Do you want to learn how to develop psychic abilities and whether they even exist? Some people believe that we are all born with some level of psychic potential.

However, the majority of people don’t tap into the deep dark areas of their minds. Psychic abilities are part of our subconscious mind and it is believed that one can develop them with time.

People who claim to be clairvoyants argue that you need to focus on your inner thoughts to build your psychic abilities. However, if you are oblivious about any such mental technique, there are some very effective ways to develop psychic abilities. Not only can psychic skills enhance the quality of your life, but they can also get you in touch with your subconscious.

Here is how to develop psychic abilities with the help of four techniques suggested by psychics:

1. Do Away With Negative Thoughts

Any negative energy, whether it’s thoughts, words, or feelings, might hinder your psychic abilities.

Belief and firm faith in what you’re trying to do will actually help you to achieve it. It may be a good idea to read some success stories and positive psychic experiences by people who became experts in this field.

The world would tell you to be skeptical of the existence of psychic abilities. However, you should look within yourself and find out whether you really believe in your natural power or not.

2. Practice Psychometry

Psychometry is the art of learning about items by simply touching them. You accomplish this by reading the energy they contain. Old, used, and antique items generally have more energy than brand-new ones.

Start with small objects you can hold in your hands. Metal objects are also able to hold energy better than others. Again, it is better if the objects are currently well-used. Clothing is another type of item that has a lot of energy. However, if you are a complete beginner, a small metal object like a house key or a wedding ring is probably best.

Rub your hands together and then hold the object. Close your eyes, relax, and start getting in touch with how your body feels. You may see or hear something, or not. If you feel like you’re in a mental rut, try connecting with the object by focusing on its ownership, nature of the owner, etc.

Next, write down whatever you saw, felt, or heard. Don’t worry about being right or wrong. More importantly, don’t leave anything out. If you have someone close you can work with, you can hand the object to them and see if they have a similar experience to yours.

In general, this practice would help you to get in touch with your energetic impressions. If you can share your experience with someone, well and good. If not, there is no harm in working on your own.

Once you develop the ability to sense, read, and understand the energy of objects, you would be more in tune with your psychic abilities.

For objects which may contain a whole lot of energy, try visiting antique stores or digging through family photos. Who knows, the untapped regions of your mind may tell you a lot of fascinating stories about the past!

3. Play the ‘Hide and Seek’ Game

This is related again to items that have a lot of energy. Ask a friend to hide such an object, and then see if you can connect with it. Can you find out where it’s hidden? To help yourself out, you can ask yourself questions about its location.

This practice can really help out in a most practical manner, even though it may not seem like it to a beginner. People have managed to find lost people, pets, and important possessions if they have developed psychic abilities.

4. Work on Visualization

There are several visualization techniques on how to develop psychic abilities, which can help you to unleash your psychic potential. Psychics argue that these can greatly strengthen one’s clairvoyance, and also make for a fun game! Two of these are detailed below:

Place five different items on a tray.

It’s best if they are objects you have never seen before. Study the objects for around ten seconds, and then ask someone else to remove the tray. Then visualize the tray and the objects’ placement on it in your mind.

This would stretch out your brain muscles, just like you stretch your physical muscles at the gym. What would really be amazing is if you remember the details as much as possible. Write down whatever you remember, and then challenge yourself further by increasing the number of items or decreasing the time.

Listen to the sound around you.

There may be a lot of white noise, but you can surely hear some birds chirping or children laughing if you listen really closely. Soon, you would hopefully start hearing a lot more even when you’re following your everyday schedule.

Begin by not tuning everything out, but letting it all wash over you. This can be a useful and fun practice when you’re bored in the doctor’s waiting room or waiting to pick your kids up from school.

Wrapping Up…

The reality of psychic abilities remains questionable and unverified. However, spiritual practitioners claim that developing and improving your psychic abilities is not an impossible task.

In fact, it can be a great stress buster for those who seem to have too much on their plate. Perhaps the key advice on how to develop psychic abilities is to have fun with them. Don’t focus on mastering everything all at once, but play around and be comfortable.

However, even taking the time to relax, breathe, and stay positive can be exhausting. If you don’t see results soon, there’s no cause to give up. Like every skill, psychic skills come with passion, dedication, and a whole lot of practice.

Do you believe in psychic abilities? Let us know in the comments!

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