a really good comment, but please make the connection with why intelligent people cannot find happiness.

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