Do you enjoy your own company? Are you happy alone?

As children, we are constantly told what we should be doing as we get older, and what we should be aiming for in the future: qualifications, a good job, a partner and children. Although this brings happiness to many, it may not bring happiness to all. Sometimes, we can be more than happy by simply being alone and having our own space.

If you think you may be truly happy alone, take a read and see if any of these 10 signs apply to you.

1. Social Expectation Doesn’t Sway Your Choices

Women are expected to want to settle down and have a family. Perhaps not so much anymore, but the stigma of an older woman without a husband and children still stands. This doesn’t bother you however, you are the designer of your own destiny, and if and when children come, you will be ready for them.

2. You Are Happy In Your Own Company

There are many of us who are not happy alone and find it hard just being in their own company. You, however, enjoy relaxing by yourself, without the annoyance of anyone else and the expectations of a social event.

3. You Sleep Better Alone

For you, sharing beds is the worst, no matter how big the bed is. Alone, you can sleep like a baby and starfish the entire bed. If there is someone else there it just gets far too crowded and uncomfortable.

4. Eating Alone Doesn’t Bother You

Eating alone, especially when dining out, can be uncomfortable for a lot of people, and many avoid it at all costs. Not you. You have the confidence to eat alone and enjoy it. No need for the uncomfortable small talk of an awkward first date.

5. Making Plans For The Weekend Is Not A High Priority

Free weekends are the best weekends. Having plans is nice, but it’s not urgent or totally necessary. You can have just as much fun at home and doing exactly what it is that you want to do, rather than whatever other people want to do.

Of course, you make time for friends and family, but a weekend to yourself is seen as a luxury.

6. You Enjoy The Freedom Of Being Alone

Being alone means that you can do what you want when you want. You don’t have to rely on other people to get ready or to be on time, and you don’t have to compromise on the activity.

You can decide what you want to do and spend as much time as you like doing it.

7. Silence Doesn’t Phase You

A lot of people don’t like to leave themselves with their own thoughts too often, as they can find silence unnerving, but not you.

You enjoy your own thoughts and the silence of being alone and you find ways of putting it to good use. You come up with some of your best ideas when you’re alone, and giving that up doesn’t seem worth it yet.

8. Clingy People Irritate You

Relationships are fun, but nothing is worse than someone who wants to be around you all the time. You need your own time and space to just be yourself, and someone who is a bit too clingy can very quickly take away the time you need to be you.

9. You Solve Your Own Problems

Without someone there to lean on and cry to when things go wrong, things can get difficult. But you have become a seasoned pro at picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and finding a solution to the problem.

You are completely independent when it comes to problem-solving, and it makes you very good at it.

10. You Ignore Your Phone For Long Periods Of Time

When you are truly happy alone, you can get lost in a book or a TV series, and your phone gets completely ignored. This can leave you MIA socially speaking, but also allows you to relax and enjoy your own things.

So, do you think that are you truly happy alone after reading this list? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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