A free soul or spirit is a person who has reached a certain degree of maturity and emotional stability, based on confidence and independence.

Hence, it is not easy to get to this climax of personal development. In addition, we are talking about a dimension that might fit into the hierarchy of needs that Abraham Maslow presented in 1943 in his article “A Theory of Human Motivation.” Being a free soul does not mean to get rid of all your responsibilities. This is a misconception.

A true free soul is distinguished by a set of attributes, attitudes and ways of interacting with the reality that makes you more capable of facing and overcoming the difficulties of life.

  • A free soul is like the wind: s/he goes everywhere s/he wants. S/he cannot be prevented from reaching where the heart leads him/her.
  • A free soul is like water: gentle, patient, yet, a powerful force.
  • A free soul is like a thought: restless. For a free soul, the movement is life, and life is the essence of progress: to get where s/he wants and where s/he needs to be.
  • A free soul is like a sword: his/her call is to fight, not to rust in the sheath.

But how else can you know if you are a free soul? Check out the 7 signs below:

1. You choose, think and act without the need for anyone’s approval

If you have reached that point in your life where you do not need the approval of others, it means you have achieved true freedom.

Throughout life, you often feel the need to be validated by society. First, it’s about pleasing your parents, then about impressing your schoolmates and colleagues. You do not change overnight to reveal yourself as you are and to speak from your heart with sincerity. It requires time, experience and thought. Only a truly free soul can reach this level.

2. You live fearlessly and have a great confidence in yourself

Experts in the sphere of personal development and motivational psychology know well that fear is the enemy of great opportunities. Thus, if you stop worrying and visualizing the future in gloomy colors, you will be able to take much bigger steps in life.

Happiness is always beyond fears. But to overcome this threshold, you need to have a good self-confidence.

3. You are a sincere, daring and spontaneous person

Some of your key personality traits are sincerity but also a kind of impertinence. You’re spontaneous because you do not care what people say or think. Ironically, this actually makes them like you more and evokes positive emotions in those around you.

Authentic people are free souls because their inner self is no longer censored. This manifestation of their personality and values can show the world how they feel life must be lived: with passion.

4. You know what you fight for

Despite the opinion of many people, being a free soul means not to shy away from responsibilities or to aspire to a foolish freedom. It is not like that at all.

Free spirits know well what they fight for: for what they love, for what defines them, and for their happiness. The rest does not matter.

5. A free soul does not know about emotional dependencies

Sentimental addictions are another enemy of personal development. A relationship based on emotional dependence destroys your identity, integrity and self-expression.

A person who considers him/herself a free soul knows how to love another person without becoming addicted. Thus, you offer the best of yourself, but you continue being complete yourself.

6. You appreciate even the little things in your life

Being free means to not chain yourself to anything that prevents you from growing or loving life. One can only gain freedom if one knows how to set a list of priorities and if s/he understands that the most important things in life are not materials but feelings.

Emotions are born from the simplest, everyday experiences. It can be a meaningful conversation, a walk on the beach, a meeting, a trip, walking barefoot, hugging your pet, a run in the park without any worries about tomorrow.

Busy and worried people cannot appreciate these details of the day-to-day experience that free souls promote and value.

7. Life inspires you, and your attitude inspires others

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.”

Charles Bukowski

Maybe many people have asked you what your secret is. “You are all day with the smile on your face, you always have time for everything. You do so many things and you always make people feel good about themselves … How do you do it?”

You probably do not know what to answer because the philosophy of life you have created over time came naturally. However, in other cases, a free soul builds this positive attitude over time by overcoming certain challenges and passing through a maturing process.

Freedom is an attitude that is adopted with determination and perseverance. To reach it, you should also be aware that it is necessary to leave certain things in the past.

Are you a free soul? Do you identify with any of the above signs? Please share your thoughts with us.


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  1. Lady Nenari

    Totally me, all except for number 4 as I Am free from fighting for anything. I stand for things, yet never fight nor defend anything. As Mother Teresa said have a rally for peace and I Am there, have a protest for war and I will be free from coming (paraphrasing her words) 🙂 Thank you for this article of truth.

  2. Tammy

    I have longed for, my entire life, to be a free soul, or what I used to call, a free spirit. From the above discription they are one of the same. There have been many times in my life where I have been close, I did what I wanted, how I wanted, and when I wanted without the worry of what others thought, nor felt the need for approval. It was all the little things in life that brought happiness, and I loved the challenge of life. It was the relentless emotional need that was the ball and chain, and my addiction to it, that kept me from the gift of freedom given by independence. Losing my identity, integrity, and self expression when the emotional need became depended on. Sometimes it’s as if life is like trying to build a house of cards, instead of a journey down a road. Or is it more like trying to do both? I have picked up many cards in my life, and some I have just left by the side of the road.

    I am building my house of cards once again as I put one foot in front of the other. I have fewer cards now, only those which I feel serve any purpose. And I have chosen a path less traveled, through the woods, free from the traffic of others. Think I will shuffle my cards for awhile as I walk down this path, just taking in the scenery.

    What I thought were needs were only illusions, and like the fog, slowly fade away. I know now exactly what I need and i know with certainty I am headed in the right direction. Happiness comes from the trees, the birds, the sun and the moon; all that is real. If I look too far ahead, I do not see what is before me. If I worry about what may be behind, ahead, or what’s lurking, I waste energy that needs to be used to control my habit of co-dependency. I am confident in who I am, I am passionate about what I am, and I will continue to fight myself and others for the freedom I deserve. I may find that these cards I shuffle have a more useful purpose than a house. What a journey life truly is.

    Thank you, all who contribute

    1. Miriam Brooks

      Tammy, You may never see this, but I can hope that the thought reaches you. Your written word is beautiful and contagious. It has helped me identify things about myself that I never realized. Thank you, my sister!

  3. Cynthia

    I heard to day that I am a free soul
    Like that talk

  4. Kriss Hadee

    I have now achieve my dream free soul forever.
    Thanks for the information

  5. Tim

    This is new. But I understand the whole context. As for me, if anyone asked me what do I love and treasure in life. I would replied “The life itself”. I love by live and breathe with 1 objective is to be happy and I treasure the journey through challenges as part of satisfaction.

  6. Meshackoluchina

    There is so much in life that I always ponder in my mind,i mean from birth we are given Identity we did not choose,the government pases us through an education system to mold us be civil servant and work for it,they imposse taxes on us and at long run are stolen by the same government,so how can one come out and be a free spirit,if from birth all along you have been aslave of onething and another.

  7. Miriam Brooks

    As more and more of this (the life of enslavement) is revealed, I pray that we will have to strength to speak up regarding the freedom that we have been denied!

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