From the school course of physics, we know that energy can be transferred from one body to another or move to another state, but it does not appear out of thin air and never disappears. A person can gain energy and share it with others.

Since human beings have the soul but also the body, we need both physical and mental energy. Where to take it from and how to become more energetic?

How does mental energy work?

Everyone knows that energy can be obtained by performing physical exercise, good sleep, and balanced nutrition. But even with all of these conditions, you may not get enough energy. As a rule, we have a lack of mental energy.

Usually, we get mental energy from love, praise, support, understanding, doing our favorite things, and walks in nature.

Unfortunately, in everyday life, we tend to lose our mental energy due to our hectic lifestyles, day-to-day concerns, and negative emotions.

Emotions are the carriers of mental energy. You must know that a positive emotion given to another person increases the energy of both people.

Negative emotions increase the energy of the recipient and take it from the donor. This bad energy goes from you to another person. Next, it will go from them to someone else. Everyone is trying to get rid of this negative energy.

How do people lose their mental energy?

Your energy levels increase if you are calm and relaxed. Energy decreases from psychological stress. Any type of tension causes energy loss.

Even having a trivial dispute at work or any other similar situation can create tension. For example, think about how you are going to feel if you buy something without bargaining or if you insist on a discount? That’s quite a difference in the way you feel!

There are many situations when we experience a loss of mental energy. Each person has their own triggers. It depends on your nervous system and on what activities you are most capable of. It is obvious that the less capable of a certain activity you are, the more energy you will spend on it. For example, an unsociable person will lose a lot of energy even in the most trivial conversation.

If you are doing something with difficulty, you will lose energy. If you like what you are doing and even the thought of it pleases you, then you recharge your batteries.

So, how to stay energetic, if it is not possible to get rid of all the unpleasant things in your life? Make sure to water down the activities you do not like with what brings you joy. Thus, you will keep the right balance and a good mood.

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