Studies suggest that high emotional intelligence is more important than IQ in creating success. And certain personal traits indicate an above average EQ.

It is not only success that is more likely for those with high emotional intelligence.

Research indicates that people with this trait are also likely to have better relationships and be generally happier. There are tests that can measure emotional intelligence. However, if you have the following traits, then it is likely you have high emotional intelligence.

1. The ability to understand and name emotions

Highly emotionally intelligent people are very self-aware. They have a good understanding of how they are feeling, which makes is easier for them to handle their emotions in a healthy way.

They also have a wide emotional vocabulary so can name their emotions. For example, rather than just saying they are happy, they may describe themselves as content, connected, blissed-out or joyful. And when they are feeling sad, they might pinpoint the emotion as irritability, loneliness, disappointment or rejection.

Having this wide vocabulary helps them to truly understand their emotions. It also enables them to deal with any negatives more effectively.

2. An ability to understand the emotions of others

Highly emotionally intelligent people can use also this awareness to identify other people’s emotions. Being able to understand how other people are feeling enables them to provide the right help and support. They ask the questions that allow others to open up about their feelings and desires.

This means they create deep, meaningful relationships. They can then use this information to effectively cheer someone up or calm someone down.

3. A generous and thoughtful nature

Having this ability to connect makes them thoughtful of others. They are likely to remember details of other people’s lives, such as their work, interests, family and friends. Emotionally intelligent people make others feel good by acting on these details.

Like, for example, remembering someone’s favorite flowers and buying them a bunch to cheer them up.

4. An ability to manage thoughts

Emotionally intelligent people understand that thoughts are just thoughts and not facts. This helps them to avoid ruminating over things too much. They also understand that our thoughts cause our feelings.

They, therefore, watch their inner dialogue carefully and choose to let difficult and unhelpful thoughts go.

This also means that emotionally intelligent people don’t tend to hold grudges or dwell on the past. They understand that the past can’t be changed and focusing on negative past experiences simply clouds the present moment.

5. An appreciation for what is good

Being emotionally well balanced also helps people to appreciate all that they have. It is very easy for negative thoughts and feelings to dominate.

Emotionally intelligent people are able to focus on the positive and bring a healthy balance to their lives. Thinking about the positives in our lives and what we are grateful for helps us to shift out of negative thinking patterns and low emotional moods.

Some people are more naturally emotionally intelligent than others.

However, this is a trait we can all learn or improve on. Paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, listening carefully to others, and looking for the things to be grateful for in our lives can help us develop this trait.



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