These fun activities are perfect if you want to have a great time with your introverted friends.

For introverts, the way things are processed are internal. When we have had a stressful day, we often don’t need to be in a room full of chatty people in order to relax, we need solitude to allow us to process the events of the day. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t like being around other people or that we can’t be entertained in the presence of others.

If you’re friends with an introvert and want to find introvert-friendly and fun activities you can do to please their pensive nature, look no further.

1. Find something specific to discuss

Introverts generally prefer in-depth one-to-one discussions about specific topics of interest. Zone in one a topic you know they are interested in and educate yourself on that topic – or ask them to explain certain aspects to you so they can teach you what they know. Close, thorough discussions are a good way to connect with an introvert on a deeper level.

2. Practice their hobby

Introverts have specific hobbies that allow them to expand their skills and often, are activities that allow them some introspection. Whether it is reading, writing, woodwork, a musical instrument or art – find out what their hobby is and try to include yourself by asking questions, taking an interest or even doing it yourself.

3. Watch a play

Introverts often like to learn and with that, comes a cultured nature. Watching a play then discussing the positive and negative points afterwards is a great way to spend time with an introvert. Try and find a play they have never seen before, so there is more to discuss afterwards.

4. Go to a library or a museum

Depending on the person’s interests, choose a museum or a library to visit. These are often quiet, peaceful environments which can be perfect for people who don’t feel the need to fill empty space with mindless chatter.

5. Go to the cinema, or stay in and watch a movie

Much like when watching a play, an introvert can soak up the content without having to make small-talk and after the movie is over, there is plenty to discuss. Some people like the environment of a dark, busy movie theatre as they can get lost in their surroundings and focus solely on the movie, others prefer to be in a comfortable familiar homely surrounding whilst watching their movie – figure out what suits their personality and mood best and do this.

6. Go to a gig, performance or musical

Introverts tend to be pensive creatures, who soak up the atmosphere around them and take a lot away from music. Some introverts may feel free and happier when enveloped by music, just remember it may be specific – an introvert would probably hate going dancing where they feel centre of attention.

7. Read together

Whilst there will most definitely be introverts who hate reading, the majority I have come across in my lifetime love it. Readers love nothing more than having somebody to simply read next to them, whether it is on the same bench overlooking a pretty sunset or on bean bags on opposite sides of the room – read with your introvert and make them happy.

8. Spend time on the internet

For us introverts, big crowds and busy areas can be our worst nightmare. For that reason, the internet is our safe haven. We can talk, play, chat, be selectively social and do pretty much anything our heart desires – without actually having to have any human contact. Sometimes, just sitting with an introvert and scrolling through social media, watching Youtube videos or online shopping can be a perfect way to spend time together.

9. Don’t make any plans

Often, an introvert just loves knowing they have a whole day, or even better a weekend, ahead of them with nothing planned. They are free to do whatever they like, and that can sometimes be the best possibly remedy after a stressful week.

10. Have a quiet drink at home

Sure, everybody needs a drink sometimes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to head to your local bar to be surrounded by loud, intoxicated people. Have a quiet drink at home and just be mindful of the moment.

Although a lot of these can generalise introverts, I feel as though they apply to almost all of the introverts that I personally know, myself included. Sometimes, there’s nothing I want more than for my extroverted friends and partner to understand that I need time to do things like this.

So if you’re an introvert who can identify with these ideal fun activities – share it with your loved ones and let us know in the comments which you can identify with most.

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    these are perfect. And as a introvert myself. I approve this 😀

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