happinessSooner or later we all think about why we came into this world. Consciously or unconsciously people chose their own meaning of life and seek to comprehend it.

In every age the purpose of human life is expressed in its own way. If in childhood we, cherished by parents, go on about the same way (kindergarten, school, college), then when we grow up, this issue begins to worry us more and more, often causing depression and unexpected turns in life.

We usually think about our purpose of life with most common stereotypes imposed from outside. We look at others and copy their aspirations, without even realizing it, and spend our precious time on achieving goals that are alien to us.

Among these alien goals may be: career growth; graduation in non-desired but prestigious specialty; desire to have expensive things; need to have family and children.

The desire to be happy is the most common dream. However, happiness is not a permanent condition. It is not noticeable, when it turns into an everyday routine. Only a permanent presence of contrasting emotions can provide the feeling of happiness. So do not try to avoid negative emotions. Remember that they are not permanent and soon will turn into the positive ones.

In fact, everyone understands the word “happiness” in his own way, sets his own goals, reaches them, and set the new ones. However, often even the achievement of a sincerely desired goal does not bring joy. At times, person, being surprised and disappointed about himself, stops moving forward. Such events can change the whole future life.

The point is to focus on your feelings, and listen to your heart and emotions. Color of emotions is the key to the satisfaction of the moments of happiness, and can tell you which direction to take.

In the course of life, having reached a number of goals, person realizes that not the material prosperity but the spiritual enrichment of himself and his surrounding world is his destination. This can be expressed in the variety of ways – through the care of one’s children, through the help to other people, through self-development and self-realization in one’s labor of love.

Therefore, observing in yourself state of happiness, peace of mind, catching a wide smile on your face, linger in the moment, remember what events caused these feelings and continue moving in this direction.

Sincere desires, backed up by spiritual aspirations and matched with the same sincere positive emotions, ‘produce’ creative energy which can do truly incredible things.

It is not necessary to be outstanding and change the course of history. The fact that each of us is assigned to his special role and his place in this life is a manifestation of the unique purpose of each person.

The point is to find what really motivates you and provide ‘the engine with fuel’ all the time. Think, for whom and what you wake up every morning, get up and start your new day.

Every person deserves happiness and perceives it in his own way. Search for meaning can take a long time, even the whole life. Maybe this is the meaning of life? Everyone has his own one, and it is certainly worthy of searching. The choice is in our hands: to follow the flow or do all this way consciously and with pleasure, enjoying happy and joyful moments.


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