The childhood period is when you get the most affected by the things around you.

This is why it is so essential for children to be around positive things and have a positive attitude from their parents. What you digest and learn as a kid while growing up will affect the way you think as an adult individual.

This is why the beliefs that you carry and the difference between the right and the wrong that you learn always stay with you throughout your life. If you are afraid of something, then that fear will always be there. It is very difficult to change the way you think or perceive reality once you have grown up.

Therefore, the difference between happy people and those who are dissatisfied with their life usually lies in the way they were brought up.

In fact, a recent study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that parents who are warmer and less controlling raise happier children. These are not the only things you can do to make sure that your kid will have good mental wellbeing in their adult life.

Today’s blog is going to tell you about the things that the parents of happier children do right.

Less controlling

When you control your child, you exert too much pressure on them and make them feel like their life has just to be within the lines defined by you as a parent. As a result, your child will never be able to flourish and explore them.


Communicating with your child is important. Parents who talk to their kids regularly help them identify the problems, face the challenges and learn to fight with them.

If there is a communication gap, the child will be less likely to grow up as a happier individual and will have problems in relationships, issues with stress and moral challenges.

When your communication with your child fails, they can also very easily become victims of hazards like sexual abuse or get themselves into different addictions to counter that emptiness within them.

Parental Warmth

Parental warmth can do wonders. People who have grown up receiving parental warmth in abundance are not just happy and successful but have strong relationships and life values.

They are compassionate in nature and truly understand the values of the society and family they have grown up in. The bond with their parents also remains very strong for the lifetime.


Developing trust in your child is important. Trust comes from becoming less controlling and allowing your kid to see the world with their own eyes rather than putting ideas into their mind. Trust is an important element when teaching your children to grow up as happier individuals.

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