If you want to know to be truly smart, not just appear so, you can learn a lot from the way genuinely intelligent people act and think. This article reveals the things truly smart people do.

Albert Einstein said that “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid“. And I totally agree with him because each one of has qualities that make us unique. But if you want to be smart in the genuine sense of it, it might be wise to look at some things intelligent people do.

Genuinely intelligent people share similar traits and why not learn from them how to be smart?

Learn a bit about everything

There are people who might be talking about a particular subject from the morning until the evening. But this does not necessarily make them smart. We could say that they are well-informed.

Instead, smart people can carry a lot of conversation on various topics (from cocktails to global financial development) and successfully debate them all.

In addition, they also express their own opinions, not just what they read in books or heard from others. Thus, they critically analyze and create their own perspective on a matter.

Similarly, if you want to be genuinely smart, try to enrich your knowledge by learning more. You will be amazed by the great things you will find out not only about the world around you but also about yourself.

Talk less

Smart people do not talk a lot, they know listening is just as important as expressing the ideas. They do not feel the need to prove that they know nor they want to stand out. Not because they are shy or careless, but they consider that certain discussions are not worth the fight.

On the other hand, they allow other people to fully express themselves. This is because they firmly believe that everyone has the right to share their opinion.

If you are a talkative person, learn to control your urge of talking more than the other person. Remember that s/he also has an opinion that must be heard and validated. This way, not only do you develop respect and empathy towards others, but you also become smarter in the genuine sense of it.


Whether they have access to a higher education or not, intelligent people always strive to learn from their mistakes. They analyze every aspect of their behaviour or actions and that is because they believe that there is always room for improvement.

Although you may think you have it all, it would be great having a second look. We have something to change and learn about ourselves every day and you can always sharpen your skills.

Do not believe everything you hear

Not many people question what they are being told, but only those who have the ability to see behind the packaging. Intelligent people sense manipulation, lies and disinformation. Moreover, they are able to block them or demote them, taking the right attitude according to the case.

It does not mean that you should argue or mistrust everyone. But before accepting something as the complete truth, do some research, ask yourself some questions and come up with your own opinion.

Have fun

Intelligent people know what makes them happy and they try to make them part of their daily lives. So they turn hard work into pleasure, they take breaks to enjoy the simple things.

Think first, then act

This kind of people has the ability to master their emotions. Self-control is one of their defining features. They do not react without thinking about everything in detail. Even though they are aware of the fact that emotions are very strong, they manage to keep them under control when needed.

Thus, do not let emotions take the best out of you. Get to learn about them instead and see how they can benefit you.

Do not respect the rules all the time, only when necessary

We already know that intelligent people are creative and have brilliant ideas.They do not always follow the rules and go beyond them when their dreams are great. They disagree when their lives are governed by certain individuals who are intellectually limited and have the courage to rise above everything and everyone.

At the same time, intelligent people know that rules are the key to a healthy society. So they are more than happy to follow them when these promote growth and safety.

Be curious

Speaking of learning, intelligent people know that they do not know enough. So any new study or information will attract their attention. This curiosity is not only about the desire of knowing more about medicine or technology but also about the people that surround them.

No matter if they are introverted or extroverted, people with high emotional intelligence are curious about the people around them. This curiosity is the result of a high degree of empathy, one of the basic features of those with a high EQ and IQ. The more you care about those around you, the more you want to find out about them.

I strongly believe that all our readers identify themselves with these traits and hope that this article has helped them gain understanding of what it means to be genuinely smart and not just appear so. As such, we would be grateful if you could share how your intelligence helped you in difficult or embarrassing situations.


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  1. Gary Hynous

    I do enjoy reading your posts. They are informative and make sense.I was made aware of this site by my daughter, Rachel. Thanks, Rachel! Dad

    1. Andreea Vaduva

      Thank you, Mr Gary, for your appreciation! We are pleased and happy to have readers like you!

  2. Andreea Vaduva

    Thank you, Mr Gary, for your appreciation! We are pleased and happy to have readers like you!

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