I previously published an article on the functions of the hemispheres of the brain. If you already know which of the two is dominant, how to activate the other hemisphere of your brain?

There are several simple ways to develop your brain hemispheres and their functions.

1. Engage in the right activities

The simplest of them is to do more activities associated with the functions of the hemisphere.

For example, for the development of the left hemisphere and boosting your logic, you need to solve mathematical problems and crosswords. For the development of your right hemisphere and enhancing your imagination, a good idea would be to read a fiction book or visit an art gallery.

2. Use the other side of your body

The next way is to maximize the use of the side of your body that is controlled by your non-dominant hemisphere. In order to develop the right hemisphere, work the left side of the body, and vice versa. For example, you can draw, hop on one foot, or juggle with one hand.

3. Tune into the power of your right brain

In reality, the left hemisphere dominates the majority of modern people. The system of education in our culture is focused on people with a dominant left hemisphere.

Unfortunately, the majority of people ignore the countless latent possibilities of their right brain. Until now, there is still a great underestimation of the importance of intuition and intuitive knowledge.

Although children initially are born with a dominant right hemisphere, at the age of two, the most important functions pass to the left hemisphere which has to do with developing speaking and thinking skills.

So, how to develop your right hemisphere and to reveal its hidden capacities? Except for the classical way of involving your brain in creative activities (poetry writing, painting, singing, dancing, etc.), there are special methods of stimulating the intuitive power of the brain.

They are based on an idea of the human capacity for guided imagery, which can be developed with the help of a private and tranquil environment, music for relaxation, absence of distracting noise.

Entering into a relaxed state, you can draw mental images that reflect your positive intention or the state, which you expect to achieve. A session of this kind may last from several minutes to an hour.

The result is the activation of the right hemisphere which sometimes leads to the intuitive finding of answers to certain questions, relating to seemingly intractable situations.

Be patient, tune in a creative way, believe in your capabilities, develop your brain hemispheres (both of them), and the result will not take long.

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  1. High School Diploma

    This is a very beautiful and interesting research
    The most educating one i have read today!

  2. getahun

    it is really helpful. i like to know more about this issue.

  3. brain fitness

    Why is it important to balance the right and left brain? People have difference capabilities, either they are good at their right side or left side of the brain. If we balance the sides of our brain? How will we able to determine our talent?

  4. TheEnlightened

    Practice image streaming for balancing brain hemispheres. Look up Win Wenger.

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