Learning how to communicate with the dead is not as hard as it may seem. In fact, we all have the ability to converse with the other side.

Before I get into the specifics on how to communicate with the dead, I want to tell you why I became interested in this phenomena. I’ve lived from both perspectives in life – I’ve seen the spirits of the dead, felt their presence and even collected great revelations from them as well.

On the other hand, I have brushed it all aside and looked through my eyes with skepticism, telling myself that what I thought I had experienced was fantasy, hallucination or simply some natural occurrence covered by scientific explanation.

Living upon the earth for over 40 years has given me the opportunity to experience many forms of spirituality and the finality of atheism. I have come full circle, and I am content with the knowledge that there is something waiting for us on the other side. There is something beyond death, and although I cannot explain it all in one post, I will try to help you understand how you can make contact with that other existence.

Making contact is more than just listening to disembodied voices on a ghost box

I’m not here to discount ghost hunters and the tools that they use. Of course, you can make spirit contact in that fashion. What I want to focus on is providing a way for all of us, even those are who are unfamiliar with the paranormal, to make contact with their loved ones.

And yes, it’s possible, every one of us has a “third eye”, or what is now developed as the pineal gland. Let’s follow these basic steps in order to make successful contact with those on the other side. Make sure you also take heed any of my warnings concerning these actions. Not only are spirits of good beings on the other side, but there are also negative spirits, even evil entities as well.

First off, elevate your mood

Okay, I know this may sound a lot like those irritating people who tell you to “just smile” all the time, but it’s a little different and it’s for a serious purpose. The first step you must take, in order to make contact with the other side and learn how to communicate with the dead, is to elevate your mood. Whatever you have to do to make yourself happy, just do it. Turn on your favorite music, dance around or even watch a comedy. You must get high!

Now, I don’t promote using substances to get high, rather I mean a natural sort of elevation. With this elevated mood, you can help your deceased loved one meet you. The deceased are usually on a higher level than we are, where the mood is concerned, so we need to get as close as we can to their spiritual emotions. When we’ve heightened our mood, we can move on to the next step.

Warning: If you are in a bad mood, and you try to connect, you will more than likely connect with some negative spirit. You don’t want to do this. Also, refrain from getting drunk on alcoholic beverages because demonic forces are drawn to the depressive mood of the inebriated.

Equip yourself with crystals

One of my closest friends died and her daughter left me her mother’s pink quartz crystals. I am forever grateful for this because this particular crystal attracts unconditional love energies. Utilizing crystals is important when learning how to communicate with the dead because they are supportive energies. They open you up to possibilities which strengthen your intuition. Your intuition is a mandatory tool because it helps you decipher the motivations from the spirit world.

Open up your energy centers – Chakras

Every one of us has energy centers called Chakras, seven to be exact. The most important of these seven are the root Chakra (located in the tummy representing a red spinning wheel), the sacred Chakra (mid-abdomen, orange spinning wheel), and the solar plexus Chakra (yellow spinning wheel located in the upper abdomen).

All three Chakras should be opened and spinning, activation in acceptance of “incoming signals”. It really is much like antennae. Remember, do not just visualize this once, but retain this Chakra image in your head drawing communication inward.

Use protection!

I cannot stress this enough, but you must protect yourself before learning how to communicate with the dead. There are all sorts of spirits in the spiritual dimension. Opening yourself allows any of these spirits access to a vital part of your being. So, before you go any further, cover yourself.

It’s about visualizing white light, not only can you use material objects imbued with positive energy, you can also call on angelic powers to guard you. If you are spiritual, to begin with, you can call on your God to provide protection as you receive your positive messages.

Warning: Never attempt to open your Chakras unless you are prepared with the right protection. Make sure you are just as educated about protection as making contact. An imbalance can mean big trouble.

Know who you’re looking for

Never go into the other realm without knowing 100% certain with who you wish to talk to. If you want to talk to your deceased mother, son or brother, then make sure you have that intent cemented in your mind. To make firmer contact, try staring at a picture of this person, straight into the eyes. The eyes are said to be the portal to the soul, and this can prove to be a successful way to make contact.

You can also use objects that once belonged to the deceased, such as clothing or jewelry. The essence of the dead remains on these objects, a notion called psychometry, and these things alone can create a link to your loved one.

Warning: Make sure you know for a fact that the object you found belongs to the person you wish to talk to. IF not, you could end up contacting someone else altogether. Also, try and remember any history associated with the object as well. Some jewelry or clothing may have belonged to more than one person. This can cause complications when you summon the wrong entity.

When you’ve found your link, then use these four communication tools! Utilize the four Clairs.

As the spirit contact enters your space, then you must immediately attempt to clear your mind. This allows any messages to become imprinted and allows the deceased to feel comfortable and invited. The spirits may then leave messages in these four ways:

Clairsentience – Your deceased loved one will send feelings first. If they died a sudden death, they may decide to convey that they are at peace with what happened to them. You may respond by crying, or even being joyful.

Claircognizance – At this point, your brain will start to record things. Your deceased loved ones will start sending information, either in sentences or words, even fragments. The hardest part of this step is learning whether the information is truly coming from the entity or if it is just part of your own thinking.

Clairvoyance – Spirits may also send images. These images can be of anything and for various reasons. Maybe your loved one wants to make a specific impression or they may have an important message. Whatever the reason, pay close attention to the content of these images.

Clairaudience – Your loved one will speak to you, in this form of communication. They will speak clearly and right into your ear unless you are using a medium to receive these messages. This one will have quite an impact on your contact.

Final warning

Always, and I repeat, always be careful when learning how to communicate with the dead, not everyone is an experienced medium. Yes, it’s interesting and yes, it can be a comfort to your hurting soul, but reaching out can also open doors that are not always easy to close. Remember, we’re really not familiar with the landscape of the spirit world unless we have personally seen the other side. Also, most of us have no education in this area.

If you wish to pursue learning how to communicate with the dead, I suggest you keep reading before attempting these steps – LEARN ALL YOU CAN, FIRST!!  As for the skeptics, I believe even the toughest unbeliever has a bit of curiosity hiding deep within.

I encourage you to have an open mind and keep learning. Only then can we find ways to bridge the gap

…between the living and the dead.

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