Illusion noun il·lu·sion \i-ˈlü-zhən\: something that looks or seems different from what it is: something that is false or not real but that seems to be true or real.

Now that we are shown the definition of the object of this topic allow me to ask you, my dear reader: Have you ever been entangled in illusion at any point in your life? Yes, no or still uncertain?

Let me assist you in clarifying your own thoughts and answering a question that is fair and true to yourself. Answer as fast as you can – preferably out loud by imagining that you are facing yourself as an interrogator.

Ask yourself the ultimate question: WHO AM I?

1…                                                                  7…                                                                  13…

2…                                          6…                  8…                                          12…

3…                  5…                                          9…                  11…

4…                                                                  10…

Besides distracting you, these numbers are there to show you visually your own ability to (not) come up with an answer in the shortest amount of time possible. And I did not ask you, my dear reader, something that is unknown to you, did I? Well, now – are you satisfied with your answer? There is no one here to judge you if you cheat on answering, is there?

After this a bit unorthodox introduction I would like to present to you the meaning of the headline of this article – The theory of life as a Grand illusion.

From the moment we are born, in a corporeal form, into this world we are deprived of an identity of our own. Genetically we are a mix of our parents, grandparents, and our ancestors. Shaped by our closest environment – for the good or the bad – we are all but the image of our true self that countless religions point out that we should be. And we must not blame ourselves. We absolutely had no choice.

And even after all the trauma or happiness of growing up, there is something that was there all the time in each and every one of us that ever existed. Can you guess what that is?

The answer is INTEGRITY. The state of being complete or whole.

I shall allow myself to point out that we are being bombarded by the influx of countless stimuli each and every day and whether we allow it to affect us or not is a reflection of the integrity of our being.

Now, when that is out of the way, let me point out what is the merit of the lack of integrity – an illusory behavior based on the influence of the outside induced stimuli. Short and simple it means losing yourself to lies, deception, and manipulation.

The importance of living as a being of integrity is the state of being as pure a soul as it is intended for all of us to be. Our short existence in this form of bones and flesh is riddled with questions for which we may never get the answers to. Why should we deceive ourselves that we need anything material to be happy or fulfilled? And yet we do it all the time.

There is always something that we feel we need to have in our possession and yet even when we conquer all the obstacles and ourselves in order to accomplish our goal we are left with a feeling of emptiness. So we go and find another goal to fill the void and on and on the cycle goes on until we find ourselves confused by the true emptiness of life we are consequentially left with in the end.

This has been a topic of countless souls that inhabited this planet before us.

Religions were in their essence created to try to lead us on a path that will keep our integrity and guide us in a way that will show us the beauty of creation and existence.

For example, Hinduism is strictly pointing out the Maya – the illusion that envelops us and keeps us from finding our true selves by the means of traps that are ever-present. Taoism points out that that there is a true path we must walk through our lives with the integrity of our being. Christianity teaches us how we should live our lives in devotion by the means of commandments.

Many religions point out that the way to attain true self is by means of resisting the temptations that are all around us. Temptations are the influences of the environment but also ultimately the projections of our mind. Our mind is the greatest source of illusion. If you do not believe me then remember the biggest disappointment in your life and maybe you will see how it came to that happening.

We always know the cause of everything that is happening to us all the time and yet we still allow our minds to pretend that we are oblivious to the consequences of our actions. We are all responsible for our actions at all times whether we want to accept it or continue to lie to ourselves.

The best way to live your life, my dear reader, is by means of being true to yourself. That is the answer to the countless many that have pondered about the way life should be lived. That is the ultimate truth.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. SkySheriff

    Very interesting article!

  2. MJ

    Every religion should lead us to the same point, they all have the same “core”. Its just a question how you interpret it, and if you find integrity (as you called it).

    I would go one step further – not just integrity but complete oneness – full mystical experience, the problem is it might take decades… 🙂

  3. Tiffany

    So much of the illusion of life is that laws are set in stone. We tend to believe that ours is the right way, or the only way, and that we live in a concrete world. That nothing is solid, and that no one has the sole truth, is a way to reach towards integration.

  4. Jedi Dwight

    My experiences with living in integrity has been that I have had many wondrous experiences such as travel, education, relationships, earning money, taking risks, losing money, losing relationships, loving people, leaving them when they hurt me…. integrity does not guarantee a romantic or even a morally good outcome. There are no moral overtones to integrity. I think morality and integrity are two things people blend together in their heads. Now I am not saying robbing a bank even if you are broke or committing murder is justifiable. I am merely saying that we must not mix the two things up. Case in point: who are the REAL terrorists? ISIS says it’s the USA because the USA is the great capitalist pig war machine that wants to dominate the human race. USA says it’s ISIS because they are superstitious religious fundamentalists who hate women and reason and just want to kill for fun. Which group of people are doing what is morally right? I’d argue that from their own perspective each group would claim they have the moral high ground and the other group is evil. This is why integrity cannot answer issues of morality. Most of those US politicians who write the bills that send the nation to war do so out of their own sense of integrity… they feel they are doing the right thing. The ISIS bombers feel the same. It’s ironic… both sides are trying to be the best at what they do because their sense of integrity demands it. So where does that leave us? These are not black-and-white issues of right and wrong which is why the mainstream news is such a joke. To find truth, look within. It’s the only place truth lives.

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