Everyone knows about Vampires from books, movies, and television shows, and the dangers they pose. But there’s a different sort of vampire that can be even more dangerous, the energy vampire. And we are going to talk about how to deal with energy vampires in your life.

Energy vampire definition

An energy vampire is an individual who drains your emotional energy. They sometimes do this intentionally and refer to themselves as psychic vampires.

Energy vampires come into your life, dominate it, and then leave you feeling drained. And they aren’t all the same level either. These friends, family, loved ones – they fall at different places on a spectrum of severity.

While one friend may be a little draining, another can make you feel like every ounce of energy you had before they appeared on the scene, is gone.

How to deal with energy vampires

If you’ve concluded that there are a few energy vampires in your life, then I’m sure you want to know how to deal with them. Well, maybe I can help. There are a few effective strategies that may just help you with this problem.

1. Check your expectations

If you know that you’re dealing with an energy vampire, avoid sharing loads of personal information with them. They usually aren’t truly listening to you anyway. Instead, let an energy vampire share information with you because it’s what they want to do.

Also, don’t give them advice as they probably won’t take it anyway. An energy vampire wants to be heard and feeds off your interest.

Do not allow yourself to be pulled deeply into the conversation or concerned too much with what they say. Not to be cruel, but you must protect your own energy stores.

2. Set clear boundaries for yourself

If you just cannot get away from an energy vampire, you can set boundaries with them. Avoid going on long trips or vacations with someone like this. Instead, you can try going to dinner or sharing a cup of joe at the local coffee shop.

Just remember to plan a way to leave at a certain time, eliminating the possibility of stolen energy. When it comes to spending time with people like this, always plan ahead and set firm boundaries.

3. Do not fight with them

If you try communicating with a vampire that feeds off energy, this will turn bad for you. They are terrible at communicating because they are dominant.

This means they will not compromise or see things from different perspectives. This brings me to another point. Do not fight with them because you will not win.

Energy vampires fight dirty and while you are fighting, they drain you. You’re better off just saying things like, “Whatever”, “Yeah, you’re right”, or “Okay”, and then walking away. They cannot feed if you don’t give them the words to use against you.

4. Remain positive

An energy vampire finds it a bit more difficult to steal energy from a positive person. They generally look for others with medium to low vibrations like them. People who are negative but have a fairly busy lifestyle are easy to bring down even more.

So, retaining a high vibration intimidates the energy vampire and usually makes them leave you alone. At least they will think twice before trying manipulative tactics to steal your thunder.

5. Use the word “no”

You should practice your “No” response more often on an energy vampire. For instance, if you’re just not up to even a simple lunch date, say “no”. Saying no stops the energy vampire in their tracks.

No serves as a shutting door, a barrier and it sends a strong message, “Not today, Satan!” Haha, I just had to use that one. I thought it would be hilarious. Because be honest, this is how they make us feel.

If you don’t feel like dealing with an energy vampire, just don’t. Say no to that problematic person.

6. Socialize in a group setting

Whenever an energy vampire wants to spend time with you, try to meet up with them and a group of other friends too. Most of the time, the energy vampire will decline the group invitation because they want to sink their mental fangs in you, and you, alone.

Maybe they see you as more vulnerable, and if this is true, the group setting can protect you much better. If the energy vampire agrees to meet with the group, then this can dissuade them from acting negatively, or it can reveal their true intentions to the rest of the group.

7. Talk powerfully to yourself

Recite mantras in your head and always speak life to yourself. Keeping yourself built up will project strong vibes to other people.

An energy vampire will think twice before messing with you. And if they do get inside your protective barrier, keep speaking kindly to yourself as a way of cleansing their toxic vibes.

Energy vampires are real

While this may sound supernatural in a way, some people really can suck all the energy right out of you. Some do this on purpose, and some have severe disorders that make it almost impossible to refrain from this exchange of energies.

So, before you act on this advice, please make sure you’re really dealing with an energy vampire. Remember some people just need to vent and some may even act outside of their normal character at times, due to stress, trauma, or confusion.

Take your time learning who you’re dealing with and then handle them accordingly. But most importantly of all, take care of your own mental health, so you can protect it.

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