Reading and doing research is not the only way to improve your intelligence. Many brain exercises can actually make you smarter as well.

I always got mad at IQ tests because the harder I tried, the lower my results would be. So, I would study relentlessly and read books in hopes to improve my score. Little did I know that brain exercises weren’t just educational materials and gigantic college coursebooks. It was possible to become smarter by something as simple as fun activities for the mind. I don’t mean puzzles either.

How to improve intelligence and have fun

Becoming smarter doesn’t sound all that fun to some people when it includes work. Let’s face it, compare doing school work to having fun and the fact that we can be pretty lazy at times. Here’s a secret, however. You can improve your intelligence and have fun in the process too with brain exercises.

Change your routine!

Now, before I explain this one, keep something in mind: consistency is good. This is one thing that helps us when suffering from depression. But randomly and occasionally switching up the routine can also stimulate the mind.

The brain becomes used to a day after day routine and it doesn’t have to work as hard. If you decide to do something different every now and then, your brain stays alert and even becomes smarter! Pretty cool, huh?

Take your brain for a walk

It’s usually all about nature, isn’t it? Going outside reduces depression, walking in nature quells anxiety, and the great outdoors also feeds creativity. Is there anything nature doesn’t make better? Well…here’s another one.

Consider the fact that the hippocampus processes memories. Well, nature provides a bustling array of sounds and sights to create new and exciting imprints upon the mind. Having a healthy memory helps increase intelligence.

Learn a new language or musical instrument

Yes, I guess this one will take a bit of work, but in the end, you will reap loads of benefits and creative inspiration. Nothing improves the intelligence like learning to play guitar or piano, which provides a rigorous workout for the brain.

New languages are fun and practical as well, and can be used to have a more enjoyable vacation, meet new friends, and yes, expand the brain!


Some discussions lead to arguments, and I don’t advocate this route of learning. However, if you can have a healthy discussion about any given topic, it’s always good for your brain.

Debating or utilizing an alternate opinion helps you learn new perspectives. Sometimes having fun talks with others can help you understand yourself as well, and why you hold certain morals or standards. You become smarter when challenging your own beliefs and partaking of lively conversations.


Here’s another topic favorite. Meditation is responsible for all sorts of positive results. It makes you healthier physically, it calms you mentally and guess what, it also makes you smarter!

Being mindful has the ability to increase brain mass and brain activity. Areas that affect memory and cognition are directly affected when practicing meditation. The best part: it only takes a few minutes a day to make a difference.


Maybe not everyone is a professional writer, I get that. Keeping a journal, however, is something that everyone can do, and should. When you take time to write, you are increasing your cognitive abilities. To make sure writing is fun, just jot down things that make you happy.

Fill a journal with all the things that bring a smile to your face, and take time to enjoy reading them afterward. Here’s another tip: hand-writing works better than typing because it allows you time to really dwell on the words you are creating.

If you need help getting started, try writing prompts for ideas. They are super fun!

Practice sarcasm

Try this one! Have you ever heard all the rave reviews of sarcastic people and wondered what that was all about? Well, the fact is, being sarcastic is good for your brain, it increases abstract thinking skills.

For one, it allows you to create a sarcastic answer to someone’s question, by using creativity and this is fitness for the brain. The appreciation of other’s sarcasm also heightens the intelligence as well.

Read out loud

I guess you’re wondering why this would be any different from reading silently, right? Well, apparently, reading out loud stimulates different brain circuits. Reading out loud with someone else works even better because it creates unity and also promotes brain fitness by switching roles in the reading material.

The recall test

The memory is one of the first things to fall behind, and that’s why giving the memory a workout can only make it better. Here’s something to try.

Make a list, any list. It can be a list of grocery items or a to-do list even. Now put the list away and try to remember the items on the list. You can practice this memory exercise as much as you want and it will help produce a healthier, more intelligent recall ability.

Take a cooking class

Learning how to prepare a new cuisine is always a fun way to become more intelligent. Considering food intices several senses at once, you can see just how many areas of the brain are affected. You have your sense of taste, smell, sight, sound, and touch!

Now that’s a workout with a reward at the end – you can partake of the delicious results of your work as well!

Counting change

When I mention counting money, I don’t mean counting in order to purchase something. Rather, to create a smarter brain and have some fun, why not count change with your eyes closed. Pick up a stack of change with various monetary value and try to identify what you are holding only by what it feels like.

Brain exercises like this stimulate areas of your brain that you usually don’t use when counting change. Try it, it’s interesting

Another memory test

This one is simple and loads of fun. When you return from a new destination, attempt to draw a map from memory. Yes, this will be challenging considering you have only been to the location once, but that’s what provides a good mental workout.

Comparing your map to actual maps will be fun and sure to make you laugh.

Yes, becoming smarter can be lots of fun!

Never dread the aspect of learning something new or using brain exercises. Who said intelligence had to be boring? It doesn’t! Use these activities and have fun with them.

There are many more similar ideas that will also increase your intelligence. How do you grow smarter? Share your ideas too!



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  1. Chris

    I have a pretty bad memory. But, rather than trying to improve it, I use a note/memo app to write stuff down.

    From your list of suggestions, I would pick debate as the best brain exercise; and personally, I would specifically choose political debate as I myself am very political.

    (That type of debate would not really work in England, though, as free speech is illegal).

    1. Sherrie

      Debating is nice at times, but we must take care not to become offended by other opinions. I get quite a bit of exercise talking with my brother and my oldest son. They have exceptional arguments for their beliefs and standards, and I find it hard, at times, to convince them to see things in a different way. It’s a good way to leave you up half the night contemplating what was said.

  2. Gary Hynous

    The intellectual mind is like a muscle…use it or lose it. This part of your mind is valuable. In physical exercise, you need to challenge your body to go beyond your preconceived limits. The same is true for your mind. More human interaction, especially with people who have knowledge or expertise that is different than your own and from whom you can learn, is valuable. Meditation is excellent and easier said than actually done. Your ego driven mind will always try to take over because when you bring it under control it becomes insecure and wants to reestablish its’ dominance. Never stop learning and always check your sources and ask questions. Never let anyone belittle you. Be courageous in your interpersonal interactions and choose your friends wisely.

    1. Sherrie


      I love to sit with others who are older than me and listen to them. I love their wisdom and stories so much. I just want to keep learning things from others who have been here longer. I also know that there are some things that I can learn from those who are younger as well. My children, they are so intellectual and their school work sometimes blows my mind. Yes, the mind is like a muscle and I notice how much better it works when we do work out. hehe

  3. Alex Jordan

    Exercise is extremely important for making sure that the brain gets enough oxygen to do what it needs to throughout the day. Lack of exercise can also lead to depression. People would do well to make sure that they incorporate some daily cardio along with their study breaks.

  4. Chandan Kooner

    There are various exercises for brains that make us more active. It is a thing which we all have to include in our daily routine. Well, thanks for sharing.

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