Are you worried about personal success in your daily life activities? Worry no more! You are neurologically reinforced for the anticipated success you’ve been looking for.

Just by using the power of the mind, you are capable of discovering and fulfilling your dreams. Whatever your dreams and visions of success are, you are capable of achieving them.

You are able to achieve anything once you have a concrete understanding of the mind-power, and allocate it to the mind. You will not only experience the unprecedented individual growth but also serve to improve your surrounding world.

The power of humans’ minds is, thereby, strongly built upon their memory capabilities.

One of the most essential strategies towards enhancing human mind-power is thereby regarded to be “memory improvement.” A number of scientific research suggests that a strong memory relies on the vitality and health of the brain.

Brain health thereby plays a very significant role when it comes to memory improvement. The brain’s hippocampus (the memory center) is particularly capable of growing new cells and it is able to regenerate throughout the entire lifetime.

They say ‘you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.’ However, when it comes to the brain, scientific research has discovered that this cliché is no longer true.

Through neuroplasticity, the human brain is capable of adapting and changing even into elderly ages.

For those looking for the best ways of improving the power of their memories, neuroscience has approved various health strategies to improve one’s brain health and memory, which will help you boost your brainpower:

1. Exercise and Physical Fitness Maintenance

Regular exercise encourages the brain to operate at optimum capacity through stimulating the multiplication of nerve cells, thereby protecting and strengthening the nerve-cell interconnections.

During exercise, there is an increase in blood flow to the brain and the brain cells discharge protein contents known as the neurotrophic factors, one of which is known as BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor).

Its role is to trigger numerous chemical contents, which promote neural health, thereby directly benefiting cognitive functions such as learning, encoding, and retrieval of tasks. The resultant outcome is thereby a favorable impact in memory processes for both the youth and adults.

2. Diet – Eat Right

The foods that we eat and those that we don’t eat play an essential role in our brains and memory since they influence memory processes. Flavonoids, fats, calories, and glucose all influence the memory areas within the brain.

Taking healthy fats and fresh vegetables, while avoiding excessive sugar and grain carbohydrates are some of the strategies towards dietetic memory enhancement.

Alternatively, celery, curry, broccoli, walnuts, and cauliflowers contain antioxidant compounds that protect the brain and enhance the production of new brain cells.

Reducing the intake of damaged omega-6 fats while increasing the consumption of animal-based omega-3 fats, is as well an important strategy. Additionally, always limit the intake of calories and saturated fats, and eat more fruits.

3. Mental exercise

This involves imposing the brain to sufficient challenges, with new and surprising information, such as brain games, which in turn enhances its ability to track, detect, store information and later use that information to solve the anticipated future challenges.

4. Take enough rest or sleep

When you deprive yourself of sufficient sleep, the brain can hardly operate to its full capacity. Its problem-solving abilities, critical thinking skills, and creativity are compromised. Adequate rest would thereby boost such aspects and enhance the brain’s ability to process and recall information.

5. Stress management – meditation

Meditation is a form of mental training that helps focus attention. It helps increase complete control over the brain’s resource distribution, thereby improving an individual’s attention and self-regulation.

Valerie Soleil, B.A., LL.B.

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