When we are in a state of high vibration, we experience some strong positive feelings. They may vary, but there are some common things.

Most of us instinctively understand energy vibrations. We immediately know if we have walked in on an argument, even if we didn’t hear a word because we feel the tension in the room. Conversely, we may experience a peaceful atmosphere at a holy site such as a stone monument or church or be uplifted by the positive vibes at a concert or festival.

In our everyday lives, too, we experience dramatic shifts in our energy, sometimes feeling inexplicably joyful and the next moment feeling depressed and low. When our vibration is low, life may seem like a struggle.

We may experience poor health, relationship problems and financial difficulties. We may also often feel depressed, anxious or angry. Sometimes these energetic variations seem beyond our control. It feels like our low mood is caused by outside circumstances.

However, as we begin to understand these patterns, we realize that we can control our own energy vibrations. When this happens, we may begin to experience a vibrational shift and eventually find ourselves in a state of high vibration.

These 10 signs may indicate that you are experiencing a vibrational shift:

1. You are emotionally balanced

As your energy begins to vibrate at a higher frequency, you dwell less on negative emotions such as anger or despair. You let all emotions pass through your mind without affecting your underlying sense of wellbeing.

2. You are grateful for what you have

Instead of focusing on the things that are lacking in your life, you notice all the good things you have. You begin to count the blessings in your life such as a home, good relationships, food, health and creativity. Additionally, you feel a sense of abundance rather than feelings of envy or lack.

3. You are open-minded

Rather than having a fixed idea of what life should be like or how people ought to behave, you approach life in an open-hearted and curious way. You realize that your way may not be the right way for everyone. Because of this, you avoid making judgments about people or situations and prefer to stay open and curious to see what you might learn.

4. You are self-aware

As your energy frequencies rise, you begin to think more carefully about the best way to live your life. You are conscious of the effect of your words and actions on others and try to make sure you always act for the highest good possible.

5. You have great empathy towards others

Not everything is easy at this level of awareness. As you try to see things from others’ points of view you may feel their pain. Because of this new understanding, you try never to cause pain to others. You try not to criticize others or make judgments about them because you understand that you are in charge of directing only your own life.

6. You take care of yourself

Though you are empathetic towards others, you also take good care of yourself. You don’t let others manipulate you and you set boundaries and say no when necessary to preserve your energy for your own purposes.

Taking care of yourself becomes a priority. So you ensure you eat well, exercise, get enough rest, and take time for balancing activities such as meditation or yoga, to have a high vibration.

7. You are creative and inspired

Living in the flow of high vibration, you feel inspired by life and all its wonders and opportunities. Often, you have so many ideas you can’t keep up with them. You love to create and make things beautiful. As your creativity expands, you express it in every aspect of your life from the way you dress to the way you work or parent.

8. You feel connected

You understand that all of life is interconnected and we are all reliant on everything and everyone for our existence. While you sometimes despair for the planet, you believe that love can overpower hate and greed and that the world is ultimately a good place to be.

9. You forgive easily

You understand that people are doing the best they can, so you easily forgive their mistakes. Additionally, you understand that holding a grudge hurts you more than it does the other person. A lack of forgiveness disturbs your balance and can cause you to spiral into negative thoughts and feelings. So instead of holding on to this negativity you choose to let go.

10. You have a sense of purpose

When your vibrational energy is high, you feel a sense of working towards your purpose in life. You feel full of vitality and enthusiasm for achieving your dreams. Opportunities occur just when you need them. Also, the right people come into your life just when you are ready for them.

As your energy levels rise, you begin to experience life in a more flowing way. You are then able to see the beauty, love and abundance in your life more clearly. Your health may begin to improve, as will your relationships and financial situation.

Most importantly, you will feel inspired, peaceful and joyful. Your life will not be without its troubles, but while you are in a state of high vibration, you will be in a better place to ride the ups and downs and remain balanced and open-hearted.

If you have yet to experience a vibrational shift, try spending more time in nature, meditating, journaling, listening to uplifting music or spending time with children, animals or joyous people.

As you look inward and begin to understand your own energy vibrations better, you will no longer be at the mercy of outside influences but will be able to stay balanced no matter what is going on in your life.

Are you experiencing any of these signs? Share your experiences in the comments below if you feel that you are in a state of high vibration.


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  1. Lennert

    I am definatly experiencing this. It started 2 years ago. I’ve been a drug user and alcoholic since I was 13. Two years ago I experienced a first episode of what I describe now as a very powerful self-transcending experience. Docters told me I was psychotic … When i believed them, a few days later, i broke, went into a 3 week long panic attack … Periodically, about every half hour. I managed to work myself through it with the same ideas that gave me this first self-transcending experience. Some time later i sobered up, after 13 years of drug abuse, at the age of 26 which I am right now. I still struggle very hard in trying to tell my psychologist what has happened. He can’t wrap his mind around it and it hurts … But it’s a very good psychologist and I’m sticking with him, even if I have to leave this subject out of our sessions. I’m feeling good about myself in a way that, I think, never happened before. This spiritual awakening that I experienced was too powerful at first and they thought I was crazy. Very unfortunate …

  2. Kirstie

    Hi Lennert, I agree that sometimes these kinds of experiences can be too intense for us to handle. I am pleased you are getting the help that you need, now. I am so glad you are feeling good about yourself, too. Stay strong 🙂

  3. Caroline Halpin

    Me too,I was an addict but it was a long time ago.But, I suppose being on anti depressants and some thing for BP and some thing for high colesteral,but I was as amazed one day I realised I was forgetting to take my A.D. ,for me that’s a big deal,my personality is highly dependent, afraid to feel, but 5 years ago I was 92 KG I thought I’d never be happy ever again and this made me sweat guilt for feeling I was not being there for my Son,..I would try to sleep to make time go by,…but I thought this was normal,Iaccepted treatment from my husband that has to be addressed now and he is struggling to understand why I’m no longer neglecting my needs bur making sure everything everyone else is well taken care of.
    I have never been very religious,but I do remember that after mass on Sunday leaving I always felt clean,.and you would have to be good to hide how your really feeling I know when someone is lying ,not always but I have never had any experiences,even though I meditate as much as I can,I got up late yesterday for the first time in ages and I know that it was missing my meditation first thing,I felt all over the place, it’s been a big deal to me and I noticed some pain too, but then again it reminded me that I have hardly any pain now either.I really just wanted to say that this is a definite keeper ,a good go to when you need to “”realise””
    Thank You very much

  4. Sujani

    Really i too feel about universal enegy indeed. I feel it , there are many interconnections via all the things in the world. always i wanna relax my mind and hear the nature, i dont have argument with any other .i feel the world , i feel the energy . Some people are atracted us and some are not. I belive there is a chemistry of each other. the thought inside us are more powered the enegy we have ..

  5. Bonnie

    Thank you, Kirstie, for the best description of vibration frequency I have read anywhere!


  6. Vani

    Yes I m feeling high vibration in my life n place I can feel energy also

  7. Elainia

    The fact that someone hurts because the world has turned it’s back . Everyone stopped caring , loving ,laughing from the gut. It takes 1 minute to listen to a stranger, or a freind. we all need each other to smile , ive changed so much and im so fricken Grateful for everything in my life even the bad..( if there is really bad) it’s really just life. So i have a bad habbit of picking up animals that have been hit by a car, removing them for dignity, they meant something in this world but ive stopped because i believe there is someone else that cares… the baby that got hit was white looked as if the baby was sleeping. The following morning on m y way to work the baby was brown ,disturb, twisted now on the side of the road as if it never mattered to this world. They matter to me . Not sure why i even wrote about this…IM SORRY

  8. Voytek Pavlik

    Thinking of being on higher vibration for some is just being on its lowest, imagining themselves as being higher, out of desperation. A Matrix sort of a way.

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