Are you a mountain or a beach type? Your preferred holiday destination reveals whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

I’m the kind of person who loves to lay on a beach and soak away my blues on a tropical island, which can actually reveal a lot about my personality according to new studies.

Whether you prefer big, open spaces like being by the ocean or closed, mountainous forest settings can determine whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert.

According to the study, introverts are more likely to head into the trees for a mountain getaway in a cosy cabin whereas extroverts love the open space and social opportunity of a beach environment.

In the report published in Science Direct, five studies were carried out to determine the connection between personality types (introversion vs extroversion) and geographical locations.

The studies

Their first study found that mountain-lovers were more introverted than ocean-lovers. Their second study found that when people wanted to be social, they preferred the ocean. But when they wanted to decompress alone, they preferred the mountains and the ocean equally.

In study three, they found that extroverts found it more difficult to have fun in a mountain setting rather than a beach setting. Study four looked at residents of mountain settings and found that they were more likely to be introverted than their non-mountainous living counterparts.

The final study sent introverts to a secluded wooded area to see if their happiness levels rose and unsurprisingly, they did.

When introverts were placed into wide, open sociable areas such as the beach, they experienced some discomfort and when extroverts were placed in a secluded forest destination, they longed for the comfort that busy, open places give them.

The studies also took into account other factors, such as age, race and gender, and determined that this had no effect whatsoever on the preferred holiday destination.

How is holiday destination associated with personality?

Further research on the topic found that generally, whilst the preferred location didn’t enforce the personality type, it did encourage it. For example, an extrovert on a busy beach may be encouraged to embrace their extrovert personality traits by being open and sociable with those around them. At the same time, an introvert may take comfort in the fact they are alone in a cosy wooded area so this behaviour is encouraged further.

Whilst this is certainly an interesting topic to study, I’m not sure how accurate it may be for myself. I may feel more comfortable being in a secluded cabin in the mountains, being an introvert myself. But my first choice for a holiday will always be a sunny beach somewhere tropical.

Do you agree with these studies? Where is your favourite holiday destination?

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  1. Don

    I’m an introvert, my choice between the two is mountains, but for more practical reasons. I’ve been to beaches on the East coast, South Texas, and California. All of them did little for me. I’ve lived most of my life in or close to mountains. Mountains provide the most spectacular vistas on the planet. Many just take your breath away. In all seasons mountains are beautiful and are open to hiking, camping, being around wildlife, and sports of all kinds. There are people and towns in all mountainous areas if you wish to be around them and they are as friendly as on any beach. For holidays I would never again go to a beach.

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