There are many books which teach us lessons about life, but fantasy novels teach some of the most memorable ones.

One thing I can say about reading is that it transports us to another place. It soothes our frustrations at times as well. It even changes our lives by introducing new ideas and dreams.

Then there are fantasy novels, which teach us some of the most impressionable lessons of all. It’s hard to forget some of the sage words spoken by fantastical creatures and heroines.

Fantasy novels that leave lasting impressions

During high school and college, I read many fantasy and fiction books. From horror-inspired fantasy to futuristic fantasy. My best friend and a few other close friends started the trend, and it stuck. So, now, when I ponder life, I can look back at where those thoughts began.

Read a few of these books and you may learn a few profound lessons yourself.

1. The Gunslinger, Stephen King

The Gunslinger was always there, in my brother’s bookshelf. But it was only until I was much older that I actually read the mind-bending series. The first book was full of spine-tingling adventure in itself, but as the series continued, it just got stranger.

Through the doors, the gunslinger traveled to gather others from other times and dimensions as he followed the Dark man. Oh, you would just have to read for yourself, but it will teach you many lessons about life. The series spans many years, and we get to enjoy the improvements in King’s writing as the story goes along.

As far as fantasy goes, these novels are some of the best.

2. Game of Thrones, George R. R. Martin

This series will leave you breathless. I can testify that you will not want to put these books down, even for a minute. That’s just how addictive and effective they are on your mind and emotions.

After reading the series, Game of Thrones, or known as the series, A Song of Ice and Fire, you will feel as if you’ve been there, in that time, amongst those great and brutal characters as they wage wars, drown in drama and hold each other until the bitter end.

I will say no more…only, that this series will leave profound imprints on your mind for quite some time.

3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carol

This timeless classic will dwell within your dreams for many nights as you read it and after it is done. Trust me, this is not just some “children’s book“.

Carol’s work will take you into a bazaar world which both baffles your senses and inspires you in a rather strange innocence. Odd characters and complex wording add to the loveable quality of Alice’s adventures. You won’t easily forget it.

4. The Hobbit, J. R. R. Tolkien

I think it all began here, with this classic story of Bilbo Baggins. You see, most other fantasy stories have elements which seem to come from this very story, and table-top games, like Dungeons and Dragons, can attest to the inspiration which came from this great and beautiful story.

It’s a must-read, along with Lord of the Rings, which I mention in the same selection. If you own these books, bravo! You probably already have experienced profound changes in the way you think by now.

5. Frankenstein, Mary Shelly

The darkness of this story is only part of the life-altering experience.  One of the most well-known classics takes us into the world of reanimation and the questions which hover the.

What thoughts of life after death must plague the Frankenstein’s undead creature? After reading this story, which, by the way, was required for most American school reading assignments, we must have many questions ourselves. One thing is for sure, this fantasy book left an impression on our lives.

6. Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling

In both book and film, the Harry Potter books make us feel like magical children. We read and yet, we question the possibilities of what the characters experience, what they feel, and even the undertones of what’s said on each line.

As we read, we are certainly transported elsewhere, where magic is real, and our problems of today cannot touch us.

7. The Graveyard Book, Neil Gaiman

I had to include a favorite lesser-known selection because it left an impression on me personally. Among the fantasy and fiction books, the Graveyard book may be one of the more quirky additions.

Without telling the entire story here, I will say, I’ve never heard such a tale before. You have monsters, ghosts and the main character, a human, who starts the story crawling from his home as a tiny baby. You just got to read it to see what happens.

Fantasy books indeed change you

You may not believe me if you haven’t read many fantasy novels, but this type of literature does leave changes in your life. Although the stories may be the fodder of someone else’s imagination, those thoughts and dreams touch us in places within our minds and create a sort of kinship.

So, before you decide against reading fantasy books, think again. You may find a love of reading you never experienced before.



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  1. Ashlesha

    The series of ‘Percy Jackson’ is also one of the best option for fantasy.
    And it’s my ‘first love’ too…..he..he…he

  2. Janey

    I recommend The Talisman by Stephen King, it’s a weighty tome but highly engaging.

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