All of us are feeling lonely from time to time; but in some cases, some people might not bear the pain anymore.

The state which is produced by the intense loneliness should never be tolerated.

Loneliness is a daunting feeling. When loneliness persists in your life, you’re clearly feeling sorrow, pain, and disappointment on a consistent basis. Each person is different, so there are more ways in which loneliness can manifest.

What’s important to note: loneliness doesn’t bring any empowering feelings. In fact, most emotions that are sparked from this condition are hard to bear and can lead to major depression.

According to several resources, loneliness at the highest stakes could even turn out to be fatal. Basically, the need to bond is extremely powerful. If you’re happening to feel the lack of something or someone in intense ways, loneliness can overwhelm your short and long term emotional state.

Instead of firmly believing that you’re doomed forever, you should pay close attention to our tips and tricks to minimize your feelings of loneliness. Here are ten efficient tips to follow when you are feeling lonely:

1. Recognize the Difference between Loneliness and Isolation

There’s a huge difference between loneliness and isolation, even though the line is quite slim. Loneliness is a feeling, while isolation is more than often a personal choice. Dealing with loneliness while also isolating yourself creates a more intense negative feeling. Isolation is not good for plenty of reasons, and you must do your best to avoid isolating yourself from the rest of the world.

2. Figure out What’s Missing from Your Life

Considering that you have already acknowledged your condition, you should now be looking for ways to craft your way out. Unfortunately, when loneliness strikes, your objective thinking is often replaced with negative and subjective feelings. The first thing you must do is find out what’s missing from your life. Is it a person? A thing? A profession? What is it? Figure it out quickly!

3. Never Blame Yourself for What You Feel

When you are feeling lonely, you often tend to blame yourself for feeling this way. After all, don’t we control our emotions and feelings? Well, this “controlling your feelings” saying is extremely general. In order for a human to fully control them, they must train and meditate for years.

You’re not that advanced I guess, and you don’t have to be. We’re only human, after all. We have good states, bad states, good days, and bad days.

4. Remind Yourself That Everything’s Temporary

This is nothing but the truth. Here you have it: nothing is going to last forever, and everything is temporary. Your age, your skin, your brain cells, your mindset, your heart… they all change. We go through so many things, face so many challenges, and overcome so many obstacles throughout our lives. If you are feeling lonely now, remind yourself that you’re not going to feel this way forever!

5. Connect with Compatible Humans

I chose to use “humans” in the sub-title instead of “friends”. Here’s the reason: connecting with individuals that are compatible with your mindset is better than trying to connect with friends that don’t understand you. Some of these people may not be really close to you. That’s not a problem.

In fact, you can try reinitiating the relationship by inviting them to drink a beer or a cup of coffee. The feeling that comes from a simple connection will often give you the strength to overcome your loneliness.

6. Volunteer

Volunteering is never a bad choice. Besides the contribution that you’re bringing to a greater cause, you’re also building relationships with other people. The reasons for which people volunteer are often altruistic and rarely forced.

The individuals that you’ll meet will often have a positive influence on your life. It only takes one colleague to make your day better by smiling all the time.

7. Just Take a Walk

Taking a walk seems a basic and ineffective solution. If you’re thinking this way, let me ask you… have you even given it a chance? The simple walk is just a pretext for you to be lonely but in a whole different circumstance.

Take a walk in a park filled with playful children that are transmitting nothing but happiness and wellbeing. Take a walk in a beautiful place that relaxes you… Take deep breaths and remember that everything’s going to be alright, no matter what.

8. Be Creative and Do Something Unique

If you’re willing to minimize your loneliness and stop thinking about the negative symptoms that you’re experiencing, you’ll be able to focus on something creative. It could be anything; don’t freak out… creative doesn’t mean artistic.

It could be a fiction article, a never-before prepared meal, or a dance that you’ve always wanted to try. Be creative and try to live the present moment only.

9. Contribute to the Well-Being of Someone in Need

Did you know that the feeling of contribution is one of the seven basic human needs? That’s right. The emotion we get when we help someone is truly satisfying our minds and soul. After an altruistic act, we often feel a strong purpose of life.

We realize that we’re here for a reason, and that reason is definitely not compatible with our loneliness.

10. If Nothing Works, Seek Professional Help

PLEASE LISTEN. Seeking professional help isn’t something to be ashamed of. Not at all. In fact, it takes courage and responsibility to admit that you have a serious issue.

If your loneliness leads you to damaging thoughts and slowly turns into severe depression, your best chance is to consult a professional entity. Remember, this is only temporary!


Loneliness is hard. If you’re already aware of your condition and if you understand that you cannot keep it up like that forever, change is the only solution.

If you truly want to change your life, you’re the only one responsible for initiating, performing, and completing the goal of changing your life. It’s never too late. In fact, the faster you decide that you’re strong enough to overstep this negative condition, the faster you’ll be able to stop feeling lonely.

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  1. Rataba

    Point number 2: I figured i lack a good friend that understands me and looks after me. sometimes i wish i could have a clone because i understand others so well and i wanna help them out. nowadays people don’t seem to look after other people if they are in a bad state. So i need help in making some friends that look after me. I cant find any in my surrounding. Help please.

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