No matter how bread buttered on both sides we are, there is always something we are unsatisfied with.

Sometimes we have everything what a normal person might want and need – a family, work, friends, and hobbies but there is a feeling as if everything could be much better than it is, as if something is missing. Very often we cannot clearly say what it is exactly, we simply miss this unknown something in our life.

We look around and it seems like the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but it is important to remember to “be careful what you wish for, you may receive it,” as William Jacobs said in his «The Monkey’s Paw» mystic story far back in the year 1902, but it is still topical issue.

A man buys an exsiccated paw of a monkey from a Hindu fakir. This thing is able to fulfill any three wishes of her owner, but there is one peculiarity about it – a wish comes true in the most unexpected way possible. It does not match up to what its keeper wished for but do harm only.

It is highly important to take good care of oneself. It does not mean that one should become a narcissist. Do you know where this comes from, by the way?

It is a Greek myth about a tremendously beautiful young man who was in fond of looking at himself in the mirror primping and preening so much that once he was just turned into a narcissus flower. Would you like to be turned into a flower?

Yes, that is what I thought. Though I am sure, for a moment, some of you could find this idea rather kinky. Just out of curiosity but not forever and a day.

For your mental health, professionals recommend spending 20 minutes or so each day to take care of yourself doing something for yourself. It will improve your overall health, will make you feel happier and will reduce the stress. This is a sketch of a plan for action.

Step out your comfort zone. You might be a “member” of “stay-at-home club” but going out is essential because your organism needs fresh air, live communication, new impressions from what you might get to see or hear outside your home area.

In order to decrease depression, tension, anxiety, anger consider doing exercises outside, in a park or a forest if there is any nearby. Trying meditation or yoga as one of its types is also beneficial for both your body and soul. Use any ability to move; for example, refuse from using elevators choosing rather using the stairs.

You could have noticed how lending a helping hand to others influence your wellbeing. That is, of course, in case you did lend a helping hand. It does not matter whether it is someone you know who were in a desperate need of help or a totally stranger, a homeless person for instance.

Helping others makes you feel better and you do not have to look forward to be helped in reply. Do it voluntarily and only then you will be able to enjoy it in full.

There are techniques for breathing which will help you with relaxation. Listening to the music is proved to be helpful too. Smile, dance, do shopping (yeah shopaholics, you heard it right!), watch comedies, read books, eat more healthy food like vegetable salads and fruits instead of fried potatoes and sweets.

In addition, make sure to chew slowly, enjoying every bit of it, because normally we eat rather fast. This is not right. Turn consuming food into a ritual of sorts. Divide into small portions, do not think that eating once or twice a day large portions of food will save you.

Your organism will spend lots of energy and time digesting those “bombs” of calories. Consuming smaller portions of food every couple of hours will prevent you from being hungry. Hunger distracts you from your daily routine, decreasing your productivity, and can even lead to gastrointestinal tract sicknesses.

It is also noteworthy to say about social media. The importance of live communication has already been mentioned above. Nowadays, people are so much into gadgets that we can see almost everyone staring at their phones and tablets even while walking.

Value your life. Life is the biggest treasure we have. Think about the people who love you. They would not want to lose you. Especially because of trivial carelessness.

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