Despite the fact that the various interfaces and control panels that are used in the movies are aimed only to help the development of the plot, many of these devices have gained worldwide fame.

Such things are used in many science fiction movies, starting with communicators from “Star Trek and ending with the helmet display from Terminator. Both designers and engineers could adopt some ideas of such developments.

There is a lot to say about what a good sci-fi interface should be. First of all, this is what maximizes the performance of the tasks. At the same time, this interface should inspire the audience.

Science fiction shows the possible direction of the development of technology and gives you the opportunity to think about it. Also, things like that have a strong influence on public preferences. For example, one product may lose popularity because of the effects of certain movies, while the other will gain it.

For example, the ideas of the emotion transmitters, holographic image simulators, and communicators from the movie “Star Trek: The Next Generation” are very practical and well-thought-out.

In the movie “Lost in Space”, we can observe the moment when John Robinson uses a voice command to unlock weapons. This could be used in the real world. This method is very effective and could definitely find a use.

Not all techniques can be applied in reality. Thus, the use of “talking” computers and gesture recognition function is almost impossible. Imagine what would happen if at least ten people, whose gadgets will try to say something to their owners, will meet in one place. This could possibly be useful in the car or at home but not in public places.

In most science fiction movies, starting with “Oblivion” and ending with “Prometheus“, touchscreens are used. It looks good on TV but does not transmit tactile sensations. In the “Star Trek” and some new films, traditional switches, buttons, and virtual control panels are combined.

The movie uses the most modern concepts. Of course, now no one flies on the street in a suit of Iron Man, but maybe someday, such prototype devices, designed for everyday use, will be widely available for the consumer.

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