Friday the 13th: why are we afraid of it?

///Friday the 13th: why are we afraid of it?

friday 13For some it is an ordinary day and for others, whose number amounts up to 60 million people, is an unlucky day that causes fear. It gives inspiration for thriller movies and becomes a true nightmare for superstitious people. In addition we are having a leap year, which already includes two other, except for today, “superstitious” days…

Research of the University of Hertfordshire in Great Britain showed that one in four people who face this fear is more anxious and thus more prone to accidents on Friday, 13.

Where is the truth and where is the myth? What does the research show?

Today million people have garlic and blue beads in their pockets, being sure that because of the day something bad is going to happen. Indeed, many people avoid going down the stairs or taking their cars to go to work on Friday, 13.

However, studies have shown that because of this phobia the risk of accidents on the road has increased to 52% compared to earlier data.

The number 13

Indicative of bias is the fact that there are buildings and hotels abroad that do have no 13th floor so that the 12th floor is followed by the 14th. At the same time many streets have no buildings with number 13.

Furthermore, 13 is a number that violates the harmony of 12:

  • 12 Apostles
  • 12 gods of Olympus
  • 12 Months

This day is considered to bring bad luck, because Christ was crucified on Friday.

The combination of day and number

If we turn back a few pages of history we will see that several incidents occurred on Friday, 13.

1927: “Black Friday” inBerlin, as the stock market “sunk”.

1972: A plane with the Uruguayan rugby team on board crashed in theAndes. The survivors turned to cannibalism to survive.

1992: An earthquake struckTurkey, resulting in the death of 2,000 people and leaving roofless 50,000 people.

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Friday the 13th: why are we afraid of it?