How to Change Your Perspective on a Situation You Can Do Nothing about

///How to Change Your Perspective on a Situation You Can Do Nothing about

change your perspective

One of the joys of becoming an adult is dealing with situations and people we may not exactly care for. Often, we must do this one a daily basis because we are not fond of our coworkers, boss, or even a living situation. Yet, if you continually dwell on the negatives, you will get yourself into a worse mood where it is a vicious cycle of pessimism. Thankfully, you can break that cycle by changing your attitude, your perspective, on the situation.

Know When To Cut Ties

There is a big difference between being someone’s friend, and being their coworker. If that person is giving you headaches outside of work, it may be best to keep a strictly professional relationship with them. Easing into that transition is important because it could cause strain at work if you do it improperly.

Stay Postive

No matter how bad a situation is, there is always an upside. In order to change your perspective, you need to realize that, if you force yourself to acknowledge the good happenings of the day, you can slowly work on molding a new viewpoint. Do not become discouraged if you find yourself falling back into old habits. Simply correct your train of thought into a more positive light and be on your way.

Be Thankful

Another excellent way to change your outlook on a situation is to be grateful for it. Did your boss just put you on a project last second? Be grateful for the overtime, which means a bigger paycheck. Did your significant other yell at you to take out the trash? Be thankful you are getting some fresh air and a chance to walk away from what could become an argument. Yes, it seems silly, but these simple tricks can make the best out of an unfortunate situation. Plus a little bit of internal sarcasm can go a long way.

Come Up With A Saying

Sometimes you need physical reminders to change your mental habits. Getting into shape takes constant work, and so does retrain your mind. When you put enough effort into each task, you are greatly rewarded in the end. With a healthy perspective, you see things for what they are, you have more motivation, and you attract a better crowd. A simple way to retrain your subconscious is to come up with a positive saying that has meaning to you. “Every day holds new opportunity” is my personal saying. I have it written on sticky notes, in journals, and even on a stone in my garden. The point is to place the saying where you can see it, anywhere you may be discouraged or overwhelmed!

Changing your mental perspective is something that takes time. Some will say it can happen overnight; they are right, but keeping that mind frame takes effort. As a part of becoming a better “you,” make sure that you include all aspects of your mental health, in addition to your physical health too.

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How to Change Your Perspective on a Situation You Can Do Nothing about