There are more things in our world than any person can expect to learn. As we grow in life, we learn new perspectives and new skills, acquire a better understanding and have to fight through complexities as they arise.

A lot of life seems complicated – arithmetic, language, the costs of living, philosophy, romance. People struggle with acclimation to new environments early in life; graduating college and starting a career, for instance, influences not only our free time and income, but almost every aspect of our lives, and almost all at once.

So, it’s no wonder how very common it is for people to feel overwhelmed by everything going on, to feel like life’s extreme complication is overly burdensome, and to grow exhausted from the continued endurance of the weight of it all and the stress of needing to know so much.

All of that said, I have learned to view our world in a different way: Everything is simple. Even things that seem complicated are merely a conglomeration of simple constructs all compiled into a single manifestation.

I had mentioned this notion in a previous article, referencing the breakdown of mathematics from calculus to algebra, which seems complicated to someone who hasn’t learned the concept of variables being used as placeholders, then further down to multiplication and factors of ten, and further yet until really, calculus is based in counting to five on one hand.

Language can be broken down in a very similar fashion. Pronunciation of words is translated from the paper by written characters and a sequence of these characters. All languages are constructed of rules like verb tense, gender assignment, syntax, semantics, etc.

Each one of these can be further broken down into more simplistic things. And, in conjunction, history can be recorded and ideas can be communicated thanks to the written language, which can even construe emotion through proper punctuation and word form.

This, in the end, is only 26 characters in the English language. Sure, if you look at these things as a whole, the concept is overwhelming. But, take it one step at a time and learn how to count to five before learning to break down derivatives, or learn to read a sentence before writing a thesis, and eventually, you can learn to understand. The same applies to almost everything in life.

It’s important to take things in small doses and to understand that everything is simple. One of the primary inhibiting factors in our lives is fear, and being overwhelmed contributes strongly to that fear. If you allow yourself to become afraid of a task at hand, you will be less likely to want to make decisions, and the process will go more slowly and more poorly. However, if you remember to keep positive and remember to view things as simple no matter how much has to be considered, you will be unlikely to become overwhelmed and more likely to achieve your goals. 

I’ve said it before and will keep saying it, life is a matter of perspective, and that perspective defines your reality. Remember that all of the complexities of life are just a conglomeration of simple constructs, and to walk forward step by step with a smile, and your reality will be much more productive.

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