If you are a fan of the strange and unusual, then I’m sure you’ve seen and heard it all, right? Well, there’s possibly one story you might not have heard about.

Recently, locals in the city of Jiangxi in China have seen a bizarre phenomenon that could rival anything you have seen yet. There appears to be a floating city in the sky!

Yes, there’s a city in the sky, or at least a city skyline. Within the hazy darkness of the clouds rests a group of tall buildings and towers, protruding into the heavens. That’s not all. In fact, Foshan, another city in China, has reported this strange occurrence too. So, what could it mean?

Parallel Universe vs. Fata Morgana

Many think this city, floating in the clouds, is something from a parallel universe.

Our reality could be, for a moment, intertwining with another reality somewhere in existence. With all the talk of how the universe came into existence, there is no wonder a parallel universe could come into question. Of course, there’s a more plausible explanation for those who like to think within the box.

Another explanation for the floating city could rely upon Fata Morgana. Fata Morgana is a mirage of sorts, created when the sun heats up the atmosphere over land or water. Air closer to the surface of the land or water is cool, where the air above is hot.

The border where these different temperatures meet is where the light travels. Here it bends in different angles – not the traditional straight angle.

Our brain automatically assumes that light will travel in a straight path at all times. When it does not, whatever we see will appear higher than it really is – thus the skyscrapers and towers will seem to be in the clouds when looking at the city skyline.

Project Blue Beam

Another explanation of why the city appears in the clouds is due to Project Blue Beam. Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory about NASA. This theory suggests that NASA could be testing holograms in different forms.

Rumor has it, NASA may conduct tests like these to simulate alien invasions or the return of Jesus Christ, coming from heaven upon the clouds! Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? A conspiracist from Quebecois, Serge Monast predicted this might happen in the 1980s.

YouTube Channel Paranormal Crucible said,

“This apparition, seen by hundreds, seemed to disappear within minutes.”

No one knows what this means, whether it’s a hologram or a glimpse into another reality. Some say that it’s a test in order to gauge the overall reaction of the phenomenon. The most plausible explanation, however, is that it is simply an optical illusion.

One thing is most likely, this will probably not be the last time we see the “city in the sky” or other amazing mysteries. Stay tuned for other out-of-this-world discoveries of our universe!

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  1. cosmoschild

    In fata morgana, usually the projection shares the same base with the object being projected. Also, the projection is usually inverted. In this case, we can clearly see the clouds on which the buildings seem to be standing. I remember about the similar incident which occurred over a small village in Africa. Clearly the poor village had no such city like features which could be projected up in the sky as fata morgana. You can google the incident. It did not receive much attention due to lack of any photographic evidence.

  2. L

    They are Holograms its a no Brainer

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