Higher civilizations might live inside black holes

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black holeRussian scientists have concluded that highly developed extraterrestrial civilizations might live inside black holes. Senior Fellow at the Moscow Institute of Nuclear Research Vyacheslav Dokuchaev explained that black holes are the remnants of massive stars. The fact is that when a star goes out, the pressure within it is insufficient to keep the gravity. The result is a gravitational collapse when the star “falls inside”.

Overtime the entire mass of the stellar body gets concentrated in a single point of microscopic size. It is called the point of singularity.“Onthe outside at a rather large distance about 10 million km there is a so-called event horizon. It is a place where photons can still fly with the speed of light. Everything that is inside can’t fly out”, said the scientist.

Dokuchaev thinks that beyond the event horizon there is a so-called Cauchy horizon, an area where the space and the time acquire their normal qualities. Objects within it revolve in the same way as planets in our solar system. However, the planet orbits aren’t circular, but have a more complex structure.

According to the scientist, in these conditions the formation of complex chemical substances is quite probable, therefore there are all the preconditions for the emergence of life.

Dokuchaev claims that it’s very probable that the higher civilizations live inside black holes, because they are quite a safe place to live as far as a planet orbiting a star lives no longer than the star itself, while the lifetime of a black hole is infinite. However, in order to live inside the event horizon one should have a strong technological base, because it’s easy to fall in hole, but it’s very difficult to “settle up” at a stable regular orbit within it.

The real evidence of the existence of black holes was found by astrophysicists and astronomers recently, only 20 years ago. To date, a few black holes are discovered, including a giant black hole in our galaxy. By weight it is a million times heavier than the Sun and the stars lying around this black hole move at a speed ten times faster than all the other stars.

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Higher civilizations might live inside black holes