If you want to learn how to control your mind and find it difficult to do so during meditation, you may want to try hypnosis techniques.

You’ve been to Yoga class a thousand times. You’ve learned to meditate in twenty different ways. You’ve experienced the Many Paths. You’ve followed the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha. You’re Mindful, you’re focused, you’ve experienced Nirvana. You felt the Power running down through your body, and learned that the Universe is on your side; the Secret is completely open to you.

But the deeper you get into meditation, the less is accomplished. Part of you isn’t satisfied, and you wonder if that is a reflection of some lack, some weakness of yours. Don’t worry, it’s not. All you need is to better learn how to control your mind.

Meditation of any kind feels great and is known to relieve the stress we all feel in life.

Some studies even show that meditation may lead to a longer lifespan, possibly because less stress is good for your body. But it feels like you’re not doing anything, doesn’t it?

Although your mind is resting, and your body is recuperating, it feels like you aren’t accomplishing anything at all. For a busy person like you, the world-changing Runner inside your mind isn’t happy sitting idle, while there is a Marathon awaiting.

Welcome to the Meditation Plateau. You have clambered your way past distraction, through discomfort, and over inattention, finally reaching this high, thin-atmosphered plain high in the mountains of Spirit.

Meditation gurus will say this is as high as one can climb. They say you have accomplished Everything. But I know they are wrong.

You are just barely getting started on your journey through the mind!

Let me show you the way off the Plateau, a way to climb higher into the Spirit. But up this new path lies Change, Improvement, Success and Satisfaction. It’s a dizzying climb, but I’ll lead you there and teach you how to control your mind.

Together we will strive up through the mountains until we reach the heights of Hypnosis. But you’ve done well so far. There is no reason to go back to the beginning.

So, let me teach you how to control your mind and hijack your meditation!

In order to perform any Hijacking, hijackers like us need two important things: an effective Weapon, and a Driver that feels threatened and changes destinations.

Your shiny new weapon is the knowledge that Meditation leads Nowhere. Repeat that often, as your new Mantra. Remember your own meditation classes (or self-meditation).

In Meditation, no change actually happens inside your mind. No change is actually wanted! It is either an exercise in experiencing directionless daydreaming, or nothingness.

It’s interesting but useful only for the relaxation/anti-stress factors. (What’s that? Guided Meditation? It’s just a code word for hypnosis.)

The Driver behind meditation is your unconscious mind. As in hypnosis, meditation is an interaction between the conscious mind and the unconscious.

You remember only what your conscious experiences, but all images/feelings/relationships are created by your unconscious. Virtually all the Power of your Mind is unconscious. All the creativity, all of the feelings, all of the habits, and most of the intellect…

Our conscious mind is a pale, shadowy ghost by comparison. But it’s enough to let us grab our Weapon and take control…

The exercise

So use your usual method to enter into a deep meditative state, and make your awareness extend as before… But try to keep just a little of your conscious mind online.

This is the hardest part. Don’t be surprised if you do your normal meditation session for the first few times. You may be unable to change without practice and effort.

What you’re seeking is the Balance point inside your mind. This is a balance between being conscious and unconscious — too conscious, and nothing happens, too unconscious, and you’ll just do meditation.

To succeed, repeat your new Mantra: Meditation leads Nowhere. Threaten the Driver with it. Wave it at the jugular. Hold it in your mind as you drop into relaxation. Persevere and practice until you succeed, as you will.

You’ll know Success when you are suddenly able to create new things to experience at your command, instead of just observing. Try an easy one: visualize a candle flame, and watch it flicker in the breeze. Once you’ve achieved balance, you can do it.

See yourself sitting inside a beautiful garden. Add plants, flowers, water, birds. Now hear the sounds coming in, one by one. Listen to the rushing water, the chirping birds, the rustle of branches in the wind.

You’re taking over. It’s your show, and the unconscious will cooperate more easily each time you do it. Feel the breeze on your skin, the warmth of the sunshine through the leaves.

If you go too far, and suddenly lose it all, back up and do it bit by bit once again. You are finally learning how to control your mind.

Good Job! You’ve just hijacked your own mind. Or did you actually regain the control you used to have? Welcome to the Hypnotic State, a precursor of change, growth and improvement in your Life.

Have fun experimenting as you climb off the Meditation Plateau, higher into the world of Your Spirit.

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