The fact that some people can see auras while others cannot is intriguing. Could it be an inborn gift or something that must be learned?

According to a recent paper, researchers of the University of Granada first proposed a scientific explanation for the phenomenon of aura.

The Spanish researchers say that healers who claim they can see auras have a neuropsychological feature – something called, “synesthesia”. This phenomenon is a fusion of sensations of the five senses.

It happens due to an active connection between the parts of the brain responsible for processing stimuli. Thus, these people can feel or see the sound as well as associate people with a certain color.

Synesthesia isn’t learned

The odd ability to connect colors with foods and sensations of touch with music is not a trait learned while growing up. In fact, many children experience this gift at an early age.

Studies have confirmed that the gift is more prevalent in women and is passed down from a certain ancestor, hence it is most definitely genetic. About one in 2,000 people are synesthetic, and the results of tests among these people are consistent with the same tests conducted over a century ago.

This leads many people to believe that the ability to see auras is a product of this mixture of the senses. If an individual can see the music they play, why can’t they see the color of energy surrounding the human form? The ability to see these things makes seeing auras a simple task, wouldn’t you think?

In an article published in the scientific journal Consciousness and Cognition, professors of the Department of Experimental Psychology of the University of Granada, Oscar Iborra, and Luis Pastor proposed the first scientific explanation for the multicolored energy field that surrounds living beings and is invisible for ordinary people.

The scientists note that although most healers do not have synesthesia, there is a large number of people who display this syndrome. Many people believe that they have paranormal abilities, but it all comes down to a scientific explanation of the particularities of their brains.

Suppose most “powers” are just those unlocked portions we hear so much about, you know, the unchartered territories of the mind. That would certainly explain so much. It could be that people who can see auras simply have unusual brains and there is nothing supernatural or paranormal about it.

For their study, the researchers interviewed a few people with synesthesia.

Here’s an outstanding example: Esteban Sanchez-Casas, a healer from Granada. This specific person is an example of someone gifted with “face-color” synesthesia, which means that he has a certain region of the brain which is responsible for the recognition of individuals associated with the color zone, so he associates each person with a certain color.

He also has mirror-touch synaesthesia, so when this healer sees someone who feels pain, he feels the same pain. In particular, Sanchez-Casas has a high level of empathy, namely the ability to feel what another person feels. Thanks to these features, he developed special abilities of aura reading that inspire confidence in people.

This could be the answer to why we see auras

Could it be that a high level of empathy paired with synesthetic abilities could give some people the ability to see auras? It’s a likely and possible idea. Facts cannot lie, and it’s obvious something beyond the ordinary is going on here. At the same time, it’s quite a rational explanation that relies on science rather than on controversial New Age claims.

Now that we can see energy fields and read minds, what’s next? Your guess is good as mine.

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  1. zira

    My daughter is one of them who can see people’s aura. She can also see the supernatural beings .Some people refer to as as the opening of the third eyes. I was sceptical before and had learned to accept this. It was difficult for her to explain to me how she sees the world thru her eyes. She is just an ordinary young lady, but has always been peculiar.

    It started slowly when she is very young. She talks by herself. She hears things . It was not so clear and often then . But now this vision is as clear as day to her and its there all the time. She don’t understand the meaning of this colors of course. She is not in any way a spiritual healer or anything like that. She is learning to differentiate now some colors (ie black & grey) showed certain person is sick . I wish i could learn more to help me understand more of how she see the world thru her eyes

  2. Jordan

    So I am able to see auras. Usually the strongest colors are blue, green, and yellow, but sometimes I only see light energy and not entirely color. I am also an empath. Ive Been told since before I can speak that I was an indigo child (I was able to read thought when I was little but I don’t remember, just stories people tell me) and I seriously want to know if it’s just a neuropsychological disorder or if I’m different. I’m 15 by the way

  3. Missy

    I always thought i needed my eyes fixed. Always saw illumination around everything. Saw sparks or starlets. Waves. when people I know can’t see it, it sure makes me feel off and weird.

  4. Monica

    I see colors radiate off of people as well I can remember seeing them since I was little I didn’t like to say anything because people look at me like I’m crazy on top of being ADHD I am very sensitive to heat and cold I can feel people’s body temperature even before touching them sometimes. I still don’t understand what it all means but I know I use it more to make decisions in who I will be around and let into my circle! I feel happy for people I don’t even know sometimes because I see there colors bright and when they are dim colored and I hear there stories about life situations I feel there pain fear and sadness or anger and I empathize with them even though I might not know them! But I try to help as many people as I can with what I can & sometimes it bites me in the butt but at least I tried the only thing is I can’t see my colors I am sick right now and have been fighting cancer for the second time but I’m scared I don’t see my colors because they are fading from fighting for my life I hope it’s not because I’m slowly dying all I know is I want to understand this before I leave this earth so I can try and help as many people as I can! If anyone has information or experiences that would help me I’d really appreciate it

    1. belenda

      guess what honey i thought you was talking about me !!! i have seen auros since i was little and about 5 yrs ago i was talking to my husband and said to him we was at the walmart i said there is a lot of bad people here do you see there dim lights around them. he just looked at me to make the long story short i belived everyone saw what i did and come to find out they did not and then i got on the computer and found out what i was seeing was auras i started thinking back and believed i had this skill to help me as a young girl know who was going to hurt me and who was not . growing up in the 80s adhd was treated by putting a child in a mental hospital my first time i was 6 and all the way till i got married at 17 so i had less than easy child hood and was alone so seeing auras helped me so much!!! i hate to hear about your cancer but girl listen our minds are powerful to the point if you belive you are better and live like you are you will be!

  5. Berry

    i see these kinds of things since i was little. I always think that i am different from others. I also sense things too. But it’s good to know that there are somebody else that have that ability too. It’s sometimes scary to see them, or hear things that ordinary people can’t. Like i haven’t got any in my fam as i know, but it supposed to be isn’t it? Lately i have met a person like me but she relates this ability with religion and i am not religious at all. I just saw auras a few secs ago, after i worked out when i was lying on the carpet, it was kind of different in shape from the other i have seen up to now.

  6. Grace

    I don’t know if I’m seeing auras or not. But when I look at things I see colors. They are colors that are in the rainbow. One time I remember looking at the floor and seeing red and orange colors floating around. Is this aura seeing or not??

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