In the 1970s, a group of archaeologists found an underground gallery in Rosia Montana, Romania, which led to numerous discoveries.

Around 3500 BC, people of the Scythian tribe called the Agathyr built an underground gallery, also known as the hyperborean gallery, which is now known for having unearthed unusual gravestones. These gravestones were not made of normal composite stone but gold, granite and Wolfram. This led the researchers to dig even further and they eventually found 10-meter tall human-like skeletal remains.

Who did these mysterious giant skeletons belong to?

The Ancient Giants of Romania

Legends of giants in Romania have been around for as long as people could remember. Depending on the region, the legends and names given to them were different. Most of the legends claim that the giants lived in the mountains and were responsible for many of the unusual sights there. One of them was the unique mountain formation called the Pillars of Tainita, which resembles a set of chairs. It is believed that the giants built them for their council meetings.

Among the things people blamed the giants for were the two cities on the top of the mountain in the Hateg County, which, according to a legend, were believed to be built by two female giants. When they were done building their cities, one of the giants was jealous of the other and decided to throw a large boulder at the city. It made a large gaping hole in the mountain, thus giving birth to the name Severed Mountain.

Other Discoveries of Giant Skeletons in Romania

Numerous skeletons of giants have been found and unearthed in Romania throughout the last century. In the 1940s, there was a mass excavation of 80 human-like skeletons that appeared to be about 5 meters (16 feet) long.

In Maramures, there is a place called the forest of Oncesti, which was believed to be the home of the giants. In 1989, there was also a discovery of 20 giant skeletons in the Lebada town in Pantelimon. A network of tunnels that lies underneath the Bucegi Mountains was also discovered by workers in the area.

Giant skeletons have been unearthed in many places in Romania, but coincidentally, many were reported lost or destroyed. We don’t know for sure what happened to them, but there are still some skeletons that are expecting to be studied at archaeological sites.

Although the evidence for giant humanoid skeletons was found in other places too, Romania seems to have one of the largest collections. Thus, archaeologists in Ecuador found a large ancient pyramid complex deep inside the Amazon, and local people believe it to be the ‘lost city of the giants’. But this is just one place compared to the various sightings in Romania.

Curious findings have been made in Buzau County, Calarasi County, Persani County, Polovragi County, Piatra Craiuli, Tara Hategului and many more other places. If you are keen on going on a historical tour, these would be some nice destinations to go.


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