How many people can say that they’re happy? In America, it seems there’s only one in three that claims to be happy. And America is ranked #20 out of 23 countries that have the happiest people.

Why is it so difficult to become a happy person? Maybe it’s because people look in the wrong places. They try to find happiness through accumulating possessions, making a ton of money, or working extremely hard at their jobs. Even if these people succeed in these endeavors, happiness still seems to elude them.

Happiness is about more than wealth or what is done in life. There are certain characteristics that happy people possess. If you want to become a happy person, you need to incorporate these into your daily life. These are some of the fundamental traits needed to be happy.

Knowledge – Awareness – Wisdom – Faith – Hope – Love – Humility – Forbearance – Levity

These are some of the things people need to work on in their everyday life. The character is a big part of being happy, and attitude, basic beliefs, thinking, and actions can detract from their level of happiness or add to it.

Everything happening in life matters, including how a person is treated by others and what is in their heart. How people feel about themselves today is based on the traits they developed over the years.

These steps will help you learn new things, think about different/new ideas, and eventually become a happy person:

1. Embrace Courage

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Fear is a terrible thing because it steals people’s happiness. It sneaks around the back and through closed doors to rob people of their ability to persevere. The opponent of fear is courage, and Winston Churchill said that the first human quality is courage as it guarantees all of the others.

Courage faces fears, pushes them to the back, and takes steps to get rid of them. The chains of fear will be snapped, and your fears will disappear. Courage gives people the ability to get out of their realm of comfort. They can get out and meet new people, approach situations, and embrace their lives.

Courage makes it easier to endure the inevitable pains that are a part of life. If you want to become a happy person, you need to have courage because if you don’t, happiness will be just a temporary illusion and will disappear with the next challenge.

2. Hold Love Close

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Imagine a life without love. What would it be like to live an entire life without knowing love? Is it possible to become a happy person in a loveless life? The answer is no! These are very bleak thoughts about not having love in one’s life.

The more love people have in their hearts, the happier they become. Love is like a boomerang – the more people love their lives; the more life will return that love by tenfold. Loving another person is all-encompassing and is the spark of life. It gives reason to everything else and makes all things possible in life.

Love will overlook the quirks and limitations of others and always wants what is best for them. Love is the best path to the happiness that people are seeking. When a person is in love, life takes on a whole new meaning.

3. Always Forgive

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Forgiveness should be spontaneous, quick, and given freely. It opens up the heart to receive even more happiness. When people practice forgiveness, they free themselves from old wounds. They are then free to experience the greater joys of life.

People who choose to hold on to their pain will never reach a higher degree of happiness. They look for vengeance for the pain that was caused by others, but this war will be lost before it begins.

Oscar Wilde made a good point saying, “Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.” This is true because the person who caused the pain is never really expecting forgiveness.

When people forgive each other, everyone benefits. By forgiving someone, the heart can then feel a sense of relief because the bars have been torn down. It’s now free to open itself up to the happiness that has been waiting for.

The people that have been forgiven will, most likely, feel the same release. It may cause them to act differently and think of others before acting. They, in turn, may do some forgiving on their own.

4. Always Remain Grateful

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The meaning of grateful is: showing the desire to thank somebody. By looking for the good, that’s amid the bad, a person is grateful. When life is not running smoothly, grateful people recognize their blessings and see the beauty in life. Being grateful sounds like an easy thing to be but that’s not really true.

A lot of people have a difficult time being grateful because they can’t see the things that should make them feel that way. The mind needs to be retained in order to see all of the things to be grateful for and to focus on them. If you want to become a happy person, gratitude needs to become a new way to look at life.

Grateful people focus on the benefits they receive when they rise to the challenge and find new opportunities for being grateful.

Albert Schweitzer stated that when our light goes out, it can re-lit by a spark from someone else and we have deep gratitude to that person. Problems don’t just disappear when people are grateful, but they don’t take up as much room in their lives, minds, and hearts.

Gratitude needs to become a response in life that comes automatically.

5. Must Have Patience

Ways to Find Peace within Yourself

Impatient people can hardly become happy, at least not in the long run. Impatience can push happiness right out of the picture. People who lack patience become irritated when they face something they can’t control. The more people try to manipulate others and influence life situations, the more annoyed they become.

You need to learn to relax, acknowledge, and let go to become a happy person. Just let life transpire and learn to accept things that are unclear. By taking a few deep breaths, relaxing a bit, and letting life unfold, a wonderfully happy life appears on the horizon.

Happiness requires humility and honesty, which don’t come easily to most people and isn’t an easy path to follow. Happy people really stand out because they smile a lot, are popular, successful, and love to share. They also want to spread their happiness to others by inspiring them with the way they’re living their own lives.

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